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First, let me just state that this IS an RPG. It’s not an open-world crime saga like the GTA series. The screenshots and the videos might lead you to that assumption, but the fact of the matter is that this game has more in common with Final Fantasy than it does Grand Theft Auto.

This is a prequel game, so it takes place before all the other Yakuza games, which makes this a perfect jumping on point if you are new to the series. One thing that should be noted however (particularly if you are new to the series), there is no English audio in the game! Everything is spoken in Japanese, but it does have English subtitles.

The lack of English audio in the series has always been a love/hate relationship. On one hand, I enjoy hearing how the actors and game designers intended for the game to sound and it also adds more authenticity to the game. On the other hand, sometimes the subtitles go by so quick I miss what was being said(I’m not a speed reader, plus when i hear speaking, i get distracted from reading). On top of that, there are times when you need to read what’s being said while you are moving or performing activities which can be distracting(Like texting and walking, or texting and driving).

The graphics are fairly nice, though not as good as would be expected for a PS4 title. In fact, it looks like it could possibly run on a PS3 just fine.

Lastly, there’s no AutoSave feature(The game is very old school. It’s gameplay is deeply rooted in it’s PS2 heritage, and SEGA never never really updated the games mechanics and features. If it’s not broken, why fix it?) so you have to manually save at telephone booths scattered around the game map(They show up as S icons on your minimap) old school gamers may love this feature, other gamers might find it a bit of a headache..I personally have a slight issue with it! See, the game has a good number of random encounters, as well as long bouts of cut scenes. This means that if you are midway through a plot zone/ dungeon or whatever. You have to finish it before you can save your game! This could take awhile, and let’s be honest! Somethings require immediate attention! So, you might be forced to just shut it off and lose what progress you made, because there’s no payphone access to you, but hey! It beats writing down save passwords I guess, am I right?

On a side note, you could always just pause the game and put your PS4 into rest mode. Of course this “Method” isn’t ideal since if you lose power or the system somehow gets unplugged you lose progress. but it beats a 100% chance of losing progress by just quitting where you are.


Horizon: Zero Dawn is a PS4 exclusive title that I very nearly skipped over! Sure, early trailers looked good, but let’s be honest here! Don’t most early trailers look much better than the final product? So, yeah, it looked good but the story as best as I could tell seemed to be lacking! Cavemen fighting dinosaur Robots just didn’t really appeal to me!

Anyway, I went ahead and picked it up. Turns out, that I am very glad I did! The game is amazing, and nothing like I expected it to be! I’ll try to explain the game in the best spoiler-free way possible!

First I want to make this clear! This game IS an action RPG! It’s not a third person shooter with RPG elements! It’s a massive game world, with towns, and experience points, and levels, and dungeons and tons of quests and even a Crafting system! I do admit that the crafting system leaves a lot to be desired, but it does what it needs to and keeps the game simple enough so that you aren’t completely lost if you come back to the game after taking a break from playing it.

The game takes place in the future, sometime after our downfall! Humanity has begun recovering and has become a primitive world filled with many tribal societies. Our cities have become ruins, and our everyday items are now ancient relics! Oh yeah, and apparently machines we left behind now prowl the world like savage wild creatures!

You play a young strong woman (Her age or Gender doesn’t really matter to me, but there are people out there who only play games with strong female lead characters..and other people who won’t play a game if the lead character is female….why? Because both groups are stupid…this info is provided for the stupid people who only care about that) who has grown up as an outcast from a tribe. She heads out into the world on a quest for redemption and self-discovery..and along the way she meets new people, helps those in needs, and fights a ton of crazy robot creatures!

Throughout the game, you will even be presented with moral choices that help shape your vision of the character…Is she a scrapper, a thinker or a pacifist? It all depends on how you play her! Basically, the game is a cross between several different games! It is a strong story and RPG world like Witcher 3, with some climbing and stealth elements that are similar to Assassin’s Creed and a hunting/crafting system that is very similar to FarCry! So, if you ever wondered what the love child of Witcher 3, Assasin’s Creed and FarCry 4 would be like? The answer is Horizon: Zero Dawn!

Long story short, it’s definitely one of the best games on the PS4 and is a must own title! Would I label it as a system seller? I would say it was! It’s good enough to make someone consider buying a PS4!



