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Blizzard is probably best known for its insanely popular MMORPG “World of Warcraft”, or it’s almost as popular game series Diablo! In fact, I know a few people who didn’t know that there were other “Warcraft” games before WoW! People are just really focused on WoW is what I am saying!

Another popular series of games Blizzard released was called StarCraft. It played much the same way as the Warcraft games, but took place in a Sci-Fi setting, and had 3 factions instead of just 2 like the earlier Warcraft games. Blizzard has decided to update the original StarCraft game with a remastered version(Which looks gorgeous!) and to get people psyched up about the upcoming release they made the original StarCraft game + it’s Brood War Expansion Pack free! You can go download it, install it and play to your hearts content!

I used to own the original StarCraft game, but lost the disc many years ago so never bothered getting the this is great for me, and great for anyone who wants to experience this early classic RTS game!

Now, if you are interested in grabbing it, I would do it quickly! I don’t know if this is a limited time deal, and after awhile they will remove the free download link, or not.



Since the release of Morrowind, I have heard people stating how much they would love to play Elder Scrolls in the form of an MMORPG. Well, there’s good news for all those people! Your wait will soon be over. You see, Bethesda has officially announced the upcoming release of their MMORPG currently titled The Elder Scrolls Online.

For anyone who’s ever played an Elder Scrolls game, this should come as no big surprise. The game pretty much plays like a single player MMO to begin with, so it’s not a far leap of the imagination to see this taking form, In fact, I am pretty sure most fans of the series already knew one would come out eventually. To be honest, I am surprised it took this long.

The game has an estimated launch of 2013, however other than the year, that’s all I know! Which quarter? Not a clue! To be honest, there’s a chance it wont even make the 2013 release date, since games have a nasty habit of not meeting their initial release date, as anyone who is familiar with games will tell you.

There is a video floating around, but I didn’t post it, because it doesn’t show much! In fact, it doesnt show anything, but has a good narrator. I can also tell you that unlike Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, TESO will not be a console release. At least according to the websites FAQ, which states you will need a PC or MAC to play. This shouldn’t be a big surprise either, since MMOs rarely do well on a console(Though I prefer them on a console).

One thing that is important about this game, is how beloved the elder scrolls games are! How devoted its fans are, and how much attention to detail goes into an Elder Scrolls game! Let’s also keep in mind, just how massive a single player Elder Scrolls game is. Imagine how big an MMO version will be! Bottom line, I think TESO will be a real threat to WoWs dominance over the MMO market. I’m not saying it will be a “Wow Killer”, but I am saying it could potentially become one. Only time will tell.

Beware the Worgen!I’ve said time and time again how crappy World of Warcraft is. I have remarked repeatedly about how stagnate the game play has gotten, and how everything is always the same. I have complained about the lack of any real story, and how RPG(Even MMOs) shouldn’t be just about grinding.

I have also applauded games like Star Trek Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online and most recently Star Wars: The Old Republic, and to a lesser extent EverQuest 2. Each of these games have polished the MMORPG experience, and brought story based gaming to the web. These games have an interesting story, and make you actually feel like you are part of this epic grandiose world. That’s what an RPG should be!

That being said, I have returned to World of Warcraft! Don’t get me wrong, the games I had applauded earlier, still have my utmost respect, however after the most recent cataclysm expansion pack, I felt world of Warcraft deserved a second look. It seems as if the game has gotten some polishing, and the newer content is actually VERY heavy story based. The Worgen story is extremely interesting, epic and most importantly fun!

Will I stick with WoW this time? Well, that all depend on how the rest of the game plays out. The Cataclysm has altered the entire game world, so almost everything is a new experience. I am eager to see all the changes, and for now at least, and probably at least for a few months, World of Warcraft will have my attention.

World of Warcraft

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Bottles of Mountain dew have begun flying off store shelves, as Hard-core gamers, and basement dwellers alike, have begun swooping into grocery stores all across the country! The reason? In anticipation of the midnight release of World of Warcrafts third expansion pack, Cataclysm of course!

Apparently, many WoW gamers have taken time off from work, and plan on staying up for a couple of days straight, so they can play through this expansion pack. Apparently, they never heard of taking your time and savoring something you enjoy.

Now, I am sure you all know what World of Warcraft is, unless of course you have been living under a rock without internet access for the past 7 years. So, I am not going to go into explaining what it is. Because you should know!

