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PlayStation Now is a subscription service that allows you to play streaming PlayStation games on your PS4 or PC. They have currently over 500 games available, and the subscription cost is about 20 bucks a month I think, but they have different packages. For instance, you can get 3 months for 40, or 12 months for 99. Anyway, it’s a cool service! Plus the games they offered were PS3 games, which weren’t available on the PS4! So, it was good for people who wanted to play their PS3 games, without switching consoles!

Every month they had some more games to the ever expanding library, and this month they added several more! These, however, were PS4 games! Now, maybe some people will enjoy this, but I think it’s just stupid! Look, giving us the ability to play PS4 games, on our PS4 is stupid! If I wanted these games I would have bought them and played them on my PS4! Most of the titles are older PS4 titles that have been on sale for 5 bucks or lower at one point or another. This literally only serves to bulk up your library count, and I don’t imagine it would benefit too many subscribers.

I mean look, if you really wanted to add another console to the list of playable games, why not add a console like the PS2 or original PlayStation? Then add some games that we actually can’t play on our PS4! I would kill to be able to play Chrono Trigger or the Xenosaga games on my PS4! Instead, you make PS4 games playable on my PS4…Games I always have had access to. wow.

See, I am not a fan of the Xbox One, but I applaud them for making so many of their older games backward compatible on their new system. They also do it for FREE for their fans and player base! That’s fantastic and awesome! PlayStation? They don’t give a damn! They charge you a subscription for their PS3 backward compatibility and then try and shovel games that were always available to you, down your throat as they take your monthly cash.

Look Sony, I love you guys and your system…but seriously! Get your heads out of your ass and start caring about the people who are slamming fistfuls of cash into your pockets, or they might just decide to slam it into Microsofts pocket!




No man’s sky is now available for the PS4, and I have to admit it is everything I had hoped that it would be. However I do admit, when I first booted up the game, I was very frustrated! The game doesn’t really provide you much of a tutorial. You are just tossed onto an alien planet with a broken down star jalopy and told to fix your ship!

After you muck around on the planet, you do start to get an understanding of the game, and what seems like an impossible task becomes much easier. The main challenge is figuring out where you get the materials needed to repair your damaged parts!

Your challenges might be different, though, luckily I spawned on a very lovely planet. It was filled with plenty of flora and fauna and had a nice blue sky. It was basically like earth! You know, aside from the lack of humans! I named the world “New Eden” because I lack creativity! I have heard of some people spawning on toxic worlds, which I imagine might up the difficulty meter just a tad! Good luck if you find yourselves in that situation my fellow intrepid galactic explorer!

As I said, I find the game incredibly enjoyable and have spent several hours already exploring worlds and moons scattered across a few different star systems! I can see myself enjoying this game for several more hours too! However, I can also see me growing quite bored with the game after awhile as well! I know! Bored? Well, yes! The game looks like it could get boring! There’s just not a whole lot of variety really. I mean, sure! There’re billions upon billions of planets to explore, but after a bit, they do start to look repetitive. This applies to both the fauna and flora as well! You might come across something that looks like a rhino, then something that looks exactly like the rhino, except it’s smaller. Then something that looks like the rhino, except it has a different head, or it’s a different color.

All that aside, you will most likely get at least 10 hours of enjoyment out of the game, and honestly, that seems to be a good chunk of game time! I have played other games that are so much shorter, and less replay value than this! Overall? I would say No man’s sky is well worth your $60 bucks! Unfortunately, if you are a PC gamer(You know, ‘The Master Race’) you have to wait a couple more extra days to play. It releases on PC on the 12th, and will be available on both Steam as well as GOG!

Uncharted4I’m just going to cut right to the chase! Uncharted 4 is incredible! It’s easily the best game of the franchise and in my opinion it’s the best game currently out on the PS4! In fact, I would go so far as to say that Uncharted 4 is the best game I have ever played! Now, granted that might change next week when Home Front Revolution is released, but at the time of this writing, it is the best game I have ever played!

The first thing you need to know, is that this is supposedly the final chapter of the Uncharted series. I say supposedly, because franchises have a habit of continuing past their final chapter(I’m looking at you Mass Effect!). Since it’s the final chapter, I guess Naughty Dog Games wanted to take the series out in style! The brought back all our favorite characters like Sully, Nate and Elena, then went and introduced a few more!