Well, I have finally gotten burned out on GTA5, and GTA Online, so decided to plunge into my Steam Library and play another GTA game. I decided to go with Grand Theft Auto 4, mainly because it and it’s DLC are the only games which take place in the same universe as GTA4. I know it’s older, but I have never played it on PC, so figured I would give it a shot!

Let me just say that Grand Theft Auto 4 is a excellent game, with an enjoyable storyline. Granted, The main character isn’t my favorite in the GTA universe, nor is this the best story. It however is a fun and enjoyable game with good graphics for its time, even if they are slightly dated nowadays.

This game takes you back to a larger and grittier Liberty City than you might remember from previous games. The city feels like a living and breathing city, with so much to do. You can visit amusement parks, go bowling or any number of other activities. Then of course there’s the shadier activities.

Despite the game being very good, it is also pain in the ass when it comes to the installation. The game requires GFWL, which also in turn requires you to sign up for an xbox live account. I’m sorry, if I wanted to play GTA4 on Xbox, I would have played the damn thing on Xbox! On top of that, there’s also the achievements! See the game does technically have Achievements, but again: Those are only posted to your xbox live account, they aren’t displayed on your steam account or anywhere else but your Xbox Live account. It’s just stupid. This is the only game I own that requires GFWL, and the very fact that it forces me to sign up for 2 other services(Rockstar Social and Xbox Live) is insane. I’m fine with the rockstar social club, but the other is just overkill.

Another thing that irked me, was the controls just felt clunky. They didn’t seem as fluid as the console version. I assumed the xbox control would be flawless since the game SEEMS to want to be an xbox game(Even on Steam), however these controls left me disappointed.

Still, it’s an OK game, and fans of Openworld crime sagas should definitely check this game out, despite the hassles.

  • Incredible storyline
  • Online open world gameplay
  • Plenty of side activites
  • Large Open world to explore
  • Side missions as entertaining as main story.
  • Incredible sountrack
  • Requires GFWL
  • Dated Graphics
  • Clunky Controls
  • Resource hog


RATING: 7/10


Once upon a time, I bought a game called Far Cry, and I loved that game like nobodies business! It was beautiful and original. It combined Stealth with FPS goodness, and then topped it off with a decent story. I seriously loved this game!

Then Far Cry 2 came out, and since I loved the original I bought the sequel right quick. Unfortunately I was incredibly disappointed. Everything seemed so bland! The story sucked, the location sucked and I was just really let down. I did love how the fire could spread though when a fire broke out. That was cool, but not cool enough to make the game enjoyable.

It wasn’t too long before FarCry 3 came out, and I found myself equally disappointed with that one. The same disappointment followed with FarCry 4. It was at this point that I knew that Far Cry had evolved into a game series, that just didn’t appeal to me. The sales were high on the series though! People love the Far Cry games! So, odds are it was always going to be the same ol’ game with polished graphics.

I told myself after playing the 4th entry in the Far Cry series, that I wasn’t going to buy any more Far Cry games. That they just don’t appeal to me anymore. Then they announced Far Cry: Primal. Far Cry game where you get to be a caveman and hunt sabretooth tigers and mammoths and all kinds of other extinct creatures? How can I resist that??

Not only did I pick it up, but I even pre-ordered it. To be fair though, how could I not? Cave men! So knowing that I was going to prob dislike the game, I ordered it anyway. Hoping that the fact that it’s about cave men will make it more enjoyable, at least enjoyable enough to overlook everything else that I was going to dislike about it!

So, it arrived and I popped it into my console and began playing it! First, let me just say that the graphics in this game is nothing short of amazing! The fur on the animals doesn’t quite seem right, but everything else is eye poppingly awesome in appearance! However that’s to be expected when it comes to Farcry games. I haven’t played a Farcry title yet that wasn’t graphically impressive for its time. How’s the content? Glad you asked!

The game started off nice! A sweet a mammoth hunt! True, I ended up getting killed in said opening mammoth hunt, so I was fairly certain the game was going to be a challenge! I survived the mammoth hunt the second time around, and eventually make it into the heart of the game! From this point on, the goes downhill to me! It’s basically feels like farcry 4(A game I did not like)! Only difference is as the game progresses you can tame wild animals and have them do your bidding! Yea, that part is actually as cool as it sounds! The story is there, but it’s not really anything that captures your imagination. It doesn’t suck you in! You are going to be spending more time fighting and killing animals that participating in an engaging story.

