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No man’s sky is now available for the PS4, and I have to admit it is everything I had hoped that it would be. However I do admit, when I first booted up the game, I was very frustrated! The game doesn’t really provide you much of a tutorial. You are just tossed onto an alien planet with a broken down star jalopy and told to fix your ship!

After you muck around on the planet, you do start to get an understanding of the game, and what seems like an impossible task becomes much easier. The main challenge is figuring out where you get the materials needed to repair your damaged parts!

Your challenges might be different, though, luckily I spawned on a very lovely planet. It was filled with plenty of flora and fauna and had a nice blue sky. It was basically like earth! You know, aside from the lack of humans! I named the world “New Eden” because I lack creativity! I have heard of some people spawning on toxic worlds, which I imagine might up the difficulty meter just a tad! Good luck if you find yourselves in that situation my fellow intrepid galactic explorer!

As I said, I find the game incredibly enjoyable and have spent several hours already exploring worlds and moons scattered across a few different star systems! I can see myself enjoying this game for several more hours too! However, I can also see me growing quite bored with the game after awhile as well! I know! Bored? Well, yes! The game looks like it could get boring! There’s just not a whole lot of variety really. I mean, sure! There’re billions upon billions of planets to explore, but after a bit, they do start to look repetitive. This applies to both the fauna and flora as well! You might come across something that looks like a rhino, then something that looks exactly like the rhino, except it’s smaller. Then something that looks like the rhino, except it has a different head, or it’s a different color.

All that aside, you will most likely get at least 10 hours of enjoyment out of the game, and honestly, that seems to be a good chunk of game time! I have played other games that are so much shorter, and less replay value than this! Overall? I would say No man’s sky is well worth your $60 bucks! Unfortunately, if you are a PC gamer(You know, ‘The Master Race’) you have to wait a couple more extra days to play. It releases on PC on the 12th, and will be available on both Steam as well as GOG!


Everybody who knows me, knows that I am a geek. Especially when it comes to 5 major Sci-Fi franchises. Those Being Star Trek, Firefly, Doctor Who, Babylon 5 and Star wars(I don’t consider Marvel/DC movies Sci-Fi, even though many of them fall into that category. Super Hero flicks I consider more Adventure than Sci-Fi). So, I have been very anxious for the release of the new Star Wars move “The Force Awakens”. Unfortunately, that won’t be until December, However they DID release a trailer. Obviously I was breathless with anticipation!

If you have been living under a rock or a bridge with a secret troll lover, then you have heard about it, and already watched it. However, I will put it below so that the Troll lovers out there can catch up with what the rest of the world is experiencing.

Watched? Good! Now, most people I know thought it was awesome. One in particular cried because seeing Han Solo brought her so much joy. Yeah, I’m not the biggest geek in my circle of friends. Surprised? You can be surprised about me either not being the biggest geek in my social circle, or about me having friends in general. Both are acceptable surprising factoids.

Anyway! My point was that I didn’t love the trailer. In fact, I was somewhat disappointed? The whole Melted Vader helmet thing? Seemed stupid, and like it was some kind of forced lip service to fans of the franchise. It just didn’t feel natural. Then there is Darth Wannabe! I hate his voice! He doesn’t sound bad ass at all! Not like Vader did!

In fact, the trailer didn’t reach out and grab me at all, which is insane because it’s Star Wars. It seemed even MORE boring than the prequel trilogy. The only good thing I saw in this trailer was a lack of lens flares! I was honestly expecting the movie to be unwatchable due to lens flares!

It’s like Abrams is going out of his way to direct and ruin all the Sci-Fi movies that are based on franchises that I hold dear. Please keep him away from Doctor Who! I don’t want that ruined for me any more than it already has been.

Lastly, there’s the poster!


Missing Luke Skywalker! Now, for me I am fine with this. His trilogy was the original trilogy. I don’t believe it’s his story, but on that same note I don’t think it’s Hans or Leias story either. However, THEY made it to the poster! So, while I don’t have as big an issue with this omittance as much as others in the geek circle do, it’s still a tad frustrating that they give two other supporting characters a poster place, but not another. His name is printed on the poster, between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, so It’s obvious that he is going to be in it. Either put him on the poster, or Remove Han and Leia!

Anyway! I will probably still see it, but I won’t be one of those people dressed as Ewoks(Not that it’s ALWAYS a bad thing) and camping in line for tickets…though you don’t really need to do that now anymore I guess huh? You can just order them online these days! If I see it, most likely I won’t even bother going to the movies. Might wait for DVD….Might even just wait for it to come out on Netflix. I’m just not that into it anymore. I would rather have the expanded Universe back. At least THAT was enjoyable. Instead they made that non-canon and gave us this. Not a good trade for Star Wars geeks.

