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I have been a cable cord cutter for several years now, and have managed to get along just fine relying on my Roku, and all the wonderous apps/channels you can get for it! Mainly, Netflix and HULU! This set-up has worked great up until recently! See, I have recently began having “Cable Cravings”! Mainly I started missing little things like waking up in the morning and watching the news with a cup of coffee and actually knowing what was going on in the world before stepping out into it! I also missed just vegging out in front of the TV and watching whatever comes on next! Yea, I can do that on Hulu(Kinda), but after about 2 and a half episodes of something I get a “Hey! Are you still there?” message flashing across my TV which requires me to jump up and grab the remote to confirm that I haven’t died while watching golden girls! If I don’t confirm that I am there in time, it stops the program. To me, this kinda ruins the “Veg-out” feeling!

So, I decided to try something “Newish” to me! One of those live TV streaming apps! There were a few to choose from; I went with Playstation Vue, but it’s far from the only option! There’s Sling TV and DirectTV NOW, and maybe more services that I just haven’t heard of! Plus, I’m sure more companies will be coming out with their own soon enough!

Why did I go with Vue? Well, for me it was just the better choice! your preferences might be different! You should definitely try them all out! Each one has a free 7-day trial so you can see which one fits your needs best! I tried them all out, and as I said Vue worked best for me. Below is my experiences with DirectTV NOW and Sling TV.

→DirectTV NOW: I was constantly kicked from the app and thrown error screens. So, I basically didn’t get to experience this at all. I googled it a bit, and found out that a lot of people have this issue…but there are others who seem to use it just fine. Not sure what causes it to work fine for some, and not for others…so, until they geDt the app working properly, I decided to stay away.

→Sling TV: It had a nice looking guide, but it was extremely slow and laggy on my Roku. It didn’t crash out on me, or throw errors my way. It was just really slow, and on occasion it was unresponsive. I found myself having to double and sometimes triple click to make a selection.

So, as you can see the other options just didn’t really work for me! Vue did! It wasn’t perfect by any means! It doesn’t have Viacom channels! This means no Comedy Channel, TV Land, VH1, CMT and no MTV among other channels! And to be perfectly honest? “I want my MTV!” – So, if this is a deal killer for you? I totally get that! It almost was for me! Combine that with the fact, that Vue just got rid of their Viacom channels last year! That means, odds are they won’t be coming to the service!

Vue for me also doesn’t offer CBS to me! Though apparently, they do offer it to about 50% of their viewer base according to some site I read. I, however, am not in that footprint! Which means I have to also subscribe to CBS All-Access to watch my CBS shows! Not too much of an issue, because All-Access has a few digital exclusive shows that interest me anyway.

So, what exactly did Vue do right?!? Well, their app for the PS4 runs and looks amazing! it has a fantastic looking guide, that reminds me of my old cable box guide! It gives descriptions, you can view ahead! It’s just amazing! Unfortunately, the Roku app isn’t anywhere near as awesome! There’s no guide, and if there are descriptions available for episodes? I haven’t figured out how to access it! So, in order to “Get the most out of it”, I use the PS4 app! This is a bit of a bummer since generally, I prefer to use my game consoles strictly as game consoles, to avoid excessive wear and tear.

Another amazing feature of Vue is that it has a DVR in the cloud! you can tell Vue to record something or all episodes of something, and it will record it and store it in the cloud for a month! This means it takes up no space! It’s saved in the cloud! Also, unlike with my old regular cable company, it will still record the episode or movie even if your power or cable goes out!

So, yeah! For me, VUE was just the way to go! However as I said before, it might not be for you! So, I strongly urge you to try all the free trials and see which one fits you best! Also, if there are other similar services that I was unaware of comment and let me know!

The A-Team Poster - Cannes Film Festival 2010

I rented the movie The A-Team the other day through VUDU, and while I wasn’t overly impressed with it, it was still enjoyable! However, not enjoyable enough to watch a second time. Although, it was enjoyable enough to watch a sequel if one ever pops up.

