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I had been looking forward to playing Rise of the Tomb Raider since it was announced, and decided to pick it up on steam, because it was on sale for fairly cheap! I can’t remember the exact price, but it was cheap. Did it live up to my expectations?

Here’s the thing about ROTR: It’s very much like the original Tomb Raider. It doesn’t really bring anything new to the table! In fact, the graphics are very similar to the graphics found in the original Tomb Raider PC Release(We’re talking about the reboot of course, not the very first original Tomb Raider game). This isn’t a bad thing! The graphics in the original were absolutely breath-taking! I am completely happy with the graphics in both games, but it does leave me confused on why ROTR requires such a beast of a computer to run! The game is currently one of the current higher requirement games out there, and I just don’t understand why. Granted, I am not a game developer, so there is probably much that I don’t understand.

As I said, a lot of the game is very similar to Tomb Raider. This statement also includes gameplay mechanics. There are very few new tools at your disposal, The few new tools that DO exist don’t even come into play til toward the end of the game, and even then aren’t that interesting. It boils down to the same Ledge Climbing, Rock Scaling gameplay as the original. Complete with sliding down snowbanks/waterfalls and having to move left and right to avoid obstacles.

What the game DID do right however was the storyline! It had a very appealing any interesting storyline the focuses on an artifact that can grant eternal life. It also has an evil group which is a secret society who is seeking the artifact for themselves, and a group of rebels who are trying to keep the artifact from falling into the wrong hands. It has some twists, Moments of betrayal, Moments of loyalty…It has everything you could want from an adventure story of this type.

One thing that might upset some people, is that Rise of the Tomb Raider doesn’t have a multiplayer mode. What it does have instead is an expedition mode.I haven’t really mucked around with expedition mode too much, but it seems to offer you a variety of different modes that let’s you replay chapters of the story, while also giving you the option to increase or decrease difficulty through the use of cards which can be purchased using an ingame currency(Or using real cash apparently). Personally, I don’t find the lack of a PVP based multiplayer game disappointing at all. I love the fact that a game company still focuses on the creativity and story based captivation of the single player campaign.

Don’t get me wrong, I like when a game has both a rich and full single player campaign as well as a PvP mode. It’s just that more often than not developers go the lazy route and just toss in some half assed single player campaign that is completed in a half hour and basically serves as a tutorial for the online game mode. Other developers even go the more incredibly lazier route and toss out the campaign mode all together and stick you with a multiplayer only FPS, that when the servers eventually go down, or people quit are stuck just running around shooting bots. At least with a campaign, you have that to fall back on when the servers are gone.

Speaking of rich storylines! Rise of the Tomb Raider is an incredibly long game! It took me 22 hours to complete it, and that’s just the main story. That’s not including all of the optional tombs and side missions. I did a few of them, but there’s still plenty more for me to go back and do! There’s also the expedition mode which as I said before I have only lightly dabbled in.

Now, this long storyline might be good or bad. Depending on your view. I loved the game and the story, but even I was getting to the point where I was wishing the game was just over. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing I suppose. Like I said, I enjoyed the game. but 22 hours is a long time to find out what’s going to happen. For me, the perfect length of a main campaign is about 15 hours. Any more than that, and my attention starts to wander. This is mainly due to my ADD, so it may not apply to you.

Overall though, it was an enjoyable game. If you were a fan of the last Tomb Raider game, or the Uncharted game series(Which the gameplay shares similarities with) then you will most likely enjoy this title.

-Gorgeous Graphics.
-Long and in-depth story.
-Many Side missions to keep you occupied.
-Decent replay value
-Flawless gamepad support
-Impressive voice acting & Mocaping.

