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No man’s sky is now available for the PS4, and I have to admit it is everything I had hoped that it would be. However I do admit, when I first booted up the game, I was very frustrated! The game doesn’t really provide you much of a tutorial. You are just tossed onto an alien planet with a broken down star jalopy and told to fix your ship!

After you muck around on the planet, you do start to get an understanding of the game, and what seems like an impossible task becomes much easier. The main challenge is figuring out where you get the materials needed to repair your damaged parts!

Your challenges might be different, though, luckily I spawned on a very lovely planet. It was filled with plenty of flora and fauna and had a nice blue sky. It was basically like earth! You know, aside from the lack of humans! I named the world “New Eden” because I lack creativity! I have heard of some people spawning on toxic worlds, which I imagine might up the difficulty meter just a tad! Good luck if you find yourselves in that situation my fellow intrepid galactic explorer!

As I said, I find the game incredibly enjoyable and have spent several hours already exploring worlds and moons scattered across a few different star systems! I can see myself enjoying this game for several more hours too! However, I can also see me growing quite bored with the game after awhile as well! I know! Bored? Well, yes! The game looks like it could get boring! There’s just not a whole lot of variety really. I mean, sure! There’re billions upon billions of planets to explore, but after a bit, they do start to look repetitive. This applies to both the fauna and flora as well! You might come across something that looks like a rhino, then something that looks exactly like the rhino, except it’s smaller. Then something that looks like the rhino, except it has a different head, or it’s a different color.

All that aside, you will most likely get at least 10 hours of enjoyment out of the game, and honestly, that seems to be a good chunk of game time! I have played other games that are so much shorter, and less replay value than this! Overall? I would say No man’s sky is well worth your $60 bucks! Unfortunately, if you are a PC gamer(You know, ‘The Master Race’) you have to wait a couple more extra days to play. It releases on PC on the 12th, and will be available on both Steam as well as GOG!



Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you have no doubt at the very least heard whispering about an upcoming game called “Tom Clancy’s: The Division“. Just in case you actually have been living under a rock (In which case, I am really sorry..that was a poor taste joke!) let me give you the brief run down! The Division is is a Massively Multiplayer 3rd person cover based shooter with RPG elements. The game is released from Ubisoft, under their Tom Clancy brand, and is one of the most highly anticipated game releases of 2016. It’s being released on multiple formats including PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Personally I picked it up on PS4, because I prefer playing certain games on a console(3rd person shooters being one of them). Some things to be aware of though, the PC version of the game requires a beast of a computer. If you aren’t sure if your system could handle it, you could always check on Can YOU run it and see what it says, though to be fair CYRI isn’t always very accurate. According to it, my computer can’t play Rise of the Tomb Raider, but not only can I play it, but I run it on the highest graphic setting.

You play a character who is basically a sleeper agent who is activated when a major attack happens on New York. You run through a very detailed recreation of New York City, and help people when you can. This help comes in the forms of missions where you rescue hostages, reclaim food and aid drops that have been stolen by gangs, protecting the people from riots, or even just giving them food/water/first aid kits when a person approaches you on the street randomly and asks for aid.

Along the way you can craft, buy and find better equipment or cosmetic items to help you customize your look so that you stand out from the rest of the playerbase. These items really are important too if you don’t want to look like every other agent in the field, because unfortunately there aren’t very many options while creating your character(At least for males, i haven’t tried female character creation, because I’m a male)..So, there’s a good chance you are going to bump into people who look a lot like you…that’s when the cosmetic items come in handy!

You begin the game in Brooklyn, which serves as a tutorial area of sorts. Once you secure/stabilize that area you are sent off to a more dangerous location..Manhattan! That’s where the game actually begins. It’s also the area that people involved in the open and closed beta tests experienced, so it’s at this point when the game might get boring for some, since they have already experienced a good portion of this early content.

The game seems to be, at least at these early levels, very solo friendly. In fact, your game world is mostly instanced, and you are alone on the city streets unless you group up with someone. There are public hub zones where you can meet up with other agents, and especially right now, finding groups is extremely easy. While the game can be done solo, there are certain main missions that are very difficult, and are much easier with a group.

