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Once upon a time, I used to think I took video games too seriously. That’s what I thought until I read the following article about this french gamer I mean!

Counter-Strike player Julien Barreaux stabbed a victim, identified only as Mikhael, in real life “to see his rival wiped out for killing off his character”.

For seven months, the 20-year old plotted his revenge and finally tracked his online killer, who lived only a “few miles” from Barreaux. After Mikhael opened the door, Barreaux plunged a kitchen knife into Mikhael’s chest less than an inch away from his heart. Despite him making a quick escape, police arrested him within the hour.

Barreaux has been sentenced to (only) two years in jail for Grievous Bodily Harm and will be undergoing psychiatric tests and anger management classes. Judge Alexiane Potel called him a “menace to society” and stated, “I am frankly terrified of the disproportionate reaction you could have if someone looked at you the wrong way in the street.” Whatever it is, Potel, I suggest you stay from sharp objects for the next seven months.

A parking lot with landscaping and a diagonal ...

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I ran out of some important items today. Items such as bread and candy, and obviously that needed to be fixed. So, I headed on over to out local grocery store and picked up what I needed so desperately. After doing my quick emergency shopping, I decided to sit there for a moment and devour my candy. While I munched on the overpriced chocolatey goodness, I gazed out over the parking lot and watched all that transpired.

Have you ever done this? Just watched what happens in parking lots? I swear, they could do a reality series based on a parking lot! I’m watching a couple argue to the left of me, a man threatens to slap his wife or possibly his girlfriend, it was impossible to tell. Meanwhile, right in front of me a shopping cart bounces into a car setting off the vehicles alarm and nobody even glances around. It does however drive the dog in the car next to it crazy. Dog begins barking, snarling and it appeared as if he was trying to chew a whole through the car window. 

That was all within the course of about 10-15 mins! Plus, I have seen some other interesting things when I have sat and watched the parking lot. Seeing the things that happens to cars in public parking lots would make me feel too nervous to even park there. I imagine it’s worse at night. Everything is worse when the sun goes down. Except T.V.! Night-time Television is much better than day-time television!