-No PvP based Multiplayer
-Game might be TOO long for some players.
-Micro transactions.
-High system requirements

Overall score: 7.5/10




This is the first Mortal Kombat game that I have played since the arkade version of the original Mortal Kombat. I sucked at it then, and I kinda still suck at it now! I guess fighting games have never really been my forte. I never kould figure out all those special moves, or how to do a fatality, and unfortunately I still haven’t figured it out in this version. For me, it’s pretty much just jumping, punching and kicking. Though occasionally I do manage to accidentally manage to throw a fire ball or shoot a harpoon from my wrist.
What I kan say about this though, is that it does feel like a very much improved version of MK. Graphics are obviously much nicer, and I really like the Tag-Team feature, which pits 2 fighters against each other, allowing you to switch between them, and I imagine if you were good with the special moves, you kould pull off some seriously devastating attacks!

The kontrols seem excellent, as I said though: I kan’t pull off any moves, but that has less to do with the the game, and more to do with my lack of Kombatting skills! However, the movement of kharacters on screen is simple, and basic attacks are easy to pull off.

Another thing that I really liked was that this game has a story mode. As I said, I haven’t played an MK game since the original, so I don’t know if this is a kommon feature. I don’t think so, since Johnny Kage(Who was in the original) seems kompletely unaware of the purpose of the tourney. So, either the story is a new feature, or they are rebooting for this release? I honestly don’t know!

Now, the story feature is kool! However the actual story it’s self is kind of bland. It seems very forced, and exists simply to tie the battles together into a reason for fighting. However, despite how lame the story is, it’s STILL more entertaining than the plots for the Mortal Kombat movies.

  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Story Mode feature
  • Good Replay Value
  • Flawless Gamepad Support
  • Wide Variety of Arenas
  • Couldn’t get Online play to work well at all
  • Maybe a bit TOO hard for inexperienced Kombatants
  • Mediocre Story
  • Some Storymode Fights are insanely challenging.


RATING: 8.5/10


Let me start by saying that I was a huge fan of the Saints row games from the beginning! I first played the original game(Saints Row) on the xbox 360, and the second(Saints row 2) on the PS3. So when I saw that the third game(Saints Row the Third) was on sale at the Steam store, I had to have it!

The graphics in this one was so much better than the in the second game that it blew me away! The customization was vastly improved as well, at least in terms of character creation. True, the game lacked any good hairstyles, but other than that? Aces! In fact, I spent a good 40 mins just creating my character!

Once you get in the game though, you see right away how different the it is. It just doesn’t FEEL like the past 2 chapters. It’s moved away from urban street gangs, and seems more like organised crime. As such, most of the clothes are flashy and suit like. In fact, your homies wear silk suits, and shaundi looks more like a model instead of the stoner she was in the second.

SR3 basically leaves the street gang behind, but keeps the slightly over the top feeling of the second and takes it to a whole new level! The game has absolutely NO shred of realism to it, in fact at one point you battle zombies! True, Zombies were present in the first and second game, but they weren’t major plot points, and unless you did certain things to bring dead people to life, you never even knew about it!

So, I am not exactly sure how to review this game. If I view the game as a sequel, it’s bad, REALLY bad! It veers too far away from past games and it loses what little realism existed in the game, and turns the whole franchise into a joke.

However, if I review it on its own merits, and force myself to forget that it’s part of the Saints Row franchise, then it’s actually quite good! The over the top tone is fun, and makes it difficult to know what’s going to happen next!

Basically, if you are expecting something similar to the previous games, then don’t bother with Saints Row: The Third. If you just want to have fun, doing some insane crazy stuff, then this is the game for you!

Interestingly enough, this is the first game that I would give an overall rating of both 1 Star(Poor) and 5 stars(Best) to.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

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In my last blog entry, I gave a Retro Review of Spider-man: The Game, in honor of the recently released movie. In keeping with that id, I decided to dig into the crate-o-games yet again, and pull out another PS2 classic based on your favorite web-head: Ultimate Spider-Man!

To begin with, this game has aged REALLY well. The game is 7 years old, and plays really well!

One of the first things you will notice about the game, is the graphics. They are amazing! However, to be honest, Cell shaded graphics are always going to look amazing. Cell shaded games from 7 years ago, are going to look as good as cell shaded games from today. Still, the Cell Shading style fits well with the game, since it’s based on a comic series, and not any type of movie.

So, since I was impressed with the graphics, I tackled the controls. To my surprise, the controls were actually quite responsive. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, and could definitely use a little refining, but compared to the controls in Spider-Man: The game, they were a work of art. Sure, it needed some work, but I was able to play it with minimal frustration toward the controls.

The sound too was great! Everything from the voice acting to the sound effects helped add the comic feel to the game experience.

One thing that was nice, was the fact that your webs had to catch onto buildings in order to swing. This might not seem like a big thing in todays age, but the Spider-man games were notorious for just letting your webs stick to the clouds. You could swing all over the city, even if you were higher than any of the other buildings in the vicinity.

When all is said and done, this game is a treasure! It’s aged well, and upon replaying it, was actually better than I remembered it being!Not bad for a 7 year old game

If you are a regular reader to this blog, then you no doubt are fully aware that I hate Summer. I have mentioned this dislike several times on this blog in the past. Summer is, in my opinion the worst season ever! There’s more fires than normal, Pets cooking inside of cars cause their dumbass owner felt it was fine to leave them in a car with the window rolled up and last, but not least, More smelly sweaty dudes wandering the street.

There’s more, but those are the biggies!

This summer however isn’t too bad, at least here in the desert. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still hot as hell, but compared to past summers, It’s cool. I understand everywhere else has gotten increased heat though, which sucks, and you have my sympathy!

Now, I know summer just technically started, so how can I say it’s been cool you ask? Well, the thing about the desert is, we usually only have 2 seasons. Winter and Summer. When the rest of America is enjoying the crisp coolness of Spring, we are sweltering in 100 degree summer weather. This year however was different! We had a spring! I must say, I kind of liked it!

I still hate summer though! Nothing will ever change that. Heat and I just do not get along!

Nintendo Cereal

I have been a gamer as far back as I can remember. Seriously, I was raised on video games! When I was younger a gamepad/joystick felt more comfortable in my hand than any kind of toy or action figure. Hell, I even ate video games! Not literally mind you, but I did chow down on Nintendo cereal!

When games are too good for just consoles!

Not because it was yummy either, in fact; if memory serves me correctly, the cereal was horrible! It tasted stale, and the only thing it had going for it was having 2 cereals in one box, which wasn’t even unique since NERDS Cereal was doing the same thing, except NERDS was actually a good cereal.


Not made from actual Nerds.

So why did I crunch down on Nintendo Cereal like it was going out of style? — Which by the way it did, that cereal brand faded into obscurity faster than you can beat Super Mario Brothers, using warps!

Aside from it having kick ass game tips?

The reason I ate it, was simple. It had fucking “Nintendo” on the box! Not only that, but “Mario Brothers” and “Legend of Zelda” as well! Seriously, How could I not guzzle that shit down faster than a fuel guzzling SUV?

Plus sometimes the boxes had holograms!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cereal

Quick, if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles endorsed a cereal, what flavor would it be?

If you answered Pizza, then you are normal. If however you said, Chex (Sorry, Ninja Nets that look a whole lot like chex) with little marshmallow ninja weapons instead, then congratulations! you are in the same mind-set as — well, whoever comes up with cereal ideas at Ralston.

Not even as a marshmallow shape!

Now many people will shout out in anger that they fucking loved this cereal when they were a kid. They will go on about how this was the best thing since sliced bread! Of course you loved it when you were a kid! Why? Because you were a kid! You didn’t know better! It had Ninja turtles on the damn box! And Marshmallows! In your kid-like state, that’s all you needed to know! Ninja+Turtle+Marshmallow=Greatest Cereal EVER!

Oh yea, and sometimes the boxes had fucking holograms!

Ghostbusters Cereal

Like most of the cereals I remember from my childhood, this particular cereal managed to cash it on a childhood favorite franchise! In this case, the spirit hunting, proton shooting GhostBusters from animated fame!

Who ya gonna call?!

Unlike previous cereals on this list, I actually enjoyed this cereal for its taste, not just the franchise, although the franchise is pretty damn great, and it might have helped my taste buds along in realising its greatness.

Mmmm, Boobies! - I mean Mmmm, Ghostbusters!

