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No man’s sky is now available for the PS4, and I have to admit it is everything I had hoped that it would be. However I do admit, when I first booted up the game, I was very frustrated! The game doesn’t really provide you much of a tutorial. You are just tossed onto an alien planet with a broken down star jalopy and told to fix your ship!

After you muck around on the planet, you do start to get an understanding of the game, and what seems like an impossible task becomes much easier. The main challenge is figuring out where you get the materials needed to repair your damaged parts!

Your challenges might be different, though, luckily I spawned on a very lovely planet. It was filled with plenty of flora and fauna and had a nice blue sky. It was basically like earth! You know, aside from the lack of humans! I named the world “New Eden” because I lack creativity! I have heard of some people spawning on toxic worlds, which I imagine might up the difficulty meter just a tad! Good luck if you find yourselves in that situation my fellow intrepid galactic explorer!

As I said, I find the game incredibly enjoyable and have spent several hours already exploring worlds and moons scattered across a few different star systems! I can see myself enjoying this game for several more hours too! However, I can also see me growing quite bored with the game after awhile as well! I know! Bored? Well, yes! The game looks like it could get boring! There’s just not a whole lot of variety really. I mean, sure! There’re billions upon billions of planets to explore, but after a bit, they do start to look repetitive. This applies to both the fauna and flora as well! You might come across something that looks like a rhino, then something that looks exactly like the rhino, except it’s smaller. Then something that looks like the rhino, except it has a different head, or it’s a different color.

All that aside, you will most likely get at least 10 hours of enjoyment out of the game, and honestly, that seems to be a good chunk of game time! I have played other games that are so much shorter, and less replay value than this! Overall? I would say No man’s sky is well worth your $60 bucks! Unfortunately, if you are a PC gamer(You know, ‘The Master Race’) you have to wait a couple more extra days to play. It releases on PC on the 12th, and will be available on both Steam as well as GOG!


rust title


While browsing through my blog, I became aware of a startling fact! I have never reviewed the game Rust! I couldn’t let this injustice go! It had to be corrected, and that’s what this post is! A review for the game Rust!

So, what is it? Well, it’s basically a first person survival game! You run around this apocalyptic wasteland and gather material to build a base/house and craft weapons and clothes. You hunt animals for food and other useful resources…It’s a lot like Minecraft actually, except much better and nicer looking! Though, it’s safe to say that if you like the type of survival mode gameplay of Minecraft, that you would most likely enjoy the gameplay of Rust.

I’ve been playing Rust since it came out in 2013! In fact, it’s my most played game on steam! In recent years, I have stuck to Rust Legacy, which is an older version of Rust. See, Rust has been in early access, and has gone through a lot of changes! When the game first started, it was a zombie survival game, however they have since removed the undead hordes from the game and replaced them with wild animals, like bears and wolves(oh my!) in order to make the game a tad bit more realistic. Then they completely rewrote the entire engine! A lot of people liked the original one though, mainly because the newer one was much more demanding on your computer! So, they kept the original version in, you just had to switch over to it manually, and they named it Rust Legacy. The reason I stuck to Rust Legacy, wasn’t so much because my computer couldn’t handle the new Rust, it was mainly because regular rust crashed my computer due to Easy Anti Cheat(which is an anti cheat program that Rust and several other games use, to prevent people from using cheats and hacks in the game).

I have since then however gotten a new PC built from the ground up, and thankfully it doesn’t seem to have any problem with Easy Anti Cheat…However, I am lucky since a lot of computers DO have problems with Easy Anti Cheat, and if you google it, you will find pages and pages of people complaining about how EAC keeps crashing them out of games. In fact, it’s so common, I don’t know why game developers are even using it! It just seems counter productive to me!

Anyway, since I got the new comp, and it doesn’t have issues with EAC, so I have been spending a lot of time playing the newer Rust, and I have to say I am loving it! Is it as good as Rust legacy? Not at first, but that’s mainly because I don’t like change. Rust legacy was familiar to me, I knew where the animals grazed, I knew the best place to mine for iron, I knew the entire layout of the land like the back of my hand. New Rust was completely different! So, it annoyed me at first however once I slowly adjusted to it? I started enjoying it even more than Rust Legacy! The thing with Rust Legacy is that it got boring quick, because there was nothing new to do, The developers quit updating legacy a long time ago so things tended to get stale..The new version though? It is always being updated and is just overall fantastic!