In terms of gameplay, it doesn’t really stray from the tried and true Uncharted formula. So, expect to be climbing cliffs, jumping across rooftops, finding collectibles and stumbling through tombs and ruins in order to achieve your goal. It however did add one new gameplay mechanic, and that’s an all-purpose grappling hook that will allow you to swing across chasms, jump punch enemies, pull items and reach hard to get places. It’s so handy that you will wonder how Nate got around without one before now!

The game really does have everything! On top of all that, there’s optional dialogs which give the game almost an RPG like feel to it, and keeps the gamer looking around for those “Optional dialog” moments. They could be anything from a companion with a speech bubble just wanting to chit-chat, to some interactive chairs that lead to a brief heart to heart discussion. Then, there’s also that kinda cool easter egg!

Vehicles are also now a major part of the game! Past entries in the Uncharted series had vehicles, but they never played as big a role before as they do now! Also, the driving segments are much more enjoyable than they were in Uncharted, Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3..Although Uncharted 3 had horses! I miss horses!

If you are curious how much time you should set aside to play this masterpiece? Well, the game is fairly long! It took about 14/15 hours of gameplay to complete, but I spent a lot of time hunting down collectible treasures. Still, it took me longer to finish it, than it did to complete any of the other games in the series. Your time frame maybe less, or even longer, but that’s a general idea of the length of the campaign. Plus, once you finish the campaign, you have a Multi-Player mode that you can participate in! Be a hero, or a villain, and swing around maps collecting treasures and blowing up your enemies! Use your treasures to hire sidekicks, and other nifty upgrades! I have only lightly dabbled in the MP mode, since I am more of a single-player/story-mode gamer, but from what I have seen the MP mode is very well done, though I did encounter a bug which freezes the game during the introduction/tutorial of the MP mode.

When all is said and done, this really is a must own for the PS4!




Uncharted 4 is due out very soon! This got me to thinking about Uncharted, and made me go through the franchise and get caught up, so that it’s all fresh in my memory, and thought I would share with you what I interpret the order to be in the franchise.

This is in no way an official timeline, in fact many of stories outside of the main game series can be read/played in any order. They don’t specify what period the tale takes place in. I just prefer them in a certain order based on the lack of certain characters and so fourth.

So, without further ado: The Unofficial pre-Uncharted 4 timeline(or the best way I prefer to experience the saga)!


Uncharted: Eye of Indra (Motion Comic) – I generally assume this is the first story in the Uncharted setting, since it has Eddy Raja and Nathan Drake as friends, where as by the first Uncharted game they are bitter rivals.


Uncharted: The Fourth labyrinth – This book never really specifies when it takes place, and doesn’t really have anything to do with the series. The book follows Nathan, Sully and a new character named Jada as they search for 4 ancient labyrinths!

Uncharted Comic – Another stand alone story, and no real time frame is stated but since it has Drake meeting Chloe for the first time, and still working with Flynn, one can safely assume it takes place before Uncharted 2. It feels like a story that fits in right before the golden abyss.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss – This PSP Vita game has a whole bunch of new characters not present in any other Uncharted medium!  The game could literally take place anywhere in the series, though I like to assume this takes place right before the first uncharted game. That way all the console games fit nicely together.

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune – The game that started it all! Nathan meets Elena for the first time as Nathan and Sully go on a quest for a city of gold! Available on PS3, or in the remastered collection on PS4.

Uncharted: Among Thieves – Features Chloe and Flynn working together again…just like old times! Available on PS3, or in the remastered collection on PS4.

Uncharted: Drakes Deception – The gangs all here and Cutter too! Chloe, Sully, Elena and Nathan all work together to seek out the Atlantis of the sands! Available on PS3, or in the remastered collection on PS4.


Uncharted 4: A thiefs End – Not a lot is known right now about this upcoming PS4 game. We do know Nathan and Sully are both in it though, and apparently it’s the last game in the series. It’s also a safe assumption that it will follow the events of Uncharted 3: Drakes deception. All of the core games play in chronological order with the exception of a few flashbacks….There’s no reason to assume this will be any different.
NOTE: I never played Uncharted: Drakes Trail, as it was on a European website, and existed before the first game came out. It was an ARG as far as I know, that detailed Elenas search for Uncharted prior to the first game. Still, I haven’t played can’t be not adding it to the timeline.

