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I have mentioned this a thousand times now, however I will mention it again to save people from having to rummage around in my Blog. I play this game called Second Life and in the game I run a store. Now, I used to run a fashion store, where I would design clothes for men and women to wear in this virtual world, however recently I got bored of it, and have since shut the store down.

Instead, I have decided to use my break away from fashion designing and instead open up a new in-world store brand. This new store focuses on creating Medieval creations, Everything from water wells, to thrones. Pretty much a whole variety of medieval stuff. The items are geared mainly toward Gorean Role Play but is also suitable for most any medieval style Role play setting.

Anyway, enough rambling! The main reason for my post was to mention my lastest creation. It’s a sculpted tree! I think it came out rather well considering it was my first attempt at tree making. Here, let me show you the boxart for my tree.

Forked Dogwood Tree Boxart

See? Pretty nifty huh? I call it the Forked Dogwood tree. In case you are wondering, as far as I know, there’s no such thing as a Forked Dogwood Tree. It was a name I made up for the above pictured tree.