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I’ve mentioned before (in passing) how I broke my foot before but never really gave any details. The break occurred when I slipped getting out of the shower. Showers are dangerous you guys! Seriously, you need to be careful in there! As much as my broken foot hurts, I would rather have had that broken than my neck!

Anyway, after slipping I was in denial a bit that it was broken. I told myself that it was prob some weird twist or sprain, and decided what I needed was to just have a nap and when I woke up it would all be better! So, that’s what I did, I went to sleep. When I woke up, I went to stand up expecting the pain to be just slightly sore, and it was even worse than before. It was at this time that I came to the conclusion that this was a break. I grabbed my phone and called for an ambulance, then made my way hobbling outside. I have a dog, which is part lab and part pit bull, so I figured it would be easier for me going out to meet them, than them coming in to meet me!

Getting outside nearly killed me! It was only a few steps, but each step was filled with pain! I managed to get outside, but only barely and collapse onto a bench I have sitting on the front porch, and there I waited. It wasn’t long before the ambulance came zooming in. The paramedics came walking up and asking what the problem was, and I told them pretty much what I just told you verbatim. They took a look at my foot and asked if I could move my toes. After extreme concentration and pain, I was able to get my toes to move. Then they looked over my foot and informed me there wasn’t any discoloration or swelling, so they didn’t think it was a break.

I decided that if it wasn’t a break, then I didn’t need to go to the hospital! The fact of the matter is, I hate hospitals! I’ve known MANY people who have gone to the hospital for the most mundane reason, and then they ended up dying there. It’s because of that, that I now equate hospitals with death. If possible, I will do everything in my power to avoid going to the hospital! So, I sent them on their way relieved that it didn’t seem to be a break. I stood up to go back inside and was immediately filled with so much pain that I literally collapsed! I knew, despite what they said that this was a break. I also knew that I wasn’t gonna call them back and tell them I changed my mind. So I called my aunt and asked her if she could take me to a hospital. She was in a different city, so it was going to take awhile to get to me.

I waited for hours. I tried to get up a few times, but I just couldn’t. Thankfully a friend of mine came by and she brought some water by. Which I really needed! It was a hot day, and I was sitting out in the sun for hours!

Finally, my aunt got back into town, picked me up and drove me to the hospital which is also in another city. I got in, and after waiting for awhile, they stuck me in a wheelchair and wheeled me down to get my foot x-rayed. They determined that it was, in fact, a break, but that I would still able to walk on it. I just needed a load bearing boot and some crutches. The doctor told me it would take about 6 to 7 weeks to heal up, then he sent me on my way. After I got home, I googled around on that type of break, and most people said theirs didn’t heal for 10 to 11 weeks, so that’s the time frame I am expecting.

So, that was 3 weeks ago. My foot is obviously still in a ton of pain. Some days are worse than others, but it’s always constant pain. Even now as I write this, I am in pain, and I’m not even standing on it! I haven’t been able to get to the store to buy groceries cause of the pain, and I can’t stand in the kitchen to cook either. So, because of that, I have been buying a lot of delivery. Which is expensive, and only serving to make me fatter. I don’t like ordering pizza and hamburgers every day! I would kill for some hamburger helper or some chicken! I would love some home cooked food, but until my foot eases up some, I just don’t see that happening. As it stands, I had planned to BBQ today(It’s Independence day in America), but can’t stand in front of a grill to cook for hours on end, let alone get up and down the front porch steps!

So, yea! I really hate my foot right now!


Well, today has officially been the icing on the top of my monthlong baking crap-cake! Everything that COULD go wrong, officially HAS gone wrong. This morning it starts where I wake up, as usual early as fuck. I get up, stumble around the bedroom a bit, walk into the bathroom, and I slipped! Busted my knee up pretty bad, messed my ankle up, hit my head on the corner of the sink as I fell to the floor. Ended up going to the hospital, thankfully no concussions or anything. I also didn’t BREAK anything, although it sure feels like I did.

But the icing doesnt stop there! No siree-bob! It continues. See, the next question should be “Well shaide, what the hell did you slip on??” Well, allow me to answer that friendly reader! See, during the night, apparently a pipe busted in the bathroom, which caused water to flood the floor. On another note, the floor I think is going to have to be ripped up and not sure of this exactly yet. Thats just a hunch. So, i had to have the water company come down here while I was off to see Doctor Doolittle, and had the nice water guy shut my water off. So, currently, I am without bloody water until I get the pipe fixed, which probably will only be a few days, but if you know me, then you know i have this habit of taking 5 showers a day. Now without water this is going to seriously affect that habit, because as it is I am going to have to run by my mums to use HER shower until it gets fixed.

UGH! When it rains it pours.

All kinds of sick!

Posted: March 17, 2009 in All about ME!
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Ok, so I woke up this morning feeling HORRIBLE! My throat feels hurts and feels like it’s ripped to shreds, my nose is dripping worse than the faucet on my kitchen sink, I can taste blood in my mouth, im assuming from my throat, my heads pounding like a jackhammer, and its in the low 60’s today, but I am sweating like a madman!

Madmen do sweat right? I mean, they always show them all sweaty and stuff, althought I guess that’s to add to the creepieness. Not that I am creepy! I am just sweating like a creepy mad man. 😕

Anywhose! You now know I am sicker than a dog, and there not really much else for me to say or whinge about, so instead I think I am going to lay down, and maybe if I am lucky I can manage to sleep this cold, or flu, or whatever it is away. Although I may just go play NeverWinter Nights, as I have heard this game does cure many sicknesses. What? It’s true! :O Look it up on the internets if you don’t believe me!

Mystery Lump

Posted: December 12, 2007 in All about ME!
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Ever since my early teens I have had back trouble. It stems mainly I believe from when a lifted and carried a washing machine across my backyard on a dare. I hurt my back pretty bad, and even urinated some blood…It wasn’t pretty. However I still have the back pains, and so today I was rubbing my back, trying to work out the pain, or pop something back into place.

However while rubbing my back I felt a mysterious lump there. I don’t rub my back often, so not sure how long it has been there. I am however certain it’s not supposed to be there. This isn’t based on any medical knowledge…just one of those things you KNOW in your gut.

Not a clue what it is, but it has left me a wee bit worried. I definately intend on going to see a doctors about it, if I can remember to get an appointment, AND get someone to take me down to the docs office. Since I don’t drive, it makes things like appointments very difficult. On top of that, being in a small town like I am makes it also very difficult to get into see the doctor. There is also a good chance the doctor won’t know what it is, and just tell me it’s nothing to worry about.

I’m sure it isn’t a tumor….but it could be I suppose right? They can appear on your back right? Good chance it could just be some fatty deposit, and the odds of me having some kind of tumor are like…what? Astronomical? Even still, it’s not impossible..and the people who do end up having tumors have the same odds as I do. So, it definately can happen.

Just hope it isn’t a tumor…In the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger.. “Eets not a TUMOR!!!! Ok?? EETS NOT A TUMOR!”…

Knock on wood.