Well, the trailer for the new Ghostbusters Reboot trailer has arrived today! If I am being honest here, I am not overly thrilled with it. I had planned on seeing it before watching the trailer, but not after watching the trailer. Feel free to take a look yourself.

The movie just doesn’t seem to have the same charm as the original Ghostbusters. It looks like it relies mostly on crude jokes, instead of good writing. Though to be fair, I could be way off! It’s hard to judge a movie by it’s trailer. There’s a chance that the film could be awesome! However, I am not holding my breath for that. I would be happy if it’s just watchable.

One thing I do have an issue with though is, why are the three scientists white and the one black woman has to be a street wise tough gal. It’s kind of like in the original Ghostbuster movies, Winston was the only non-scientist and was the only black man in the group. What is it with Ghostbusters? Do they feel African Americans can’t be scientists? It’s kind of stupid for a movie that’s trying so desperately to be politically correct by flipping the gender card, that they would stick to the same “Only white people can be scientists” formula.

Whatever…I’ll probably still watch it, but I’m not longer looking forward to it any longer.

Anyone else have an opinion on it? Good or bad? Would love to hear your thoughts.


ps4_play_imgLike I said in a previous post, I got screwed out of my PS4 pre-order, which broke my heart! Still, I have had the good fortune to play the new console, since a friend of mine, managed to get his pre-order(As did most people who weren’t me).

First, let me just say: This is a powerhouse of a system, and is capable of incredible feats! It’s not perfect though, the system runs very hot, and has an extreme heat output, so make sure it has PLENTY of room around it to better circulate the air. The systems new, so I have no idea how well it is going to be able to manage that kind of heat output. To be fair, high amount of heat was expected due to the sheer power of the system.

I also don’t like that the power and eject buttons are so tiny! They are hard to see, and it took me a good 4 minutes just to figure out how to turn the thing on. Once it was on, and I began playing games, I noticed some games discs run louder than others(CoD:Ghosts runs almost silently, Battlefield 4 sounds a bit noisy)

Next, the control while very similar to previous dual shock controllers, is still very different feeling. It just doesn’t have the same feel as it rests in my palm. I’m also not completely fond of the “Options” and “Share” buttons positioning. It’s awkward to get to, and to click on, at least for me and my fat fingers. positioned between those two buttons is the large “Touch Pad”, which most times will end up pausing the game, or bringing up a menu, or going to the dashboard. This can be an issue when you have fat fingers, are really into a game, and quickly trying to hit the options button, only to find your fat thumb hit the touch pad, and now you are sitting on your dashboard.

However, even aside from the flaws, it’s an exceptional system and would love to have one in my home. Is it worth its current price tag? At the moment: Not really, but it WILL be! Unfortunately at the moment, the system lacks any PS4 exclusive titles, and you can still enjoy most of the games coming out for it, on the PS3. However in the next few months, there will be plenty to enjoy!

beyond PS3

There’s a lot of reviewers who complain about this game. These same people however obviously aren’t familiar with the developer Quantic Dream. This game plays much the same way as their past 2 hit titles(Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain). If you don’t enjoy those two games, you probably won’t have much interest in Beyond: Two Souls, if however you loved those games? Then you will like this title.

The story follows Jodie Holmes, who has a special gift. She see’s dead people. Not just that, but also has a spirit attached to her, that reacts to her commands and moods. Basically it gives her psychic powers, and in a way reminds me of Carrie(Especially in particular areas of the game). The game follows her through a jumbled up mess of portions of her life. One mission you maybe playing a teenage Jodie, the next a young Twenty-something Jodie, and the next 8-year old Jodie.

Personally I would have preferred a more linear time frame, but I guess this was to expose you to different aspects of the story, when they felt you needed to know it.

The game plays sort of like an interactive movie, where your actions determine the outcome of the game. While the game does have multiple endings, it doesn’t have much of a replay value. The graphics and animations are top notch, and the professional voice acting is top notch.

The biggest fault to the game, is the clumsy and awkward controls. Yes, they are similar to the previous games, but just doesn’t feel as refined, at least while playing with a gamepad.

The story is good the first time around, and blends sci-fi with paranormal thriller.

I can’t stress this part enough: The game fits a very niche market, and there is a strong chance that it just won’t appeal to you. If you are unfamiliar with Quantic Dreams, it could go either way, and I strongly urge you to rent this, before adding it to your cart(If you do enjoy this, be sure and check out Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy)