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The PlayStation VR headset is something I have wanted since it was first announced! Of course, back then it was called Project Morpheus. I guess Sony decided to give it a simpler name.

The PlayStation VR headset has now been out for about a year. During this year I never picked one up. Reasons? Well, to be perfectly honest price played a large part of my choice not to get it. For the PSVR starter bundle(Which includes everything you need to start experiencing virtual reality on your PS4) you can expect to plunk down 500 bucks or more. That’s more than a Playstation 4 console! So, getting one was put on the back burner!

After several days of internal debating, I finally decided to break down and get a Playstation VR. Was it worth it? Am I happy with it? Are there any complaints whatsoever? Glad you asked!

I had never bought the cam or the MOVE controllers before, so when I decided to get the PSVR I had to get the Starter Bundle. You need the Cam so your console can tell where you are looking with the headset on. The MOVE controllers aren’t REQUIRED, though it does add to the immersion factor. In many VR games, the MOVE controls act as your hands. Without them, your hands are controlled by your DUALSHOCK 4 controller. That being said, there ARE some games that require the MOVE controls…so, it’s better if you have them.

So, I ordered the starter bundle online, and waited for it to arrive! While I waited, I suffered a little bit of an accident, and broke my foot! This caused me to have to hobble around on crutches! The joy! The day after my accident, the VR headset arrived!

When I first saw the box, I thought I was going to have to have someone help me bring it in. It was large, and again: I was on crutches. However the box it’s self was really surprisingly light! So I was able to bring it in on my own!

Excitedly I popped open the box and pulled out all the connectors and wires. So, I sat there unpacking and reading through the manual(Now, I don’t normally read through setup manuals, but there were just SO many wires and connector boxes that made reading the manual a good idea. Could I have done it without the manual? Maybe, but following directions made it so much easier!). After a few mins, it dawned on me! I can’t set this up! At least not that day! My foot was still in bad condition, I required crutches to get around the house…and setting this headset up would require me to hop and crawl all over the place to get wires and connectors where they needed to go! So, with sadness in my heart, the headset sat there for days! After awhile I was able to get around on my foot easier, so I hooked it all up….

Before I even had the headset hooked up completely I ran into my first problem! The PS4 has 2 USB ports! Both are currently being used! One is being used for my DUALSHOCK 4 gamepad, and the other is being used for Extended Storage. The problem is that the PSVR requires 3 USB ports to hook up to! Yea, three! One for the headset it’s self and 2 for the motion controls. Plus, you STILL need your DUALSHOCK 4 controller plugged in. So, even if I removed my Extended Storage USB HDD from the PS4, I would still need 4 USB slots on a 2 USB system!

Now, there are ways around this! Sony does sell a charging station. Since the MOVE and DUALSHOCK 4 controls are wireless, you can charge them up and use them wirelessly! However, you would think this would be something SONY would include in a starter bundle! Or at the very least place a warning saying “Hey! Get a charging station if you actually want to use and enjoy this product!”

Anyway! So began another waiting session. After a few days, the charging station arrived, and I was finally able to sit down and enjoy the VR experience on my Playstation 4 gaming console!

How was it? Well, it was a mixture of extreme awesomeness and disappointment.

The headset its self looks very sleek and sci-fi! To be honest, I’m not particularly keen on the color! My console is black, and the headset is white! Having them match would be ideal, but I suppose maybe the camera might have trouble tracking it in dark rooms? I don’t know! Still, it looks peachy keen! It’s also very lightweight! I’m not sure how light VR glasses tend to be, but I expected a little more weight to these.

The headset size is adjustable, and even fits my head! I have a giant head! Most baseball caps don’t even fit me! This? It totally fits me! the eyepiece section can also be adjusted so that someone with glasses can still use the device while wearing their glasses! If you don’t wear glasses, you can adjust the eyepiece section so that it is flush with your face, and all outside light is blocked out.

Around the edges of the headset is some cushioning. This obviously is a must! Otherwise having hard plastic pressed against your face would hurt or irritate your skin and possibly cause bruising. The cushioning makes wearing the headset much more comfortable usually. I say usually because I got this headset JUST before summer rolled around, and to be quite honest, the cushioning makes it nearly impossible to play in the summer, at least for me. See, I live in a desert and temps frequently rise well above 100 degrees. Having a cushion pushed around my face increases the heat and makes it too uncomfortable to play. Not only is it super hot, but it causes my brow area to sweat, and then sweat begins to drip into the goggle area and you have to pull it off every few minutes to clean the lenses.

How does it play? Well, it’s amazing to be honest! What it’s capable of is jaw dropping! However, it’s still relatively new! Which means developers haven’t really begun pushing the limits on this piece of hardware. In fact, a lot of the games available aren’t even really games. They are more like Tech Demos! Sure, there are a few real games out on it, but finding them can be difficult. However most of the PSVR exclusive games you hear about, just aren’t really games!

Still, they all look amazing and realistic!

There’s more to the VR headset than Virtual gaming as well! For instance, you can watch TV on it! If you have a HULU account, they have a PSVR app that makes it look like you are sitting on a couch, in a fancy schmancy living room with a giant TV. So, you can watch your favorite shows on HULU in luxury. Don’t have HULU? No worries, you can still watch movies and TV on a giant screen. By default, all apps like AMAZON Prime and NETFLIX are displayed on a giant floating screen in a field of darkness..almost like watching something in a theater. This also applies to non-PSVR games as well. You can still play them and it’s like playing them on a large screen TV. That’s pretty cool!

Overall, I think the headset is really cool! However, there’s not enough quality content out there to justify paying the heavy price tag. If the price drops significantly or more quality games come out for the system(And there are several on the horizon, including Skyrim VR), then it’s worth picking up. At this time though? Just not worth it!


Uncharted4I’m just going to cut right to the chase! Uncharted 4 is incredible! It’s easily the best game of the franchise and in my opinion it’s the best game currently out on the PS4! In fact, I would go so far as to say that Uncharted 4 is the best game I have ever played! Now, granted that might change next week when Home Front Revolution is released, but at the time of this writing, it is the best game I have ever played!

The first thing you need to know, is that this is supposedly the final chapter of the Uncharted series. I say supposedly, because franchises have a habit of continuing past their final chapter(I’m looking at you Mass Effect!). Since it’s the final chapter, I guess Naughty Dog Games wanted to take the series out in style! The brought back all our favorite characters like Sully, Nate and Elena, then went and introduced a few more!

In terms of gameplay, it doesn’t really stray from the tried and true Uncharted formula. So, expect to be climbing cliffs, jumping across rooftops, finding collectibles and stumbling through tombs and ruins in order to achieve your goal. It however did add one new gameplay mechanic, and that’s an all-purpose grappling hook that will allow you to swing across chasms, jump punch enemies, pull items and reach hard to get places. It’s so handy that you will wonder how Nate got around without one before now!

The game really does have everything! On top of all that, there’s optional dialogs which give the game almost an RPG like feel to it, and keeps the gamer looking around for those “Optional dialog” moments. They could be anything from a companion with a speech bubble just wanting to chit-chat, to some interactive chairs that lead to a brief heart to heart discussion. Then, there’s also that kinda cool easter egg!

Vehicles are also now a major part of the game! Past entries in the Uncharted series had vehicles, but they never played as big a role before as they do now! Also, the driving segments are much more enjoyable than they were in Uncharted, Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3..Although Uncharted 3 had horses! I miss horses!

If you are curious how much time you should set aside to play this masterpiece? Well, the game is fairly long! It took about 14/15 hours of gameplay to complete, but I spent a lot of time hunting down collectible treasures. Still, it took me longer to finish it, than it did to complete any of the other games in the series. Your time frame maybe less, or even longer, but that’s a general idea of the length of the campaign. Plus, once you finish the campaign, you have a Multi-Player mode that you can participate in! Be a hero, or a villain, and swing around maps collecting treasures and blowing up your enemies! Use your treasures to hire sidekicks, and other nifty upgrades! I have only lightly dabbled in the MP mode, since I am more of a single-player/story-mode gamer, but from what I have seen the MP mode is very well done, though I did encounter a bug which freezes the game during the introduction/tutorial of the MP mode.

When all is said and done, this really is a must own for the PS4!




I am a huge fan of the Uncharted series. The original Uncharted game was the main reason I originally got a PS3 as opposed to replacing my xbox 360 After it broke down for the third time. It seemed like a modern day version of Indiana Jones(Which I love) in video game form! It also had pretty slick looking graphics, and at the time Uncharted 2 was to be released soon. So, I went for it, and I have never regretted it.

Since then I have bought and played every Uncharted game, bought and read the comic series, bought and watched the animated comic, and bought and read the book. So, it was kind of a no brainer that I was going to pick up Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection for the PS4 eventually, but the real question is: Is it worth it for YOU to pick it up? Well, since the release of Uncharted 4 is right around the corner, I will try my best to give you my opinion of the game.

It’s not an easy answer really! If you have already played and completed the original trilogy on the PS3 game console, then this doesn’t really have much to offer! Sure, the graphics and have been remastered, and they look absolutely gorgeous, but the enhancements are really only exceptionally noticeable on the first game in the series, the second one is slightly noticeable and the 3rd one doesn’t look very enhanced at all. Let me show you comparison photos!

How are they different?

uncharted 1 comparison

As you can see, there is a huge difference! The PS4 graphics look crisper and more detailed. You can see that Drake has whiskers, as opposed to what might be dirt smudged on his face, the skin looks less like skin and more like plastic and the lighting is just better! In fact, the only thing I don’t like is Drakes eyes in the remake. On occasion they seem almost white from the light reflection. The eyes just don’t seem as natural as the original.

uncharted 2 comparison

Like I said, Uncharted 2 has more subtle enhancements. It’s still noticeable. the PS4 version allows you to see the threads in his clothes and the leather of Drakes holster looks more worn instead of just being a solid tan color. Again, the lighting is more natural, but it is only a slight improvement over the PS3 version.

uncharted 3 comparison

Now uncharted 3 doesn’t have much differences at all. Basically some improved lighting and that’s pretty much it. The reason being is that Uncharted 3 is the newest and latest PS3 Uncharted game, and each game got progressively better looking. What this remastered collection did was basically bring all the games up to the same quality is the third game in the series.

Should you get it?

You should get it if you are a hardcore fan of the Uncharted series and would like to play through them again before Uncharted 4 releases, so that you can refresh your memory on where the story is. You should also get it if you have not yet played the Uncharted games. The Uncharted series, is hands down one of the best game franchises out there, both in terms of game play and storytelling!

If you have recently played the whole series on the PS3 and are completely refreshed on the story line, you can prob skip over this collection. You can also skip the collection if you have it on PS3, and don’t really care about having them all in one program with enhanced graphics and on a newer system. You can also skip this set if your favorite part of Uncharted 3 was the online play. This collection is just the single player campaigns, so there are no online features built into the game.

Is it worth it?

Well, for me it def was, but I picked it up on sale during black friday for 15 bucks. Would it be worth the current asking price of $59.99? Hell no! I love the uncharted games, but would never plunk down 60 bucks for a remastering of a game series I already own on another console. The only way it would be worth it to me, is if you found the game on dirt cheap sale, bought a cheap used copy of the game or have absolutely never played the game before and don’t own them on the PS3.

Don’t get me wrong, the games are great, just not 60 dollars worth of great when they are games I have already experienced. Not to mention the lack of online play is a bit of a letdown. Granted, I never played it online but it was nice to know that it was there and was an option in case I got in the mood or something.

Overall Rating: 8/10

ps4_play_imgLike I said in a previous post, I got screwed out of my PS4 pre-order, which broke my heart! Still, I have had the good fortune to play the new console, since a friend of mine, managed to get his pre-order(As did most people who weren’t me).

First, let me just say: This is a powerhouse of a system, and is capable of incredible feats! It’s not perfect though, the system runs very hot, and has an extreme heat output, so make sure it has PLENTY of room around it to better circulate the air. The systems new, so I have no idea how well it is going to be able to manage that kind of heat output. To be fair, high amount of heat was expected due to the sheer power of the system.

I also don’t like that the power and eject buttons are so tiny! They are hard to see, and it took me a good 4 minutes just to figure out how to turn the thing on. Once it was on, and I began playing games, I noticed some games discs run louder than others(CoD:Ghosts runs almost silently, Battlefield 4 sounds a bit noisy)

Next, the control while very similar to previous dual shock controllers, is still very different feeling. It just doesn’t have the same feel as it rests in my palm. I’m also not completely fond of the “Options” and “Share” buttons positioning. It’s awkward to get to, and to click on, at least for me and my fat fingers. positioned between those two buttons is the large “Touch Pad”, which most times will end up pausing the game, or bringing up a menu, or going to the dashboard. This can be an issue when you have fat fingers, are really into a game, and quickly trying to hit the options button, only to find your fat thumb hit the touch pad, and now you are sitting on your dashboard.

However, even aside from the flaws, it’s an exceptional system and would love to have one in my home. Is it worth its current price tag? At the moment: Not really, but it WILL be! Unfortunately at the moment, the system lacks any PS4 exclusive titles, and you can still enjoy most of the games coming out for it, on the PS3. However in the next few months, there will be plenty to enjoy!


When the Playstation 4 was announced back in June, I hopped on my computer and preordered it from Amazon in the form of a “Watch Dogs” bundle. Over time, I applied gift cards to the preorder, so that as of last month the cost due was $0.00. Now, all that I had to do was wait for the quickly approaching November 15th release date!

This month however Ubisoft announced that Watchdogs was being delayed, and so Amazon switched my order to the basic core system launch. Not a huge deal, I would just order Killzone Shadowfall. It’s not amazons fault, and the new KZ game looked pretty sweet to begin with. So, I dealt with it, and carried on.

Last night however, I received an email from Amazon customer service, notifying me that my order for the Playstation 4 was cancelled, and that they “hope this helps”. completely flabbergasted and confoundedly confused, I got online and entered into Amazons support chat. It is here that I found out, that it was a mistake, and someone had accidentally cancelled my order.

Fine, mistakes happen. I get that! I asked them if they could correct the issue that had just happened mere moments before. I was informed that this was impossible, as their system is all automated and my cancelled order went to the next person in queue who hadn’t gotten their order placed in time to guarantee themselves the system.

So, basically I was told, that despite being a prime subscriber, despite spending thousands of dollars over the years on their website, despite preordering this console on the first day possible, that I was basically screwed and there wasn’t anything they could do about it.

In fact, not only was there nothing they could do about it, but to worsen the situation, Amazon has in place a system that allows only one console to be ordered per account. Meaning, that if I want to order another one, I would need to have a friend order it, and send it to my address. Despite the fact, that the now refunded gift card balance is saved on MY account, not theirs. Not that it would matter anyway, since the console pre-orders are completely sold out.

However, they did say they were sorry and issued me $30 dollars credit. Which doesn’t help me at all really. Overall, this is a horrible experience with amazon, and is the first time I have pre-ordered a big-ticket item from them. Is this a regular occurence? I don’t know, but I do know that I will be ending my prime subscription, and won’t be purchasing any thing major from them again.