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Lack of Entries

Posted: May 18, 2017 in All about ME!
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I haven’t written much lately because I have been dealing with another death in the family. This time my grandmother passed away. Her death was sudden and unexpected. Yes, she had Alzheimer’s. Yes, she had medical problems. However, there was no indication of her passing away when she did.

What happened was this: She was having a bout of confusion, so she went to the hospital. The doctor after examing her felt that it could have been due to some new medication she had been put on. He was going to keep her for a few days just to make sure everything was ok. On her 2nd day, she was having trouble swallowing and wasn’t being very responsive. She passed away that night.

It went from “It’s her medications”, to “I’m sorry. She didn’t pull through”. This upsets me on so many levels. My grandma and I had become very close in the last 3 years since my mother passed away. We were always close, but in the last 3 years we talked every day, and sometimes twice a day. She was like another mother to me. It hurt a lot when she passed away, and it still does. It’s like losing my mom all over again.

Since my grandma has passed away I haven’t had much interest in writing blog entries, playing games or even watching TV really. So, obviously, the blog has taken a backseat for awhile. Hopefully, soon I will be in a mood to write some entries soon.

I just wanted to let you all know the situation in case any of you noticed I had vanished from the blogosphere and assumed I had been abducted by the government.


I list

Posted: March 24, 2010 in Quizzes
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01) i hurt: whenever I get punched in the nose.
02) i love: Karen.
03) i hate: very few people
04) i cry: whenever i continue to get punched in the nose.
05) i fear: most dogs and spiders. Especially spider-dogs!
06) i hope: I will one day become famous.
07) i sadden: when someone says they are gonna punch me in the nose.
08) i feel: kinda hungry.
09) i kill: Spiders and enjoy every minute!
10) i talk: About games.
11) i listen: to my Animals, but they rarely have anything to say.
12) i break: whatever I touch.
13) i see: my reflection in the monitor as I fill out this survey.
14) i smell: someone BBQing way too early.
15) i taste: pretty yummy, or so the mosquitoes think.
16) i work: hard at being a the worlds most famous guy.
17) i remember: very little.
18) i hold: my pants up sometimes cause they can be baggy.
19) i hide: my nose whenever someone wants to punch it.
20) i pray: that my nose wont get punched.
21) i walk: as little as possible.
22) i drive: only when I absolutely have to.
23) i read: Comic books, and that’s OK.
24) i burn: nothing, but money burns a whole in my pocket.
25) i breathe: a lot.
26) i play: Star Trek Online and Secondlife. Yanno, cause im a geek.
27) i miss: Karen pretty much all the time!
28) i touch: things with signs that say “Do not touch”
29) i want: people to stop punching me in the nose.
30) i wish: I were famous.
31) i know: how much wood, a woodchuck would chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
32) i said: please don’t punch me in the nose!
33) i dream: about going to bed and having a dream.
34) i have: a dislike for being punched in the nose!
36) i fall: whenever I get punched in the nose.
37) i wait: til 8:00PM before expecting to watch anything good on TV.
38) i need: Karen.
39) i live: on Earth (A small blue little planet in the sol system)
40) i die: very rarely! In fact, I plan on dieing even LESS in the future, cause that’s how I roll yo.

Gaze in amazement

Posted: May 21, 2009 in All about ME!
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As promised in my previous post, my next entry would contain a picture of me in all my glory. For better or worse! If you feel the need to insult me, please do so, since I clearly insult anything and everything i find, weird, freaky or disturbing. If i find something you do weird as hell, I am going to insult it as well, and there’s a good chance you might take personal offence, as if I am directly targeting you, despite the fact that I have never met you in my life.


Lil Wayne performing at General Motors Place i...

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Ok, so ever since my post where I made fun of Li’l Wayne and how he dressed, I have gotten a LOT of death threats from barely literate Blog readers. However, I have also got a number of E-Mails complaining about me making fun of someone and hiding what I look like behind the safety of my monitor. These E-Mails have a valid point. I should CLEARLY be equally judged by who I am and what I look like, so without further ado, I have decided to unveil myself to my Blogging audience! That’s right! You will bare witness to the Man, the Myth, The frickin’ Legend that is Shaide!

Woah though! Don’t start holding your breath now. I’m not unveiling it TODAY! Nope! However, my next post? It will have my picture in it. Why? Because this gives you the time needed to come up with good insults, to try and make me cry so you can post something clever and witty that basically translates to “Oh, you can dish it, but can’t take it huh? Boo-hoo-hoo!”

You know what? I’m in a foul mood. Which is odd, cause anyone who knows me, can tell you that I dont get into foul moods. Sure, sometimes I get grumpy, but my mood never fouls. On the bright side, I am alive and well! That’s good right? On the downside my throats killing me, and I keep coughing up a storm.

Sometimes it would be nice if things just went my way just ONCE.

On a totally unrelated note: the Trilogy of “Last Summer” movies get lamer and lamer as they go. If you stopped watching them after the first one, you may begin counting your blessings. If you too have suffered through the whole series(Especially if you did like me and watched em all on the same night) then you have my heartfelt condolences.

Easing your troubled mind

Posted: February 3, 2009 in All about ME!
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Ok, a lot of time has passed since I have scribbled down a post in this here blog, and I’m sure some of you were worried sick! Terror gripped your little hearts as you muttered “Where oh WHERE is Shaide?!” in a hushed tone.

Well, do not fret little ones! The Shaide is alive and kicking. The reason I haven’t posted anything is because, to be honest and quite blunt, I have just been really damn lazy! I’m not going to lie. I could claim that all those people who were leaving me death threats because of my hip-hop fashion post as well as my IRA = Terrorist post attempted to follow through their threats, but that would be a lie! In fact, im still surprised most of the death threateners can use a computer, so I have little fear of them attempting to end my glorious existance. I could even try claiming that I just didn’t have anything to say, but c’mon! It’s me we’re talking about! I always have something to say, people just can’t shut me up! Fact of the matter is, I have just been lazy!

However my bout of laziness has thus far been confined to my Blogging abilities! It certainly hasn’t affected me gaming, my porn viewing, My nose picking or even my booze gulping! No siree-bob! Just has prevented me from coming on here and ranting and raving like a mad man with his penis got in a food processor.

I will make this solemn vow though. I will make every attempt to post more on this blog, Because I know how desperately you want to hear my thoughts on matters! Even if I don’t bestow upon you my opinions on something, I will at the very least tell you how my days have been going. What color socks I have been wearing and how many times I have rubbed one out while thinking about yo momma! 😀