I know many people who would disagree with me though, and that’s fine! They are probably right, after all during that time, I too was a kid, and the cereal had a popular franchise I loved, and fucking marshmallows! So, I fully admit, that my little kid-like mind could have been brainwashed, in a way that only childhood icons stuck on a cardboard box can do!

However, unlike previous cereals on this list, Ghostbusters cereal didn’t have any cheesy gimmicks or anything.

Unless you count Hologram boxes..

OJ Cereal

Unlike previously mentioned Cereals, this cereal doesn’t ride the coat-tails of some franchise, which is a good thing! Otherwise the only logical franchise to ride would by the OJ of the Simpson variety, which after the 1994 “Incident”, I am sure Kellogg’s is glad they created their own mascot, although it’s not like OJ cereal lasted long enough to suffer any bad press relating to the “Incident”, considering OJ Cereal disappeared from store shelves, about a year after it made its grand appearance.

Orangy goodness!

The mascot they created is apparently some cowboy, who rides around on big oranges, at least as best I can tell. Honestly, I am not overly familiar with the mascot, because quite frankly, it wasn’t based on an already established fucking franchise, so I could give a rats ass.

What was the cereal? Well, it was advertised as an orange flavored cereal, but to be honest, the cereal didn’t really taste all that orangish to me. Of course, I could be remembering it wrong. My child-like brain was probably too focused on the lack of an established childhood icon for me to fully appreciate.

Or maybe it was just crap.

Bigg Mixx

As embarrassing as it is to admit, This is one of my most favorite childhood cereal! Despite the lack of Pop-eye, He-Man or some other kick-ass character on the box, that I had the entire action figure collection of. Instead, it has some weird fucking moose-pig-chicken-Rabbit type thing just staring off into the fucking distance. I don’t even know what it was supposed to be looking at, but it must be something weird, if something that fucked up looking can’t stop staring at it!

One weird fucking Mascot!

Seriously, the critter really could have become popular. It should have been given its own show! Hell, I would have watched, but let’s be clear about one thing, as a child I was easily impressed, so that’s not really saying much I suppose. Still, I am sure other kids were easily impressed, at least judging by this fucking list of cereal!

Enough about the Mascot! Let’s dwell on the cereal!

What the hell was it? Well, an easier question would be “What the hell wasn’t it”?! Ok, that’s total bullshit, that wouldn’t be easier, so let’s go back to the original question!

Basically, it’s everything! It’s like Raisin Bran mixed with whatever other cereals were popular at the time. It was just a Big Mix of cereal, hence the name!

The cereal didn’t last long! Parent quit buying it, probably for the same reason my mom quit buying it for me! She wised up! She saved back an empty box of Bigg Mixx, and then would take all those almost empty boxes of cereal that
I insisted were empty, and then she would pour them all together in the bigg mixx box, and tell me that it was a new Bigg Mixx Blend.

After all, that’s all Bigg Mixx fucking was! Leftover cereal, just fucking tossed in a box, and sold to the general public.

Cap’n Crunch’s OOPS! All Berries

Unlike the others listed here, this particular cereal doesn’t come from my childhood, but it does come from my past, which means it totally fits into the “Flash-back” category.

While Bigg Mixx was one of my favorite cereals, this one falls right at the very top!

The cereal is a limited edition “Brand”, that is released every few years under the Cap’n Crunch brand. It’s called; OOPS! All Berries, and basically what it is, is a fucking box full of crunch berries!

Best EVER!

For those not in the know, Crunch berries are those yummy colored balls you find in Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch berries cereal. To put this in perspective for you, this would be like getting a box of “Lucky Charms” only to find that it contains only fucking marshmallow bits! None of that annoying oat crap that you eat so you can enjoy the marshmallowy goodness.

Yea, just like that!

So, is it any wonder why I love the shit?! I mean, the only way a cereal could get any better would be if they released a Porno brand cereal!

Getting Close!

Those are the cereal brands that I remember so fondly from my youth, most didn’t do very well at all, and were very short-lived, but in all fairness, those last three cereal brands would have been a shitload better if they had released holographic box versions! Just sayin’.