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Here’s a fun little factoid that I found out from the lovely Karen!

Only Mammals get rabies. Lizards don’t get it. Neither of course do birds or fish. Meaning of course, since lizards don’t get rabies, that you don’t have to worry too much about being attacked by Godzilla. I mean, if he bites your head off, you absolutely won’t get rabies.

I wonder though, do whales get rabies? What would a rabid whale be like?? Now, that’s a scary thought. Not as scary as the thought of Schwarzenegger running for president some day, but still pretty damn scary!


Since I recently finished playing Red Dead Redemption, I decided to pop in Alan Wake and give it a play through. I am nowhere near finished with it, so this is just my first impressions of the game.

At first glance the game is gorgeous, with graphics are gorgeous and the acting isn’t half bad! The basic idea of the game is that you play Alan Wake, a writer who happens to be on vacation. During this vacation his wife is kidnapped and to top it off, monsters are popping up, that seems to be based on a manuscript that he doesn’t even remember writing!

The game is basically a survival horror game and is heavily inspired by television shows. You know, those serial shows that are all over the place right now, especially on the CW on ABC? So, yea! It’s like you are playing one of those. The game is even split up into episodes, complete with the “Previously on Alan Wake” at the beginning of each episode.

The graphics are superb, the acting is good, the idea is top notch! Hell, I even like the game being split into episodes! So, perfect game right? Wrong! As great as all these aspects are the game is just poorly executed! The controls are bad, the game can be almost frustrating enough to make you want to yank your hair out by the roots.

I really want to like this game! From what I have played so far, other that poor execution and bad controls the game is delight to play. I have even found myself screaming like a little sissy girl on a few occasions.

Perhaps everything will work it’s self out in the end, As I said I am not very far into the game. Only episode 3 as a matter of fact, and while I am unsure of how many episodes exist in the game, I am fairly certain it’s more than 3!

[Supernatural on the CW]The other day I got a chance to sit down, and watch the 2010 season finale of supernatural, which I had recorded days earlier on my DVR. For those not in the know, and who might have been living under a rock for the past several years, Supernatural is a show that Airs on the CW. The show chronicles Dean and Sam Winchester, Two normal brothers who lead a very abnormal life. They travel the united states and hunt down monsters. Kinda like Joshua Gates, but with guns. Other than the monster hunting though, the Winchester brothers are just like any other brothers. They lov each other, they fight, they protect each other. Oh yea, and one’s part DEMON!

So, yea, that’s the basic premise. Shame on you if you didn’t already know. So, back to the point of the post! As I said, I watched the season finale, and I must confess that I am slightly confused. Was the 2010 season finale a season finale or was it a series finale? Was the show cancelled or will it be back next season? See, the thing with this finale, was that it didn’t end like any other typical season finale. In fact, they managed to tie the series up with a nice pretty little bow, and not leave any questions hanging, except for that SMALL incident that took place in the last 4 seconds of the episode.

I do hope the show returns, as it was one of my most favorite shows on TV. That being said however, if it DOESN’T come back I would still be content cause at least they didn’t leave me hanging. You know, like ALF getting surrounded by the Alien Task Force.

Zombies creeping around the sewers? Read the original news article or read it quoted here for easy reading.

It sounds like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster.

But staff at a sewage works have called in a ghostbuster because they are being stalked by a zombie-like figure who roams the underground tunnels.

Workers at Southern Water’s treatment plant in Eastbourne, East Sussex, said they have been scared to enter tunnels after being followed about by a “humanoid figure” as they went about their jobs.

Mark Wey, a sewage treatment worker, got permission from his bosses to hire a paranormal investigator to launch an investigation into the sewage spirits.

Mr Wey hired parapsychologist Michael Kingscote who paid the tunnels a visit.

The clairvoyant said: “There seems to be one particular area that’s giving people the creeps. People have seen and felt things.”

Mr Wey said: “Michael instantly detected someone standing there and he was suspicious there was something quite unusual there.

“The conclusion is, we can’t prove it is haunted because of strong electromagnetic fields, which can cause the illusion of being haunted, the feeling of being touched or watched, but there is definitely paranormal activity.

“People feel uneasy when they enter the building and the hairs on the back of your neck go up.

“A lot of people don’t like going in there. You can hear voices in the tunnels.”

Mr Wey said the figure, which followed workers about often laughed at them and staff could hear “muffled conversations” coming from behind the tunnel walls.

Another worker said: “I believe in ghosts and I’m sure there’s something in there. I dread doing the night shift.

“It’s not funny going to work and worrying that a zombie might be around the corner.”

A Southern Water spokesman said: “Mr Wey has a personal interest in the afterlife and found our underground site at Eastbourne somewhat spooky.

“We hope the findings weren’t too frightening.”