I don’t play WoW any more, so I am obviously not joining in the festivities. In fact, not only do I not play WoW anymore, but I honestly don’t know how the game can remain as popular as it is. Don’t get me wrong here people! I’m not saying the game is horrible, but what I am saying is the game is average! There’s nothing special about the game that other games don’t have! The only major plus for the game, is its simplicity. If you have never played an MMORPG, you could start playing WoW and not feel overwhelmed.

Here’s the thing though. The game get’s old. Sure, they release expansions, but what exactly is the point of the expansions? It’s the same stuff, with a different background. You will still find yourself fighting a monster, and collecting a number of their body parts. Sure, these monsters might be new, or they might be just recolored versions of old monster. You will then take these body parts to some person, who for some odd reason, wants to collect monster body parts, and in turn they will give you some experience and a piece of treasure.

You also of course get the level caps raised, so you can run around grinding on monster kills to get your level up, so you can get that next body part collecting quest being offered by that other person in the neighboring town!

After awhile, the routine get’s boring. For me, it took 3 years to realise that the game was boring as hell. They released their first expansion pack, and I admit it, I went for a midnight release! I was excited, I came home and started playing it, and then realised that I was doing the exact same crap I had spent the last 60 levels doing. So, I quit! I went checking out other MMORPGs, and discovered that all MMOs followed the same formula, however learned that many actually had entertaining stories, and offered more versatility in gameplay.

After discovering this, and moving on to better games, I asked myself why WoW continued to be so popular, and I never got an answer, until just right now. As I was writing this blog entry, the answer hit me! The reason WoW continues to be popular, is because it’s simple! Sure, it lacks depth, sure it lacks versatility and yea, it lacks a deep engrossing story, but it’s simple to play! Since the game is simple to begin playing, it attracts first time MMO gamers, who basically get their feet wet in this game, develop a character and then have spent so much time building this character up, that they don’t want to just let it go. So, when the next expansion comes out, they ignore the fact that it’s nothing new, and that’s it’s just the same old stuff repackaged in a shiny package.

I will admit though, the PvP in World of Warcraft, is the best I have experienced. No matter the MMO, none has come close to matching the balance and enjoyment that exists in World of Warcraft. Is PvP alone enough to warrant sticking through all the other crap? Maybe for some, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough for me to stick around.

Anyway, to all the people who continue to play WoW: Happy Cataclysm Eve!

[Second Skin]

Have you heard of a little documentary called “Second Skin”? It details the lives of on-line gamers, and how their MMORPG of choice affects their lives and the lives of those around them.

I decided to start watching Second Skin this evening. I however did not finish watching it. I do plan on finishing it, but after about a half hour I decided to take a break, because it was actually making me feel bad. Not because I felt for the people in this Documentary, but because I could not stop laughing. What’s worse, is the doc is not intended as a comedy in anyway. That’s what was making me feel bad. It was talking about how a gamers life was nearly destroyed, how he was completely and totally addicted to World of Warcraft, and how his addiction shattered his real world, and in the end he ended up going to a half-way house for WoW junkies.

Hardly laughable material right? Yet I could not stop laughing! I’m not talking about giggles, I mean loud boisterous laughter that echoed throughout the house. So, why was I laughing? Well, the whole thing seemed stupid to me. Last time I checked, there weren’t any chemicals added to WoW or any other game. Can you REALLY be such a bad junkie that there’s an actual need for a boarding house? It seems not just silly, but outright ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand where the guys coming from. Hell, I was in his shoes actually for a good couple years. After my wife passed away I immersed myself into World of Warcraft, I was on every spare second of my life. I alienated friends and family. I cut my sleeping schedule down to just a few hours so that I would have more Gaming time. I hated sleeping, because I had dreams of my wife and her death, and to me it made so much more sense to not think about any of that and just run away from reality and escape into a fantasy realm where I could slay dragons, and become someone else. Several times I even fell asleep at the keyboard while playing WoW. I had a mini-fridge beside my desk stocked with food and drink so I never had to stop playing except to run to the bathroom. I even started sleeping on the couch in the computer room, because it was so much closer to the computer. You know, someone from the guild might need me, and I needed to be close enough to hear my Instant Messager ding a message for me.

I know, pretty pathetic right? So, what right do I have to laugh at this guy? Because, I didn’t need to go to a boarding house. I never referred to my gaming habits seriously as an addiction, because it’s not. I did break those habits, and not by struggling, going to group therapy or seeking any kind of “Professional help”. I managed to stop simply because I got bored. Does that sound like an addiction. Have you ever heard a junkie say they just got bored of getting high and waking up in jail cells or alley ways? No! You know why? Because unlike most drugs, MMORPGs are NOT addictive. It’s a choice. You keep playing because you WANT to, not because you are being forced to by some horrible addiction. You aren’t going to break into cold sweats and convulsions because you went a day without hearing some orc yell ‘For the Horde!’ and most importantly you don’t need professional help to quit playing!