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So, any geek worth his weight in gold pressed latinum is fully aware about the new crowdfunded Star Trek: Renegades movie which serves as the pilot to a planned webseries. However for those unfamiliar with its existence you can wan watch the whole movie on youtube if you got an hour and a half to spare. Is it worth losing that much of your time though? Continue reading for a spoiler free review.

Let me begin by saying this trek movie, feels like a “Trek Film” in name only. Sure, it has actors and characters from past star trek shows, but it feels like they were tossed in simply so they could label it as Star Trek and get some crowdfunding from the trekkers who will literally shove all their money down someones throat if it meant a chance to get some new star trek shows/movies.

That’s not to say that the film isn’t good. In fact, it’s quite entertaining! A bit confusing at times since there really is no character introductions. It just throws you in, as if this is a crew from star trek that you should all know. Which gets confusing when some of the characters early on uses their racial abilities, but it’s not explained that it’s his ability. Combine that with the fact that races have new abilities, and tech doesn’t function the way Trek cannon has already  established it to work.

The main characters are a group of criminals who are sent out to save the galaxy. Basically, it’s Suicide Squad in space! The main crew is for the most part likeable, and decent established actors. like Gary Graham(Played Detective Sikes on the Alien Nation TV series), Sean Young(Known for her roles in Dune and Blade Runner), Adrienne Marie Wilkinson(Known for voice acting in video games, many of which were star wars titles) and Edward Furlong(Known for playing John Connor in Terminator 2 and his MANY brushes with the law that followed). So, the acting wasn’t too shabby. Though it’s obvious some of these established actors haven’t acted in a long while and thus are a bit rusty.

Other characters who make appearances in here range from Tim Russ(Tuvok), Walter Koenig(Chekov) and Corin Nemec (Who will ALWAYS be Parker Lewis to me). The previous two characters are established characters from Star Trek lore, but Nemecs character is brand new. He plays a star ship captain that is apparently insane since his answer to any situation is “Shoot ’em! Blow ’em up!” which, again does not fit with the whole star trek setting.

One thing that DID impress me, was the special effects and the makeup. The make up was very well done! Some of the aliens however sounded hilarious, and in fact reminded me of evil muppets. However, they looked good! Not sure who was in charge of the makeup, but they did an excellent job. Color me impressed!

The Special effects were also incredibly well done. Especially the space scenes and star ship design and battles. Many times in these fan films, the space battles are a joke. Either poorly done CGI models with low rez textures moving across a poorly rendered star field, or on at least one occasion a space battle recorded using Star Trek Online space combat. That’s not the case here! The space battles and ship designs were very well done. They looked well done and very polished.

In the end, I enjoyed the movie, and if they release anymore to the series, I will watch those. Just because it didn’t feel like a real star trek entry doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable.

If something is popular enough, one thing you can be certain of, is that a publisher will eventually turn it into a comic book, either an ongoing series, a comic adaptation, graphic novel or a Comic book mini-series event. This has been true for as far back as I recall. Everything from Star Trek to Robocop, From Indiana Jones to the Predator. Hell, even hit MMORPGs like Everquest and World of Warcraft ends up getting comics based on them.

Keeping in mind, that popularity usually equals comic book, it should come as no surprise that Stargate ended up with its own comic as well. I am talking about the movie, not the kick ass television series Stagate SG-1, though to be fair SG-1 did get its own comic as well.

That being said, the Stargate comic is an adaptation of the movie, and is done really well, at least in terms of writing, but considering it was an adaptation of a great movie, that’s not surprising. The art department though? While certainly not horrible, it does leave much to be desired. Especially in one particular panel, that shows Doctor Daniel Jackson, played by the ultra-creepy looking James Spader. I could describe it, but I think a picture would explain it much more clearly than words ever will.

While the above artwork, does manage to capture the sheer creepiness of Spader, I think they might have went overboard on the fingers. I mean, I don’t know Spader personally, so I can’t say with complete certainty that his fingers don’t look a thing like that, but I am pretty sure they don’t! Those fingers resemble long creepy alien fingers, not a human beings hand! It’s like, his fingers fell off, and his palm grew spider legs!

Cover of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventur...

Cover of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure


 Back in the 80’s they released a movie about teenage time travelers. No, I am not talking about back to the future! I am referring to Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure, which starred Keanu Reeves in one of his earlier roles. Unlike the DeLorean from back to the future, Bill & Ted used a phone booth, kinda like the TARDIS but nowhere near as cool looking, and definitely not as roomy.