So, what flaws were in the movie? Well, to be honest; Not many! In fact, the few “Flaws” that exist aren’t even really flaws, just personal tastes. For instance, I didn’t feel the movie had an “A-Team” feel.

I also wasn’t too fond of the cast, although Liam Neeson did manage to surprise me. At first, I scoffed at the idea of Liam playing Hanibal but after watching the movie, it turns out I was wrong, and he does an excellent job portraying the character that George Peppard made famous back in the ’80s.

As far as Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson goes, he did a better B.A. Baracus than Mr. T ever did! As far as I am concerned, B.A. belongs to Quinton.

The rest of the cast though? Not quite so impressive. Bradley Cooper was tolerable as the Faceman, but Sharlto Copley was a horrible Murdock, at least in my opinion.

You know who might have made a good Murdock though? Johnny Depp. I know, it sounds lame, but I think he could probably pull it off, at least better than Sharlto did.

Why Depp you ask? See, Dwight Schultz and Mr. Depp have something in common. Their Eyes. Their eyes are quite similar, and they have that crazy man gleam in them. It’s that gleam that made Schultz a perfect Murdock, and he shares that gleam with Depp.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, I urge you to check it out, because while it might not be perfect; It still has an enjoyment factor, coupled with a nostalgia factor.

Over the years I have had many favorite shows. Everything from Recent shows like Big Bang Theory, to not-so recent shows like Soap. In between those shows, is a Television series that I absolutely adored. It was called Jericho, and unfortunately it wasn’t long-lived. In fact, it was cancelled after the first season, but due to a fan write-in campaign that involved a whole lot of nuts, the show was brought back for a second season.

Still, the ratings just weren’t good enough to keep the show running, and like before the network decided to pull it, and again the fans cried out. This time however, the network wasn’t giving in, and the show remained cancelled after only 2 seasons.

That is until now.

Apparently Jericho is back for a THIRD season! However not in the form that we are used to. The third season of Jericho apparently is being done in comic book form. The series is scheduled for a 6 issue release, and apparently is already up to issue number 3! So, it’s halfway through the third season.

I am excited about this, since not only am I a loyal Jericho fan, But I am also a die-hard Comic book collector! However living in a small town like I do, means it’s difficult to get ahold of comics. We don’t have a comic book store, or a Comic vendor in general. So, I need to make my way over to our nearest “Big city”, and get to a comic book store and see if I can pick me up the issues that are currently out.

Wish me luck!

[MacGyver Season 1 DVD case]There used to be a show on television way back when called MacGyver. The show was basically about this guy named, MacGyver(Played by Richard Dean Anderson) who managed to get himself out of pretty much any situation using his brains! MacGyver never used a gun, at least in the way you would expect. Apparently guns do a lot more than just shoot out bullets.

This show was on in the 80’s, though had a long run on the USA Network in the form of re-runs! The show had a rather large following, and even if you have never seen the series, it’s a pretty safe bet you have heard of MacGyver in some form.

So, why was MacGyver so special? To begin with, he managed to get out of any situation by making gizmos using whatever items were lying around. These Gizmos later got dubbed MacGyverisms, which is a term still used on occasion today.

Now, I haven’t seen this show in YEARS, not since it was airing on USANetwork, and I was just a wee little tyke then. I didn’t fully grasp how cool the show was until I got older and looked back at shows from my past and thought Jesus christ, that show kicked ass!’ Now, I want to see them all again, that’s just how cool the series really was!

As I said though, I was much younger when I originally watched this series. So, I don’t remember a lot. Many aspects of the series are fuzzy. Take For instance, The Phoenix Foundation! I know MacGyver used to work there, but I have no idea what it was! Was it a government based shadow organisation? Was it an independent contractor? A mercenary group? I’m not sure! Maybe someone who stumbles across this entry will know.

What I DO remember from the show however is this: There is no problem on this planet that can not be solved with duct tape, fertilizer, swiss army knife, Pack of Chewing gum and a paper clip. No kidding! If you ever watched this show, you would know this!

