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So, the other day I was talking to a friend who happens to be a Trump supporter. He started talking about Muslims, and how we need to get them out of the country and keep them out. Then he went on to criticize Liberals and their “Tolerance” of Muslims, saying that if they love them so much that they (The Liberals) are traitors to the country and should leave and go to the middle east!

This whole discussion pissed me off, but I bit my tongue and kept quiet. Why? Because when it comes to friends and family I don’t talk politics or religion. I refuse to allow Trump to tear my world apart! Still, it pissed me off! He’s not the first person I have heard make that comment or one similar to it either. Where do Republicans/Conservatives get off telling us to leave the country?

You know what? You know why I’m not leaving the country to go to the middle east? Because I love America! I love everything about this country! Especially the rights and freedoms that this country was built on! Including the right to freedom of religion! This right allows for Christians, Muslims, Atheists or even Pastafarians to believe what they want! I love the country and the freedoms it gives! I love the country just the way it is, and the way it always has been! It’s the Republican Conservatives who are trying to change it into something it was never meant to be! It’s THEM who hates what the country stands for…So, maybe take a bit of your own damn advice…If you don’t like the country or the rights that it provides, then get the fuck out! There’s plenty of other countries out there that strip their citizens of religious rights!

Hell, North Korea has almost a non-existent Muslim community! So, get your bags packed and don’t let lady liberty’s foot kick your ass on the way out.



The 2016 election is almost over, and I have to say: I am really glad to see it go! This has been the worst election that I can recall! It’s caused friends to become enemies and family members to turn their back on family members! It’s bloody! Every American has an opinion, and everyone is passionate about theirs. Which is insane, because both parties are horrible options!

I admit, I did vote for Hillary, but not because I support her! I think she will hurt and damage our country! However, I think Trump will damage the country more! Now, not everyone will agree with that! Some believe that Trump will do less damage, and while I disagree with you; I still respect your opinion. The hardcore supporters though? The ones who feel that Trump or Hillary will lead the country into a golden age of perfection? That the country will rise to a better position than it is in now under the watchful eye of one of these two potential presidents? You guys be crazy!

Look, no matter who wins or loses, the country is screwed anyway! Stop cutting your friends and family off just because they think one person will do less damage than the other! If you have 2 bulls and 2 china shops, and one person thinks the brown bull will do less damage than the black bull…is that a reason to make that person your enemy? No, that’s just stupid. Also, cutting off people who are close to you because they don’t share your political view is stupid.

Bottom line: Stupidity isn’t based on who you are voting for. Stupidity is how you treat people with different views than you….Don’t be stupid.

Official photographic portrait of US President...

It amazes me about how angry people are about Romney losing the election, I mean, I get being angry. If Romney won, I would be angry myself. So I get that, but today I have seen people verbally attacking other people all across the socialverse because of their political belief. This is insane to me!

Seriously, Do these people honestly and really believe that Romney was going to lead America into this new Golden era of enlightenment? If so, then I have a news flash for you, He wouldn’t have! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Obama will either, I just think Obama was the lesser of the two evils.

Bottom line, neither was a good choice. Obama just, in my opinion sucked  less(a LOT less). You want to hate me for that? Fine! You want to delete me from all your social website contact lists for that? Fine! People are entitled to their political views. I personally am not deleting people from my twitter or Facebook because of who they think sucked less, because at the end of the day, it’s a matter of opinion. I will delete people for their intolerance though, which sadly I am seeing a lot of this morning.

Here’s a fun little factoid that I found out from the lovely Karen!

Only Mammals get rabies. Lizards don’t get it. Neither of course do birds or fish. Meaning of course, since lizards don’t get rabies, that you don’t have to worry too much about being attacked by Godzilla. I mean, if he bites your head off, you absolutely won’t get rabies.

I wonder though, do whales get rabies? What would a rabid whale be like?? Now, that’s a scary thought. Not as scary as the thought of Schwarzenegger running for president some day, but still pretty damn scary!

You know what bugs me? Obama hasn’t even taken the seat of president yet, and people are already saying “He’s the best president we’ve ever had!!!”, to this I say loudly..WTF? People drone on about how he’s going to pull us up out of the mud and put us back on top!

This is all great and stuff..but, best president ever? what? he’s not even president yet. I’m sorry, did someone go for a ride with doc brown into the future? because I honestly don’t know how anyone can say he’s the best president ever when he’s only president elect! Don’t get me wrong, i hope he does turn out to be all that and a bag of cheetos, but for fucks sake man! “He’s going to be the best.” “He’s going to save the country!” No pressure eh? Let the man breath! Stop making these assumptions, stop adding pressure to this guy, as if running a country wasnt bad enough. As if cleaning up after Bush wasn’t bad enough. He also has all this pressure you people are adding. You’re turning him into an urban legend is what yer doing.

That being said, no matter WHAT happens, Bush is gone so I’m happy.

obamaWell, most people are already fully aware of the election results. In some places fireworks were launched, other cities people we dancing and yelling in the streets, all celebrating the election results which announced Obama as our next President. The man who will lead us into the future and beyond!

I however was not dancing in the streets or firing off fireworks in a celebration of noise. Nor however was I shaking my head in total disbelief that McCain lost the election yet again(For those of you keeping score, this is McCains second loss…Hey, third times the charm!).

You see, quite honestly I didn’t care for either of the candidates. Don’t get me wrong. Im not saying they are horrible. As a matter of fact, either of them will be able to out perform Bush, and frankly im just thrilled to get ol’ dubbya out of fricken office…

Another thing that bugged me about the two candidates was the fact that they were using those damn robo calls! I hate being called by robots..and i was getting enough calls to make me just stop answering the phone…Also this was a particularly dirty campaign on both sides. especially their supporters..I mean, beating your self up and claiming a supporter of obama did it to you? Whats wrong with you people?!

Personally, I would have preferred to have Hillary in office, rather than Obama or McCain….Thats just my opinion..I think she could have done a lot for the country(I mean, she did last time she was in office when she was puppeteering good ol’ Bill).

Although after giving this some thought, perhaps i SHOULD have been dancing in the streets…I mean, the campaign is finally over! TV viewing will go back to normal, real news will be shown on CNN instead of political information..and most importantly, Bush will be hitting the road….

Hit the road jack, and don’t ya come back no more, no more no more!