There are some cool things you can do in the game though! Like shoot bee hives causing a swarm of bees to attack surrounding foes(Or animals). There’s also my personal favorite: track down a bear in the woods, and fire a flaming arrow at him. This catches him on fire, and a flaming bear running through the woods tends to cause mayhem….also wildfires.

The voice acting is acceptable! Though you should know right away that the game is spoken in Proto-Indo-European. What this means is that unless you are a freak and speak caveman language, you are going to be reading subtitles. This does add to the realism, but why does it need to be realistic when so much of it isn’t realistic. I am sure many people will love the added touch, for me it was an annoyance. I hate reading subtitles, because the text on the bottom pulls me out of whatever immersion I am in.

In the end, I didn’t completely hate it like other Farcry games, but it is still a disappointment. Yes, I regret buying it, but I will also likely still play it on occasion. I have no plans to trade it in, so it’s not so bad that I don’t want it in my game library, it’s just not something I will go on about. I really need to stop buying these farcry games though. The style just isn’t my cup of tea! If you love past Farcry games though, most likely you are going to love this, since it’s just more of the same with a few improvements. I would rate it a 5/10. A solid “Meh!”

 Sleeping Dogs is an open world sandbox game from Square-Enix. The game takes place in Hong Kong, and unlike most open world games you play a cop. Don’t worry though, it isn’t a goody two shoes type of cop! You play Undercover officer Wei Shen, who is infiltrating a Triad society called the Sun On Yee.

Sleeping Dog is the “Spiritual successor” to the True Crime games. If you owned a Playstation 2, you most likely played either True Crime: Streets of LA or True Crime: Streets of New York. Sleeping Dogs started it’s life out at Activison / Blizzard as True Crime: Hong Kong, however the game was cancelled for various reasons, and then insteps Square-Enix who bought the rights to the game. They however did not buy the rights to the True Crime franchise, and so the game was renamed Sleeping Dogs.

Now that we are done with the back story of the game, let’s move on to the meat of the matter! The review!

First things first! The graphics are amazing! Probably some of the best that I have seen on a finished console product. Everything from the lighting to the water to the fire looks amazingly realistic. Those are three of the hardest things to create in video games and keep realistic looking, but Sleeping Dogs pulls that off with flying colors.

The cast is all very believable, however since it takes place in Hong Kong, there is a fair bit of Cantonese spoken, although nowhere near as much as you would expect if you were actually in Hong Kong. However, there are subtitles, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to anybody.

One thing that has become a staple in Open World games, is the car radio! Which makes sense, because usually a fair amount of time is spent in a car, and a person just needs some tunage! Know what I am saying? Well, Sleeping Dogs knows what I am saying, and they gave us car radios as well. Their choices for radio stations and songs playing on them however kind of suck! This is probably the worst collection of “Radio tunes” I have heard in an open world game since GTA3.

The game is actually pretty linear compared to others of the “Open World” genre, in fact I would go so far as to say, that it only gives the ILLUSION of freedom. Most things have to be done in a certain order, however you can explore the entire city right from the beginning. You don’t have to wait for bridges to open up, or anything like that. Just grab yourself a car and explore.

The game naturally has races, which has become standard fare in these types of games, however I usually suck at races, which usually either means I don’t finish the game, or I get bored and move to another game for a few months, the prolonging my completion of the original game. However, unlike other games of this Genre, has the races as side missions. If you love the race missions, do them! If you don’t, just skip em! Brilliant!

Then there is the combat! The game feels like it’s trying to lift the combat style from the Yakuza games and blend them with the newer Batman games. It does a pretty decent job of blending the two, but the combat does become frustrating, since there are a few times, where you get your ass handed to you, and have to go back quite a bit, because Checkpoints are few and far between.

Overall, the game is great! Sure, there’s a few areas that could use some polishing, but nothing that will break the game.

Fun fact though: Some players who research a lot on organized crime, or are familiar with the Chinese Triad, might think the games Triad clan Sun On Yee sounds familiar. The clan is actually a play on the RL Triad Sun Yee On.