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I had actually considered getting an Xbox One for this title! There are a few other games I would have also probably played, but Quantum Break was the deciding factor, and now since it is on PC, I don’t have to buy an Xbone!!

So, is the game good? I found it incredibly enjoyable. Though sometimes confusing, but that’s to be expected with any Time Travel plot! It also has decent controls, and incredible graphics, though to get the FULL enjoyment and run the game on Ultra settings you will need a pretty top-notch PC. If you don’t have a beast of a computer, don’t fret! The games high graphics setting still looks amazingly good and to be honest the low graphics setting isn’t even too bad, though some of the signs are extremely blurry and aren’t readable due to the low resolution of the textures.

The game is divided into 5 acts. Throughout the game you will be called upon to make some choices which will impact the 22-minute live action “Episode”(Basically 22-minute live action cutscenes.) which follows each of the acts. You will also be presented with a screen comparing your choice with other players via a percentage rating, not unlike those found at the end of a telltale game episode.

One thing that disappointed me with this title is that the game seems to lack any replay value! Sure, there’s the choices, but those impact the cutscenes, not any of the gameplay! So, unless you are a hardcore completionist or a trophy hunter then the game really offers no incentive to delve back into the world of Quantum Break! However, since the game’s only 40 bucks(And I have seen it as low as 22) I guess that can be excused!

Scattered around the different acts, you will find small little nods to Alan Wake, another game developed by Remedy. I thought this was a nice touch for fans of the Alan Wake game series(Which I wasn’t, but that’s beside the point!). Apparently, the world of Alan Wake, and the world of Quantum Break are one in the same(It’s also a world where everyone uses only Microsoft products, and everyone drives Nissan cars)….That’s a scary world these guys live in!

Now, the game as I mentioned earlier was an Xbox One exclusive, but Microsoft has begun making their Xbox One titles available on PC too now! I think this is a dumb move, but if it saves me from buying another console, I’m not going to complain too much! So, the game was released on PC/Windows 10 through the Microsoft store. A few months later they also released it on the Steam Store(Which is where I picked it up!), so there are several different options for gamers to get it. It’s a pretty accessible title!

Is it worth getting? I would say it is definitely worth picking up! Though I would recommend getting it on Xbox One(If you have the console), that way you know it will run smoothly and look fantastic! Alternatively, I would grab it on Steam. Why Steam you ask? Well, steam has frequent sales! True I don’t often see Microsoft games go on sale via Steam, but Steam does allow you to return a game for a complete refund! This is great for this particular game, in case your system REALLY can’t handle it!

So, yeah! Pick it up, give it a shot! If you love time travel storylines, and love 3rd person story based adventures, then you will love this game! It’s worth checking out, and worth having in your library.

Zachary Quinto as Spock in the 2009 Star Trek film

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I re-watched the JJ Abrams Star Trek movie the other day, and it is better the second time around I suppose. I’m not saying that I now find it enjoyable, in fact quite the opposite. I really don’t like it, but at least I don’t despise it. I know, a lot of people love it! Most people think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, and I am thrilled that they enjoy it. I however, do not.

So, why do I dislike the movie? To begin with, it makes no sense! Don’t get me wrong, I am not stupid, or ignorant to Sci-Fi plotlines, I get what they were trying to do, and if it were in an original setting, I wouldn’t have an issue with it.
To begin with, it’s established that when Nero and Spock travels back in time, they cause the timeline to split, and create an alternate reality. I get that, and I understand the multiverse. Hell, I theorised about the multi-verse before I even knew there was a name for it, So I get it! I really do. However, it has already been established in Star Trek, that time travel does NOT create alternate timelines, it modifies the prime timeline.

Let me give some examples!

1) In the movie First Contact, When the borg traveled to the past, the Enterprise followed after them, and got caught in the wake of space/time. Before they slipped back into earths past, they saw that the earth had been assimilated, but they weren’t affected cause they were in the wake. That alone, says that prime space/time is modified from the actions of time travel.

2) There is a Temporal Integrity Commission, whose purpose is enforcing the Temporal Accord treaty, which basically prohibits the use of Time Travel to change history. There’s a set of rules and procedures apparently in place so you don’t contaminate the timeline. Now, I ask you, why would any group go through all that trouble, if changing the timeline had no affect on the timeline? If it just created an alternate reality, then the point of this group is moot and pointless.

I could give several other instances, but you get what I am saying!

I am also sure that there are other instances in Trek history, where traveling back in time created a split timeline, though off-hand I can’t think of one, other than the JJ Abrams movie, but like I said, I am sure they exist.

I realise Star Trek is fiction, and I shouldn’t think too much into it. It just seems like a show that created the Klingon Language, would have some rules regarding how time travel works and affects the timeline in place! Maybe I am missing something? I am not the most avid Star Trek fan, So it is entirely possible that I missed an episode or three that actually does help all that make sense.

Apparently NBC went and ordered some more scripts for the television series “Journeyman” as well as a few other television shows. Does this mean these shows are sticking around? Not exactly, while it’s a good sign, and it does show a stations interest in a series, it doesn’t gaurantee anything..Except provides a small flicker of hope to fans of these shows.

Good show, but apparently not good enough.Journeyman is a TV series currently(At least at the time of this writing) being aired on NBC. It’s a decent show, however the premise isn’t one that appeals to a broad audience. It’s about this guy, who gets headaches and ends up traveling through time to alter the lives of people in a positive way. Not only does he find himself seemingly bouncing randomly through time, but he also has to juggle this with his personal life, and professional life.

Confusing? Little bit! Like with any show or movie dealing with Time travel, it is full of holes, and can generally be quite confusing, and that can really turn people off a TV Series. In fact I can only think of 2 succesful Time Traveling TV shows(Although there most likely are more, i just can’t think of them) and that’s Quantum Leap and 7 Days…Both of which Journeyman borrows aspects from to assimilate into their own Science fiction trek through the chronosphere.

One more drawback, is that the show is yet ANOTHER serial, which means you have to watch every episode or find yourself totally lost and confused if you happen to miss one. This is annoying, due to the fact that there are several serials already on the aire…Too many for my liking, and adding a new one into the already brimming bowl of established serials is Television suicide.

Journeyman has shown two episodes so far, however the show is very close to cancelation. which isn’t surprising at all. Though I enjoy the series immensely I knew due to the topic of the show, that it wouldn’t last. In fact, the third airing could be it’s final one, because if ratings don’t pick up by then, Journeyman may fade away into the time stream, never to be heard from again.

On the upside? The third episode APPEARS to be a good one that takes place during the San Francisco earthquakes. The Special FX look great, at least from the previous episodes “Next week Teaser”. So, there is a chance that particular episode COULD mark an increase in ratings, and a slim chance that the show might continue, but don’t hold your breath folks.