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I have had the same mobile phone for several years now! Close to 5 years now! It was a Kyocera Hydro, and it was a really good phone at the time! I originally got it because it was supposedly waterproof and I didn’t want to worry about rain in the winter or sweat in the summer. So, this sounded like a good option! It was waterproof too! It worked quite well! Hell, I even answered the phone a few times while I was in the shower! Never had any problems! It always ran perfectly, and I never even had problems with the battery!

As time went on though, more and more apps wouldn’t run on it! However, that was fine! I’m a simple man! As long as it makes phone calls, and runs a few of the more important apps, then I am happy as a bee! However, over time, the apps that DID run on it, quit running on it do to updates! Facebook half the time was unresponsive and Chrome would constantly crash. It got to the point where the only “Important” app that ran on it was the email app! Not the Google Email app, but the one that was built into the phone!

So, I decided it was finally time to get a new phone! I went phone browsing, and all the phones from my provider that were in stock were Samsung Galaxies and iPhones…and I’m not paying 600 bucks for a damn phone! Even if I had 600 bucks to throw away like that(Which I don’t), I wouldn’t waste it on a damn phone! Then one phone hidden amongst the galaxies caught my eye! It was a Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge, and it was only 60 bucks! I bought it, and am actually quite happy with it!

This phone has a larger screen than I am used to, which is nice! It also runs all the whizzbang apps! (I can snap chat now you guys!!!) and is just an overall amazing product! It has a built in Gyroscope too, so if I wanted to I could get in on the VR craze! Which I may? Who knows! I should point out though, that only the 2017 model of the J3 Emerge has a gyroscope though! The 2016 model doesn’t have one!

It has a front and back facing camera which makes it a breeze taking pictures of people and things..and also awesome for taking selfies! (I can take selfies now you guys! *Duck lips!*)

Overall I am quite happy with this phone! Sure, it’s not waterproof, but it’s fast and runs everything that I need…Here’s hoping that this one lasts 5 years as well!


Jones is a soda company that has made some of the best and worst soda flavors in the history of soda flavors! Green Apple ranking right at the top of their best soda flavors!

They also have been known to release some limited edition holiday flavors. Such as their Broccoli Casserole, Smoked Salmon Paté , Turkey & Gravy, Corn on the Cob, and Pecan Pie flavors, and those are just the flavors for 2005! Each holiday they usually release a new holiday pack.

Anyway, the point of this post is to mention another one of their limited edition flavors. It’s their Dungeons and Dragons set! Perfect for the hard core geeks.

Now, these are the types of things that normally I would scoff at, and make fun of, but to be honest, I actually want this! No, I am not geeky! Don’t even think it lest you want me to cast Magic Missle on you!

Geeze! Well, ok! I guess I am kinda-sorta geeky!

I have mentioned this a thousand times now, however I will mention it again to save people from having to rummage around in my Blog. I play this game called Second Life and in the game I run a store. Now, I used to run a fashion store, where I would design clothes for men and women to wear in this virtual world, however recently I got bored of it, and have since shut the store down.

Instead, I have decided to use my break away from fashion designing and instead open up a new in-world store brand. This new store focuses on creating Medieval creations, Everything from water wells, to thrones. Pretty much a whole variety of medieval stuff. The items are geared mainly toward Gorean Role Play but is also suitable for most any medieval style Role play setting.

Anyway, enough rambling! The main reason for my post was to mention my lastest creation. It’s a sculpted tree! I think it came out rather well considering it was my first attempt at tree making. Here, let me show you the boxart for my tree.

Forked Dogwood Tree Boxart

See? Pretty nifty huh? I call it the Forked Dogwood tree. In case you are wondering, as far as I know, there’s no such thing as a Forked Dogwood Tree. It was a name I made up for the above pictured tree.


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Superman is a pretty powerful dude! If you’ve watched the movies, read the comic books or even watched ANY of the shows, you would know how insanely powerful he is! So, naturally when someone that powerful is running around doing good deeds(And even occasionally lapses into bouts of evilness) I wonder, what would happen if a being this powerful became and stayed evil?!? He would be the most powerful criminal entity any earthling has ever known! How could we protect ourselves, let alone stop him??

Well, fortunately I am not the only one who thought about the potential danger that could arise in just such a situation! In fact, someone invented a device that one can use to prevent superman crimes! I present to the blog surfing world! Kryptonite Bike Locks! Never again will you have to worry about your bike being stolen by superman! While this invention won’t keep you and your family safe from a potential superman rampage…you will reast easier knowing your bike won’t be falling into his hands!