Aside from the Main Mission the game seems to be packed with content, tons of side missions and encounters. basically enough to keep you constantly busy. The side missions are also very important! If you skip them, and just focus on the story missions you are going to have some problems. You do need to level up, you also need to bulk up your wallet so you can buy new gear, or at the very least find new gear so you live longer in the next portion of the story mission.

The game also does have some PvP, but I haven’t really focused much on it, I just dabbled here and there. PvP seems to take place in an area called the Dark Zone(Which incidentally is also where most of the best loot can be found. So, if you want the best equipment, you are going to have to brave that area eventually. Though I would recommend going with friends, people you can trust, cause the agents there looking to swipe your newly acquired loot? Odds are, they are working in groups too.

The voice acting is fairly good, though your character is your standard MMO “Strong Silent Type”, but the people you interact with do a fairly decent job of acting out their roles. This includes not just the main Characters, but also the quest givers and even the people on the side of the road just talking. Everyone does a great job, and I find that really impressive.

The gameplay is pretty much your typical 3rd person shooter. You take cover behind a wall or a car, pop out and fire off a few bursts of bullets at your enemies, duck back into cover and reload. Maybe toss out a grenade to spice things up on your enemies, especially when they are either clumped all together or dug in really good and you can’t seem to hit anyone with your spray of bullets. Basically if you have played a 3rd person shooter, you will get the hang of the play mechanics quite quickly. This is good, since it doesn’t have a huge learning curve. You won’t find yourself keeling over dead at every turn of the corner due to an allergic reaction to bullets.

The story is overall pretty decent! I don’t want to delve to much into it, so as to spoil it. However what I can say, is that it seems to be a pretty solid storyline. At least so far. Things might get weird and crazy and boring as the game progresses, but for the moment it’s got a good solid plot.

In fact, my only complaint is the name. Not so much the name I guess, but the brand. It’s branded under the Tom Clancy label, which I don’t really get. The game isn’t based on any existing Clancy book or story, and it isn’t even set in the Tom Clancy Universe. So, basically it isn’t canon to anything released with the name Tom Clancy on it. So, why bother with the brand? If it’s not set in the Clancyverse, and in fact has no connection to anything written by Tom Clancy, why does it have his brand? I’m sure there is a reason, I just don’t know it.

When all is said and done I believe the game is pretty great! I would totally recommend this game to anyone who loves MMOs or third person shooters in general.

Overall Score: 9/10

tswThe secret world has been out for quite some time, and I have been playing it for what seems like ever(Though, I am a slow player so am not very far in the game.) The game is made by Funcom, which is also the company responsible for Age of Conan. However, keep in mind that TSW is nothing like AoC! Doesn’t matter if you love conan, or despise it! The games are two complete animals!

TSW reminds me a little of White Wolfs, “World of Darkness” storytelling series, in that it takes place in a world, much like ours, except the monster stories you heard about as a child, are real. Things do go bump in the night, and that monster you thought was living in your close, is probably still there, watching you as you masturbate.

You choose one of three different factions, However the factions don’t really have much impact on your game, aside from preference. You still can interact with other factions, and even group up with them. You still hunt in the same zone as the other factions, and you even do the same tutorial level. The only real limits is that Cabals(Guilds) are faction based.

The game it’s self has a deep and involved storyline that, depending on the area you are in, is inspired from various authors ranging from King to Lovecraft. Fans of horror games will find so much to love about this title.

The controls are different from other MMORPGs, and it makes no attempt to be an Everquest clone like every other MMORPG out there(I’m looking at you World of Warcraft!). This is a double-edged sword, in that it might make people who are afraid of new things hesitant to try this unique and remarkable title, but it also forges its own identity, which is important for not just any game, but any product.

The controls and combat isn’t the only thing different in this game, as I said it’s a unique experience, and has an identity all on its own. Yes, you do engage in combat, though more often than not, you will find yourself solving puzzles, using google as a research tool, and trying to solve mysteries that surround you, because like in the real world, not everything can be solved with violence.

The game is technically free to play, though you do have to buy the game(Sort of like Guildwars and guildwars2), so you don’t HAVE to worry about monthly costs, which is a bonus if you are a gamer like me, that doesn’t have a whole lot of free extra time on his hands. When you get some spare time, just hop in and play. Easy as that.

Bottom line, this is a game you should have in your collection. No matter what type of gamer you are, I am willing to bet you will find something in this title to keep you entertained.


We are well into a new year! So, I decided to bring to you my list of best free to play MMORPGs! It wasn’t so long ago, that a list like this would be pointless. MMORPGs that were free to play were few and far apart, and the ones that were out looked only slightly better than ASCII. Now, not only are there multitudes to choose from, but the majority of them don’t just look good, but look outstanding.

However, nice graphics does not always make a fun MMORPG. For me, a good MMORPG offers a compelling story or brings something new to the table. Something to make it stand out from the rest!

It’s not surprising that most of the games on this list were once subscription based. Games originally intended to be subscription only, tend to have a higher production value, and because of that, more time and effort put into the game.

I also want to say, that if you really enjoy any of these games, and find yourself playing one a lot, then I highly recommend subscribing to the game. You usually receive special perks, and you get full enjoyment out of the game, without having to spend time and extra money purchasing the needed content to continue your adventure.

Lastly, I will say right from the go: World of Warcraft is not on this list. Some may argue that it is sort of free to play, however they would be wrong. Sure, you can buy pets from a cash store, and yea, you can play for free. However you can only play up to level 20, and then no further unless you buy the game and subscribe. Although, even if it were free to play, I am not sure it would make it to this list, since at the time of this writing, it doesn’t really offer anything new to the MMORPG community.

Without further ado, the 10 best free to play MMORPGs!

10) Tera – This free to play MMORPG only went free to play last month, and it looks gorgeous! To fully appreciate the beauty of this game you need to have a fairly decent computer, however you can lower the settings, and play it on lower performance systems, but it doesn’t look anywhere near as nice. The game has a ton of races and classes to choose from, and features a detailed character creator.

The only thing keeping this game from being higher on the list is the controls. They are clumsy and awkward, though I am sure some will love them. I am used to traditional MMORPG controls, and this style, just fries my dome.

9) Star Trek Online – This MMORPG has been out for 3 years, and has only gotten better. If you are a fan of star trek, or Sci-fi in general, then this is definitely worth checking out. The game features voice talents of many Star Trek actors and actresses and some stunning graphics. After a short tutorial mission, you become a captain, and get your own ship! This ship also serves as your player housing, and as your mount. Piloting your ship takes a little getting used to, but afterwards, it becomes second nature. This unique blending of space missions and ground missions helps the game to stand out from other titles, but what really sets it apart is the Foundry. The foundry allows you to create your own quests and missions and share them with the community. Which means that there is a never-ending flow of new quests and missions being added daily, and since Star Trek fans are known for their passion and creativity, the majority of these missions are of higher quality than the official missions.

8) Age of Conan – An MMO that captures the savagery of Hyboria and the tales of Conan! The game has unique combat controls, which requires you to watch your enemies and attack where they are weakest. Sure, you can just button mash, but you won’t last very long doing that! It’s also important to note, that this game is based on the novels, not the movies, so don’t be surprised that people don’t speak in an Austrian accent. The only thing keeping this game from being MUCH higher, is the fact that after the starting area, the game seems less polished. Tortage is fantastic and gorgeous, and if the rest of the game was anywhere near as fleshed out as that area? This game would be number one with a bullet!

7) Lord of the Rings Online – This MMORPG is based on the novels by Tolkien, not the movies! Meaning, you will see and interact with characters not in the movie. The game takes place during the same time as the events in the books, and you play a character living in the world. Sometimes, you may find yourself bumping into the fellowship, or following in their footsteps, in your own unique story worthy of the title Lord of the Rings.

6) Fallen Earth – An MMORPG set not just in the future, but in a post apocalyptic future! A wasteland reminiscent of the Fallout universe, or Mad Max. The world is huge, the setting unique and the story? Well, the story is alright, but it’s there, and better than most MMOs.

5) Dungeons & Dragons Online – One of the earliest subscription based MMORPGs to go free to play, and still one of the best. The game is challenging to master, but easy to learn. If you are a D&D pen and paper player, then you should be playing this, if you aren’t already. The game is set in the Eberron Campaign, which admittedly is not my favorite setting, but the game is fantastic never the less. The controls can be remapped to any button(Or controller if you use an Xbox 360 controller for windows), which means the controls can and do fit everyones needs.

4) Champions Online – An action based MMORPG where you get to play a super hero! The game features graphics that are top notch, and resemble comics with their slightly cell shaded appearance. Not a fan of the look? Don’t fret! That graphic filter can be switched off, for more of a traditional gaming look. The game has deep character customization tools, so you can literally create the super hero of your dreams. Worried that your hero name will be taken? Not a problem either, since the can be multiple Super Heroes with the same name(whispers and mail is determined by your login name).

3) APB Reloaded – While it’s not your traditional MMORPG, it does have enough in common with other MMORPGs to appeal to the same userbase. The game takes place in a modern setting, and is similar in many ways to the grand theft auto games. Will you be a cop or a thug? Bring peace to the streets or anarchy? The choices are yours! The game is heavily group dependent however, so if you are a soloist, this might not be the best game for you. The controls also take a while to get used to, and since the game has recently gotten rid of its tutorial level, you are pretty much just forced to figure it out on your own. Which means, you will end up dying a lot at first.

2) Star Wars: The Old Republic – This game is made by Bioware, the same guys who made the Mass Effect, Dragons Age and Knights of the Old Republic games. So, you know it’s going to be kick-ass! The graphics are amazing, and the stories(the are different for each class) are unbelievable! Your actions shape the entire outcome of the game. How you play it is entirely up to you!

1) The Secret World – While not free to play in the same sense as the others on this list, it is still free to play. Sure, you have to buy the game, but that’s it! You can buy more items from the cash store, but not required for full enjoyment of the game. The game reminds me of the Story Telling games by White wolf, called World of Darkness. To be even more precise it reminds me of the Mage games. The game takes place in a modern world, wrapped in dark secrets on conspiracies. A world where hidden things do go bump in the night, where shadowy organizations pull the strings. This game borrows heavily from Lovecraft as well as numberous other writers, and is an insanely enjoyable experience.

Star Trek Online

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Star Trek: Online, is an MMORPG set in the Star Trek Universe, and it is one of, if not the best MMORPG I have ever played, and I have played them all. Granted, the enjoyment factor is increased if you are a fan of Star Trek, otherwise you might not enjoy it as much as someone who enjoys Star Trek.

The game has several cool features. Everything from ground combat to space combat, the fact that you get your own spaceship right at the start of the game, the fact that many star trek voices appear in the game, including Leonard Nimoy. However one of the best features of Star Trek Online is one, not quite out yet. It releases within the next couple months, and is currently in beta testing. The feature is UGC(User Generated Content), it allows us, the players, to make our own missions, to craft or own adventures, to tell our stories. It’s going to be pretty damn spiffy!

For those who might not be fully aware of what exactly Star Trek Online is, I will inform you. As I mentioned earlier, the game takes place in the Star Trek Prime Universe. What does Prime universe mean exactly? The Star Trek Prime universe is the universe where Kirk battled the Gorn, Where Picard met Q and in turn met the Borg and where the Borg created Locutus. The Prime universe is the universe you watched on TV, and saw in the movies. What of the recent movie you ask? The one by JJ Abrams? That’s apparently an alternate reality.