The movie centered around 2 highschool losers, who needed to pass a history test so they could perform at a music event. To ensure this happened, a Time traveler came back in his phone booth, and took the kids out on a journey through time. All so they could pass their history test. The premise sounds extremely stupid, I agree. However, the movie developed quite a large cult following, and even spawned a sequel, as well as a comic book series, An animated series, as well as a short-lived television series despite the films sheer stupidity.

That was then, and thankfully the world moved on. Bill & Ted is perhaps the worst film franchise in the history of bad film franchises. It basically, is a film better left to rot in the past. Forgotten for all eternity. Will that happen though? Hell no! Apparently, they are in development of Bill & Ted 3. Seriously, a third film after this long? It’s not even a reboot, it’s part three! They actually want to continue the so-called story, and not just recreate it to make it less lame.

[Supernatural on the CW]The other day I got a chance to sit down, and watch the 2010 season finale of supernatural, which I had recorded days earlier on my DVR. For those not in the know, and who might have been living under a rock for the past several years, Supernatural is a show that Airs on the CW. The show chronicles Dean and Sam Winchester, Two normal brothers who lead a very abnormal life. They travel the united states and hunt down monsters. Kinda like Joshua Gates, but with guns. Other than the monster hunting though, the Winchester brothers are just like any other brothers. They lov each other, they fight, they protect each other. Oh yea, and one’s part DEMON!

So, yea, that’s the basic premise. Shame on you if you didn’t already know. So, back to the point of the post! As I said, I watched the season finale, and I must confess that I am slightly confused. Was the 2010 season finale a season finale or was it a series finale? Was the show cancelled or will it be back next season? See, the thing with this finale, was that it didn’t end like any other typical season finale. In fact, they managed to tie the series up with a nice pretty little bow, and not leave any questions hanging, except for that SMALL incident that took place in the last 4 seconds of the episode.

I do hope the show returns, as it was one of my most favorite shows on TV. That being said however, if it DOESN’T come back I would still be content cause at least they didn’t leave me hanging. You know, like ALF getting surrounded by the Alien Task Force.

[My Star Trek Online Character]Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a total geek, and also that I am a major online gamer. These two traits are what led me to try games like Star Wars Galaxies and The Matrix Online. All of which left me very disappointed.  Although those two traits also led me to try Lord of the Rings online, which I am not at all ashamed to say that I truly do love, and the people that I have convinced to try it with me, have fallen in love with it.

The point is, I love the idea of games built on the backs of established  franchises, however those games rarely work out! Needless to say when I first heard of Star Trek Online, I knew right away that I was going to be trying this game, and I also knew i probably wasn’t going to enjoy it, and that I was going to regret buying it. I all this before it was even released!

The game is then released. I decided to hold off on getting it, because as I said I knew it wasn’t going to be enjoyable to me. Also, other games like Mass Effect 2 were coming out, and quite honestly? Mass Effect games take priority over any other games coming out. However, after I finished ME2 and had no other games to really play except old unfinished games, I decided to go ahead, bite the bullet and get STO.  I went ahead and actually bought the game from direct2drive for instant gratification, plus if you bought it from there you got some in-game weird wonky personal shield contraption unit thingie. I then installed it, and began playing it, and after awhile I realised that i was 100% correct! The game stunk like a skunk caught in a sweathouse! I then turned it off, and went off playing Secondlife, since that is actually a game that I do enjoy.

That was my first impression! However, I didn’t uninstall it. Call it fate, call it karma, call it pure laziness! Whatever you call it, the fact remains, that I most certainly did not uninstall it. A few days pass and I am bored, Nobody I know is on Second Life and I have finished all my good games. I then remember, that STO is still installed on my hard drive. It also still has it’s initial free gametime. It’s there, it’s not going to cost me and I am bored! So, I log in and play it a little bit more. Then it hits me, the game is actually kind of fun. The begining is slow and boring, but as you move along the game gradually pulls you in, and it’s like you are becoming tangled up in this epic Star Trek world! In fact as time went on the game went from kind of fun to freaking great!

So, I continued playing I thought I had only been playing for 30 mins, an hour at best. Then I noticed the clock. To my surprise I had been playing for 4 and a half hours! Not only that, but I litterally had to FORCE myself to quit playing. This is one of the better franchise games I have ever played, though in all honesty, it doesnt hold a candle to LotRO, but that’s not surprising.

What I am saying here is, that if you are a trek fan, or a sci-fi fan in general, you REALLY should look into the game! You won’t be disappointed! Now, there’s no DEMO or TRIAL currently available, however if you are someone I know, and you are wanting to check it out, let me know, because STO does allow me to send out a 5 day buddy key or buddy pass or something like that. It lets you trial the game for 5 days!