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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a Silent Hill game released on the Wii, PSP and PS2 game consoles. It’s labeled as a re-imagining of the original Silent Hill game, but I want to be really clear on one thing. The game is nothing like the original Silent Hill game. In fact, it plays nothing like a Silent Hill game at all! If you changed the name of the game and characters, you wouldn’t be the wiser that it was somehow connected to the Silent Hill Franchise.

Now, just because the game is different, doesn’t mean it sucks though! In fact, I found the game to be quite enjoyable! Right up until the end, which was a huge letdown! However, every minute leading up to that letdown was great experience, and one that I don’t regret.

Now, at first I was disappointed. I was hoping for basically a remake of Silent Hill, since I have been wanting to play it again, but utterly detest the original Playstation. So, when I began playing and saw, that aside from some of the names, it had nothing to do with the original game, I felt a tinge of disappointment.

After awhile though, that all Changed. I began looking at the game as a standalone title, and not tossing it into the Silent hill pot, and found myself enjoying it on its own merits.

One of the features of this game, is that there is absolutely no combat! So, if you are expecting your typical “shoot at things that make you jump” type of Survival Horror, you should probably look elsewhere. What this has instead of combat however, is much more unique and interesting! It has “Creature Chase” sequences. When the world will freeze over, and the monsters will come out. The game then switches to a frantic chase game. You have to run from the monsters until you reach a safe area/puzzle room.

So, is it good or bad? Well, as I said, it’s nothing like Silent Hill, so if that’s all you are craving, then steer far away from this game! If however you want a survival horror game that’s different, I highly suggest you check this out!

So, if it’s not like Silent Hill, then what is it like you ask? I suppose the closest game I can think of, would be similar to Alan Wake, except good! It’s basically what Alan Wake should have been! The similarities are too numberous to count. Sure, I have always said Alan Wake reminded me slightly of Silent Hill, however Alan Wake and Shattered Memories have more than just small similarities, at least in my opinion.

The part of Shattered Memories that stands out most for me, is a scene where you are asked to color in a picture of a house. The idea of coloring isn’t very outstanding, true. However the results of that coloring session is! After you Color in the picture, the scene shifts to a house. The house is colored however you colored it in the photo! Right down to the color of the mailbox, and the color you choose for the husband and wifes clothes.

In terms of graphics, this game is amazing! Sure, it may not be able to stand up to Alan Wake, or the God of War games, but keep in mind, this game is on the Wii, PSP and PS2! These aren’t exactly systems known for the best of graphics! In fact, the PS2 is a last gen console! You can hardly expect it to live up to current gen console standards. So, taking into consideration that game consoles limitations, the games graphics are amazing!

Wii with Wiimote (transparent background with ...

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I have never hid the fact that I am not a huge fan of the Nintendo Wii. In fact, I believe I have even clearly stated that I hated it. That it wasn’t for me. That was all true! However, things have taken a slight turn now. Don’t get me wrong, I am still not a big fan of the Wii, in fact they only have 2 decent exclusive titles. Those titles are as Follows.

Animal Crossing: City Folk – A good game, however there isn’t much difference between this version and the version found on the Nintendo DS called Animal Crossing: Wild World. There’s a few changes but not much. In fact, it’s so similar, that they allow you to transfer your Wild world character over into your City Folk game. Basically, City Folk is like an expansion pack for wild world, and not even a good one.

A boy and his Blob  – This is a remake of the original NES game, so if you were a fan of the original, like I was, then you will no doubt have to play this remake. The graphics are beautiful, the game play is fun. It’s an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

That’s it! Those are the two exclusive Wii titles that are even slightly of interest. Sure, they have other good games! I never said they didn’t, but the fact is those other good games can be played on better consoles with better game controls. Have I mentioned in this post how much I hate motion controllers? Because I really do!

Anyway, despite my dislike for the Wii, I decided today to rummage through the Wii shop, and see what all they had in there, and to my surprise there was some pretty good stuff! The first thing that tickled my fancy was Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which apparently is a sequel to the Super Famicom / SNES game Final Fantasy IV, which for the record is in my opinion the BEST Final Fantasy game ever created!

After my mind boggled at that game, I decided to dig around some more, this time in the Virtual Console section of the Wii shop. I found myself shitshocked at what I found! Many of the best games ever created from past consoles, all right there on one system! I mean, they were old game titles, Most were well over 15 years old! However they were still incredible games, and they were right there! These were games that I used to play instead of doing homework! Games that I would play hooky for! Games like Super Metroid, Paper Mario, Mario RPG, California Games, the entire Phantasy Star Series and that’s just to name a few!

