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mt_dew_voltageOk, so I am sure most people are aware of the new mountain dew flavor called “Mountain Dew: Voltage“, I mean, you people voted for this! It’s like, the Obama of the dew family! He’s the new hope for dew! 😀 Anyway! It’s a great flavor, infused with ginsing so, you can stay awake late at night. 🙂

Plus as an added bonus it’s got a yummy berry taste! So, caffeine? Check! Yummy Raspberry Taste? Check! Yummy Citrus taste? Check! Hypnotic Blue color that makes you go WOAH when the LCD lights of your computer shine through it? CHECK!

So, holy crap! It’s like it’s got everything! Not quite, hold your panties right there mister! That might be enough for any other tom, dick, harry and radcliffe, but not for the SHAIDE! No sir! I’m picky when it comes to what soft drinks I guzzle down.

My first complaint is that there’s no DIET version, and if there is, well our store doesnt bloody well carry the diet version. Granted, we are a small town, and our store is slightly small and we only have the one, but by god we are grateful for that, cause otherwise we would have t drive 1 and a half hours to the next store, in order to pick up a bloody loaf of bread so we can finish making our peanut butter sammitch!

so, yea best as I know, theres no DIET.

The second problem I have with this soda-pop (Thats hillybilly speak for cola people) is that it affects me funny. Now, granted I admit this could be just me, as I have not read or heard of anyone else having this issue. I’m not really sure how to say it, but shortly after drinking the blue potion of yummyness my bowels release! Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. When I eat cheese foods, my bowels release. When I drink this? my arse turns into a bloody sprinkler system!

anyway, other than those issues, its great! Try some! Just has some depends or something handy if you are drinking it on the road. You know, in order to be on the safe side “Just in case”. 😉