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A homeless man in Paris

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Every town has them. Even those small sleepy little towns, you know the towns where everybody knows each other, and people have a habit of stopping and greeting you when you are walking down the street on a quiet weekend. I know this for a fact, because I live in one of these towns and yes, we have our share of homeless.

There are two homeless people in town, that I know of. These are the people who our community views as “Invisible”. The few people who do acknowledge their existence don’t view them in a positive light, in fact most of the few people who comment about the homeless end up belittling them, despite the fact that they know absolutely nothing about them.

“They are crazy!” “They are hostile!” “They carry diseases!”

These are the things people mutter about the homeless in this community. Are they correct in their claims? Who’s to say? They could be right, but the fact is, these claims are not based on any kind of fact. They come to these conclusions, simply because they have tattered clothes, are unshaven, and wear stained clothing. Those are their reasons for assuming they are nut-bag psycho black plague dealing dirtwads.

Fact of the matter, at least ONE of the homeless people in town, is actually quite friendly and nice. I couldn’t exactly tell you what his name is, because when I introduced myself he introduced himself as “Road Runner” and im fairly certain that is NOT the name his parents gave him at birth, however it is the name I suppose he chooses to go by.

I originally met him as I stopped by the local park, to use the public restroom, and as I was leaving the toilets a gruff voice called out behind me saying “Get out of my house!” Needless to say, I stopped and turned around to see who had just declared the bathroom their home. It was the homeless guy named who went by the name of “Road runner”.

We talked for a while, he told me a bit about himself, and surprisingly he didn’t even smell. Homeless folks sometimes are cleaner than you would imagine apparently. Turns out the man known as “Road runner” isn’t carrying diseases, he isn’t a total nutjob and even to my surprise, he isn’t totally filthy. He’s quite simply a friendly and good man who’s lost his family and fell on hard times and had nobody to lend a helping hand when he hit bottom. What happened to him could happen to any of us, under the right extreme circumstances.

The other homeless guy? Well, i’ve not talked to him. Neither has Road Runner, but according to Road runner the other homeless guy is a filthy nutjob.