Seriously, people like that make me sick. Where does ANYONE get off shifting blame onto companies like Blizzard or Sony, when the cold hard truth is, the only one to blame is themselves. Blizzard and Sony sure as hell don’t force you to play, in fact several MMORPGs have built in timers and reminders to remind you that you really should get off the damn computer and attend to life. Is it their fault that people CHOOSE to keep playing? No, it’s the gamers fault. It’s them who keeps going and going cause he wants to be all that and a bag of chips. He wants to get somewhere in the game and he wants to get their as soon as he can. He decides, that everything else is less important. So, stop blaming companies for you piss-poor judgement and place the blame where it belongs. Squarely on your shoulder.

Now, that I have ranted about that, I’m kind of in the mood to play an MMORPG. 😀

I love video games! In many ways, they are a lot like movies and books. They are very story driven, well the good ones are anyway! Just like any good story, Video Games are also full of quotes! Some fantastic, others not so much! Some are great for stupid reasons. Anyway, I decided to share with you a little list I wrote up called:

[Best Video Game quotes EVER!]

10) You exist because we allow it, and you will die because we demand it. – Sovereign(Mass Efect)
The game is full of good quotes and quips, but really, that is the most bad ass line in video game HISTORY!

09) People say to me, “Fernando, are you bilingual?” and I say, “I try anything once.” – Fernando Martinez(Grand Theft Auto: Vice City)
Not one of the most thought of quotes when someone mentions Vice City, but in my opinion, it’s one of the best.

08) Thank you, Mario! But our Princess is in another castle! – Toad(Super Mario Bros.)
This is a classic line, from a classic game. When you say “Video Game Quotes” This is one of the two most commonly thought of quotes. It’s even known by non-gamers! That’s how cool it is!

07) Despite the Bard’s warm and shining personality, people continued to run from him like the plague. Perhaps he would one day learn that in order to keep friends near, a man such as himself needed to keep them tied up. – Narator(Bard’s Tale)
The quotes in this game are all great and funny, If I didn’t force myself to only put 1 quote from a game, this list most likely would just be full of bard’s tale quotes. This is one of the funniest.

06) What the hell kinda name is “Soap” eh? How’d a muppet like you pass Selection? – Captain Price(Call fo Duty 4: Modern Warfare)
Not sure why, but this line makes me bust up every time.

05) Let’s get on with it then, I’ve got a quest to do in 15 minutes. – Male Dwarf character(World of Warcraft)
I will admit, that WoW has some pretty lame quotes. The best lines can be heard by typing the /flirt command. This is one of them from the dwarves.

04) Fisher, because of what you’ve done, we’re going to set the world on fire. – Emile Dufraisne(Splinter Cell: Double Agent)
For the longest time, this quote has stuck in my head. It’s not so much WHAT he says, but HOW he says it.

03) I Feel Asleep!! – Guard(Metal Gear)
Yes, the spelling is correct! It should be obvious why I listed it!

Come on, doesn’t that line just make you bust up laughing? Ninjas kidnapping the president? Good thing the government knows to seek out Bad Dudes for this mission. Also, No the Caps weren’t stuck, that’s how it was in the game.

01) All your base are belong to us! – Cats(Zero Wing)
Remember when I said the mario quote was one of two quotes people think of when they hear “Video Game Quotes”? Well, this is the other one. You gotta love broken english!

Big ol’ frickin spider!

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spider quest

So, I came home the other day, got the lights turned on and started to head into the kitchen to make me a lufferly ham sammitch! I got about halfway across the living room, looked up into the corner, just above the door to the kitchen and there was this GIANT spider just staring at me, and I swear to god I think it was plotting! I think it had planned to leap down onto me when I made my way into the kitchen and then I believe it planned on devouring me!

Luckily my keen eyes spotted the eight legged monster in time, and I was able to slay the beast. Now, I didn’t use a sword, but only cause I had no sword handy! What I did use was a can of bug spray! It wasn’t even Spider spray! It was actually ant spray. I aimed and sprayed. The spider leaped onto the floor and I kept spraying. It did after awhile die, although I am not sure if the poison killed it, or if it drowned in the aforementioned poison. It was a rather large puddle, because I didn’t want to take chances.

The spider ended up dead, it’s corpse was then transported to the spider disposal unit(Also known as the toilet) and was properly disposed of. God I hate spiders!