I do wish they would texture some of the “Monuments” though. Monuments are areas that are unique and a good place to gather loot, such as armor and weapons. There are a lot of different monuments, such as a nuclear plant and a subway, however all of them are solid colors! It makes them look unusually clean for a wasteland too. For instance the inside of factories are so white and shiny it puts modern day hospitals to shame, and the subway system monument looks like the inside of a TNG era Federation starship…Still, it’s an overall excellent game, and one I am enjoying very much!

One thing that might put off some gamers, especially fans of MineCraft is that Rust doesn’t support an offline/single player mode, so there is always the chance that you will encounter other players. These other players could straight up kill you, and take your stuff, or destroy your base and raid you of your collected treasure horde. Even if other players don’t rob you blind, many servers do regular server wipes(Deleting all buildings and player data) to keep the land free of abandoned buildings. Even if you find a Wipe free server, there are still frequent mandatory wipes, mainly when Facepunch Studios (The developers of Rust) release a major update to the game. However, since the game is in Early Access those major updates can come at any time, and the game IS updated frequently!

There are however thousands of servers to choose from! You can pick a low population server to reduce the risk of bumping into other players, or if you REALLY just don’t want to fight people, Rust has you covered! They have PvE servers, where you don’t have to worry about other players killing you, but the wildlife can still slaughter you!

Now, let me be clear about this! The game is VERY much early access! I know I have said before about the risks of buying Early Access games, and have even gone so far as to suggest not buying a game while it’s in early access, however this game is a pretty safe bet! It’s been around since 2013, and has been updated frequently, and is made by the same developers who released the incredibly popular “Garry’s Mod“. So, odds are you will be fine with this purchase.


Stranded Deep is an incredibly fun game from “Beam Team Games“and is available on Steam as an early access title for 15 bucks, However you can get it much cheaper when it’s on sale. For those who aren’t sure what Early Access is, let me explain briefly. You basically buy a game that isn’t done. You purchase an incomplete game, and then get to participate in it’s evolution to it’s final state. You basically pay to be a beta tester. This means that the games in Early Access might be unplayable, Ugly, Glitch heavy, or just incomplete. You also take the risk that the game never get’s finished. There have been several Early Access games that have been abandoned, thus leaving their customers with an unfinished and often times unplayable game.  Stranded Deep though has been in Early Access for awhile, and it’s been worked on regularly, so the odds are that this is going to stick around to completion.

The thing that impressed me most was that it had a tutorial(Sort of). Sure, it didn’t explain everything to me and it did leave me trying to figure out how to relight a campfire after the fire went out.  It however did help me with the basics. Usually survival games just grab you and toss you into their world with no knowledge on even how to pick something up, so having them explain somethings to me was refreshing. I didn’t feel like an idiot once the meat of the game started, however I still had to figure out how to do some things on my own.

The game, like most titles of the survival genre offers items you can craft. You can craft an assortment of tools and weapons and various other items all from things you salvage and find scattered around the terrain. Unfortunately at this moment in time, there aren’t too many items to craft. However I assume more craftable items will be added as the game continues to grow and evolve into it’s finished state.

There also aren’t many dangers in the game. On land, you are fairly safe, your only real threat is starvation, or from a brutal fall if you are a complete klutz. While I would like to see more land animals, odds are that won’t happen unless they also increase island sizes, since the island you are stranded on is just too small to have many other creatures on it aside from you.

One nifty thing I like about this game is that it has mods. So, if you want biggerish islands you can just mod it. Just be aware that updates break mods, and since it’s Early Access updates are frequent.

Overall, I would(and have) highly recommend this to anyone I know who enjoys survival games.


  • Gorgeous graphics.
  • Quick Download time
  • Takes up less than a gig of HD space.
  • Unique Crafting Method
  • Randomly generated islands.
  • Good controls once you adjust to them
  • Unique tutorial(Something I haven’t seen in other survival games)
  • Mods (with mods that fix some of the cons)


  • No land animals(Other than crabs)
  • Few sea creatures
  • No character model
  • Small Island sizes
  • Annoyingly small inventory
  • No Multi-player feature
RATING: 8/10

I am very much into Zombie movies. I feel Zombie flicks are the greatest thing since sliced bread! Most Zombie fans would agree! So, imagine my delight when I head about the movie “I am Legend” Starring Will Smith? It’s a Zombie movie, but with a twist..The basic outbreak scenario is the same…But’s it’s different! So, I am eagerly anticipating this movie!

Also, Zombie fans should be equally delighted to learn that Warner Bros has released a game based on the movie! Sort of, It’s built within the virtual world of Second Life, so it’s not a stand alone game, however it’s quite fun and intense..I suggest checking out the website for more details as well as some video of gameplay!