The one that really caught my eye though? Y’s Book I & II. You see, the original Y’s Game. Y’s book I was the first RPG I ever played! It got me interested in not just Role Playing, but gaming it’s self.  I played the original on a game system called the Sega Master System, and I remember staying up all night until I passed out from sheer exhaustion. Sure, before that game I played other games, but I had never played a game that long without losing interest. Considering I suffered from ADD, that was amazing. Needless to say the game became my all time favorite game.

Fun fact: Not only did Y’s get me interested in Gaming, but it also got both my cousins interested in gaming and even my aunt and mom. Yea, it was that much of a kick ass game!

Years later a system popped up called the TurboGrafx-16, which people were going gaga over. mainly because it had some game called Bonk’s Adventure and everyone thought it was the bomb diggity. The game didn’t appeal to me, in fact none of the games appealed to me, and so I had no interest in the gaming console. That was until they released Y’s Book I & II, the original combined with a sequel. Being such a huge fan of the original, I had no choice! I had to buy the TG16! So I did, I of course also got the CD player, and Y’s I&II, and I have to admit I was thrilled! I felt it was the best purchase ever made, and once again I found myself unable to set the control down, I found myself passing out from sheer exhaustion.

Now, they are available on the Wii, for only 800 Wii Points, which is the equivalent of less than 10 bucks! Needless to say I bought quite a few Wii points, and bought quite a few games and relived my past in ways I never thought I would again, and the games are every bit as good today as they were then.

So, now I don’t mind the Wii. It’s not a great system in my opinion, but it’s also not too shabby either. It has it’s pluses.

Xbox Kinect

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Gaming, xbox360
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Microsoft unveiled their newly renamed Kinect system at this years E3, and I admit that I don’t  know a whole lot about it,but I have done some digging around the internet to get some information, and from what I can tell, it’s not all that impressive!

What the whole thing seems like to me, is basically a glorified Wii control system! Granted, unlike the Wii the kinect doesn’t use any form of hand held controller, but still! A glorified Wii! That’s what annoys me!

Here’s the thing! If I wanted a Wii, I would have bought a wii. It’s that simple. See, I am a busy person, and I don’t have a whole lot of free time to spend gaming. In fact, the only time I game is the few hours I have were I can stop, rest and relax and enjoy a good gaming experience. Now, considering I play these games when I am wanting to relax, I think it might defeat the purpose if I am having to be jumping around and swinging my arms like a mad man. That does NOT sound relaxing!

Now, I am hoping most games don’t use this as a feature, and the ones that do, I hope will have it as optional, because as I said before; If I wanted a Wii, I would have bought a Wii. So, depending on how many games start using this Kinect feature, I may end up finding myself switching over to the PS3 as the console of choice. We shall see.

Nintendo recently Released a new Shiny black Wii console. This new console also comes with something called Resort, which is ANOTHER sports package. I do kinda miss the days when Nintendo used to include mario titles with their consoles.

Anyway, I did sit down and play on this new console. Before this I had never played with a Wii, but used to be a HUGE Nintendo fan-boy. So, I was looking forward to it.

I got the system hooked up, the hookup and set-up process did take a while, but this was through no fault of the game console. After finally getting it all set up, I popped in a game and started playing.

I played for approximately 2 hours.

Here’s the bottom line. The game console sucks! I mean, I am not going to sugar coat it. It stinks. At least in my opinion. Granted, I am aware that everyone has their own tastes and preferences, but come on! The game systems horrible!

Where to begin? First, I am getting SO sick and tired of Nintendo trying to make creative controls and interfaces. People don’t REALLY need a dual screen, or a stylus for their portable game systems, and they SURE as hell don’t need to be waving their arms around like a madman when trying to play on a home console. Just give me action buttons and a directional stick/pad or two and I am happy. It’s something EVERYONE is familiar with. Does Nintendo do this though? No! They try to become creative and artsy and again, in my opinion it makes the game consoles suck.

Now, moving on to the graphics. What the hell?! This is a now-gen console? There are games on the PS2 and original Xbox that looks better than the graphics being poured out of the Wii! I’m not saying all games on the Wii look bad. Not at all, there’s a few titles out that make you go “Ah! Now this is Now-gen!” but in most cases? That’s not going to happen. In most cases, the graphics are horrible.