Lastly, and only loosely based on the series. I never could figure out why MacGyver wasn’t taken and turned into a Computer game. I mean, MacGyver would fit in PERFECTLY to a Sierra style point and click adventure title. I mean, that’s what MacGyver does! Go around, gather common items, use them together to form uncommon items and then use the uncommon item, in an uncommon way to solve a seemingly unsolvable puzzle. See? PERFECT Point and Click inventory based adventure game.

[David Tennant]Who caught The last Episode of Doctor Who with David Tennant? It was called The End of Time part two, in case you missed it and want to see it, because as I just said, it’s the last one that will have David Tennant as the good Doctor.

Notice, This blog entry may contain spoilers, simply because it’s dealing with a particular episode. So, if you haven’t seen it, and you are one of those types who hate for anything to be spoiled, then don’t read any further! Go watch the episode. This Blog will still be here when you finish.

Anyway, the episode overall was a pretty good one. I have only a handful of complaints. Yes, I know I am difficult to please.

Here’s my biggest complaint. Toward the end of the episode, when the Doctor was dying he went out like a little bitch! He was practically crying “I don’t want to go!”, I am sorry but that’s not how I picture the doctor going out. If anything, that’s how I would go out! I would like to think that someone who goes out battling aliens would die a little bit more braver than that.

Secondly, couldn’t he have just stepped outside to die? I mean, he totally trashes the inside of the TARDIS. How rude is that? Now, the new Doctor is going to have to waste time re-decorating and repairing all this  damage that was done before he came into being.

Lastly? Well, the only other complaint is the new doctor. Granted, I haven’t seen much of him, but from that brief period he seemed even too geeky for my tastes, and that’s saying something. Plus, he looks like an 80’s reject from Flock of Seagulls. Seriously! Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself! Matt Smith, the next Doctor!

[Matt Smith, the new Doctor]

See what I mean? Now, don’t get me wrong! I am looking forward to the next season of Doctor Who! Why? Well, because I am anxious to see how quickly he does his repairs, and to see him bump into old friends with his new face. Plus, the fact that his new assistant played by Karen Gillan is friggin hot doesn’t hurt either. See for yourself!

SNL: The unwatched?

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SNLDoes anyone actually still look forward to watching SNL? I mean, I know people watch it. There’s people in the audience, and even I watch it occasionally, but do people actually look forward to it coming on? Would you miss it if it were gone?

It seems like the show has gone severely downhill lately, and this season is no exception. The only reason I even still watch it, is because it’s on late at night and nothing else is on, because I have seen all the current Infomercials that tend to plague and clog the latenight cable lines. I however do NOT look forward to the show, and quite honestly, it’s been awhile since I have looked forward to it.

Back in the day I remember busting a gut laughing at skits and jokes. Now? I’m lucky if I chuckle once. I don’t even expect to laugh at the skits anymore. I’m more interested in seeing people slip up on their lines and spouting profanities on the air live. Now that’s more entertaining than the show is.

Ok, one of my favorite shows of all time was a short lived series on CBS called “Jericho“. It was basically about life after a nuclear attack, and centered on the small town of Jericho, and what happened to them as they struggled to survive this odd point in time. They had to deal with fall out, Bandits/scavengers and even other towns. It was simply great!

Not great enough though apparently, since the show was cancelled after just one full 22 episode season. Which was really crappy because it ended in a HUGE cliffhanger.

I cried with sad.

HOWEVER! Apparently their was enough interest because enough people got a campaign going that ended up bringing the series back for a second season! This second season only lasted 9 episodes however, but did manage to tie up a lot of loose ends. Ever since then, jericho has been silent.

Good news however! Apparently a movie based on Jericho is in the works! Its slated for a 2010 release, but not a lot yet is known. The only thing for certain is that it will reunite the cast, and will not require you to have seen the past episodes to enjoy it. Apparently it’s supposed to be a broader look at the country. not just the town of Jericho.

is that not total yayness though? If you havent seen the series though, I highly encourage you to. The series is available on DVD, and if you have Netflix, then you are set. Not sure if you will like it? I will say this, if you are a fan of Jeremiah then you will love Jericho! Also, I should state that if you love Jericho you will love Jeremiah!