See, when Spock and Nero traveled back in time, and caused all those changes, they created an alternate reality.That’s the official statement anyway, and is even mentioned in the newer movie. So, since it became an alternate reality, it didn’t affect the prime timeline. Everything happened as it did before, there’s no change. Kirks father wasn’t killed at the moment of his birth, Vulcan was never destroyed and time continued as it always did. What did happen however, is everything that led up to the point of Nero and Spock traveling through time. In the Prime universe, Romulus was destroyed and Spock did vanish. After that however? Life went on.

That’s pretty much where you come in.

See? It’s all pretty simple, and it’s an incredible game, with a fantastic community. It doesn’t matter if you are into Role Play, Group Play or even Solo Play. This game suits all players.

Still not convinced? I’m going to do you a favor, If you are interested in giving Star Trek Online a play, just comment in here with your Email address, and I will send you a referral code. This will allow you to download the game, play through the tutorial and beyond. If you like it, just purchase the game, and continue your character where you left off.

Champions Booth

Image by randomdialogue via Flickr

Have you ever really looked forward to the release of a highly anticipated movie or game? I know that I certainly have! When I am looking forward to a game or movie, I tend to watch other movies, or play other games that are similar to the one I am waiting on.

For instance, When I was waiting on Mafia II, I went and replayed The Godfather: The Game. When I was waiting on the last Indiana jones movie, which was a major disappointment by the way, I watched the previous Indiana jones movies, as well as several of the clones, including Romancing the Stone, Allan Quartermain flicks and even that lame one with Chuck Norris and Louis Gosset Jr. called “Fire Walker“.

Now, I am doing it all over again! I am waiting in anticipation for the release of DC Universe Online, and in doing so I decided to get another Super Hero MMORPG to hold me over. However, there wasn’t a whole lot of Choices. In fact, there were 2 choices really. I could get and subscribe to City of Heroes, or I could get and subscribe to Champions Online.

It was a hard choice at first, I mean on one hand City of Heroes has a ton more content! I mean, you could be playing for years and never experience all that the game has to offer. Champions Online however has much better graphics and sound! See? Not an easy choice! Well, not an easy choice for most people.

I do admit, I was leaning in favor toward Champions Online. The better graphics and sound was more important to me than the content. Only because I hadn’t planned on playing it but for a few months! Remember, it was just to hold me over til the release of DCUO. I didn’t need a game with a plethora of content. I didn’t need a game that will keep me occupied for years to come.

However, what really pulled me over to champions Online was the fact that it was compatible with the Xbox 360 gamepad for the PC. I don’t mean that it supported it, but you had to calibrate and configure it. No! I mean it is fully supported and integrated right into the game! If you have your 360 controller plugged in, and start the game up, it’s ready! Just pick up the gamepad and begin playing! Even the onscreen commands tell you what buttons to push on your gamepad! For instance when you start the game up, and you are on the character selection screen, it tells you to press the green A button on your gamepad to begin playing.

I am a huge fan of gamepads, because I have been using them since I was 6. Using a gamepad to me, is about as natural as using my fingers. Is it any wonder that I went with the one that had full gamepad support?

After playing Champions Online for a few days though, I came to realise that this game truly does kick ass! It is an incredibly enjoyable game, and while I might have only planned to be playing it up until the release of DCUO, I have decided that I will most likely keep it as well as DCUO and play them both, assuming DCUO is even half as enjoyable as Champions.

As many of you are fully aware, not too long ago Turbine adopted a free to play method for their MMORPG Dungeons and Dragons Online. Apparently that plan worked out really well for them, and they decided to give it a go with their other more popular MMORPG, Lord of the Rings Online.

Yes, you heard correctly! Lord of the Rings Online is going free to play! It’s not free yet, so don’t get your panties in a wad! However this fall it will go free! Now, not a whole lot is currently known, there is some information on their website which you can access through this handy dandy link! aww the miracles of the interweb!

Now, I am going to assume that it uses a similar method as their DDO game, of course that’s just a guess, and I could be totally wrong! Either way, the games going free, which should be exciting for any MMORPG gamer, because playing LOTRO free is better than second breakfast!