What else could possibly suck about this system? Well, to begin with, all it does is play Games. I know, it’s a game system! That’s kinda what it’s supposed to do, but come on! This is the age of next-gen game consoles! Consoles don’t just play games! They do everything! 360 plays DVDs, has an easy to use twitter and Facebook interface. PS3 plays Blu-Ray, and probably has similar twitter and Facebook applications.. The Wii doesn’t do ANYTHING aside from playing games.

Well, it DOES have a little Opera Internet browser you can download, thus allowing you to surf the web from the comfort of your own TV, but that’s not all that spiffy. The PS3 does that too! Plus the PS3 allows you to watch Blu-Ray, and play games with good graphics.

Ok, there are SOME upsides to the Wii. It’s not ALL bad. The Wii will allow you to watch Netflix View instantly movies on your TV. Which is a handy feature, but the thing is in order to use this feature, you need to have Netflix send you a “Netflix disc” which stick in your Wii and presto! You can watch their view instantly movies through your Wii.

Keep in mind though, the PS3 and the 360 both allow you to watch Netflix View instantly movies as well, plus those consoles don’t require you to wait on a disc to be mailed to you before you start using the service.

All in all, I truly believe the Wii is a failure. The cost is the same as a 360, and for a hundred more bucks, you can get a PS3. Both consoles completely overshadow the Wii. Both in features and performance. I would SERIOUSLY suggest you look at other game systems before you run out and get a Wii. Yes, the controls are novel and unique. However, Unique doesn’t always mean good. It just means nobody else has done it before, and to be honest, there might be a good reason why nobody has done it before!

My how the mighty have fallen. Nintendo used to be great! I’m not sure what happened.

Brighter Days

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A few days ago, I mentioned how my Xbox 360 took a dump on me, and then mentioned how this left me with a few options. Get a different console, or plunk down the cash for yet another 360 machine. I pondered and pondered, and tried to weigh the options to the best of my ability, then a thought crossed my mind! Why not put up a poll on my blog, and let my readers decide?!

I came very close to actually posting this poll by the way. I had it all written out, with 4 options. “Get a PS3!” “Stick with the devil you know. Go 360!” “Vote for the power of Wii!” and last but not least “None! Get a new hobby, like reading!”. I almost clicked the post button, then my head started doing that weird thing it does sometimes. You know, thinking.

So I thought, maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to post the poll! Why’s that you ask? Well, the answer is simple. You might vote for the ps3 or the Wii! It hit me right then and there, how bad that would be, since in my opinion the Wii and the PS3 suck!

Let me re-phrase that before you fanboys start jumping down my throat. Those consoles suck for ME. I mean they are great systems! Just not for me, if that makes sense. The Wii is a great family machine, with unique and novel controls. The PS3 is a powerhouse. A sheer monster in the realm of gaming consoles. It’s like one of the best Blu-ray players on the market, it’s powerful and the last time I looked its online service was free, though im not sure if it’s STILL free.

However for me, the way to go was clearly the 360 again. Why is that? Well, because I own almost every 360 game out. It would be insane to just stuff em in a box, and rebuild my game collection from scratch on another console. Thought the PS3 was really tempting, and if it had more exclusive titles that were interesting to me, I probably would have went with it. However, as great as Resistance, Infamous and Uncharted 2 is, they just aren’t appealing to me!

So, I stuck with the devil I know. The xbox 360. It’s a good system, despite what hardcore ps3 fans claim. It’s such a good system, that when presented with the chance to go with a ps3, wii or 360…I made the same choice I made the first time I bought one, and the same choice I would most likely make again if it ever came down to it.

xbox360logoI discovered a pretty damn keen program today called “PlayOn“! It’s easy to install, for the most part, and it will connect to your Xbox 360(or PS3 or Wii…or whatever your current generation of gaming system is) and allow you to watch Hulu on your TV through your gaming system. It will also stream YouTube, CBS, CNN, ESPN and your NetFlix view instantly video queue! Sound pretty cool right? Well, the program does cost, but there’s a free 14 day trial for you to check out to determine if this is your thing. Then, if you like it, just pay a small cost…less than the cost of a video game, and keep using it. That’s another good by the way, it’s one flat rate! It’s not subscription based like you might initially assume.

Now, some of the features are already made available through Xbox Live, such as the ability to watch your netflix view instantly queue. However many of the options are NOT available. So, it really is worth it. Definately something to check out at the very least.


I plan on purchasing a second gaming console, although I already own an Xbox 360, i would like one of the other 2 as well, so i figured i would let the voters choose the next system. I kept the xbox 360 in the polls, because it wouldn’t be fair to leave it out of the battle…so, if the xbox gets the number 1 spot, ill pick the second one.