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The Godfather

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I remember when I was younger, my mother used to pretty much let me watch what I wanted. Within reason of course! She trusted my judgement on what I could handle. She was right to do so, because I knew what not to watch, because being human, I have the basic ability to tell when something is either going to freak me out, or scare the begeezus out of me. There were a few things I wouldn’t watch back in the day. The exorcist and The Shining being two of the biggest ones that stuck out in my mind.

One thing that I did watch a lot of was, Sci-fi flicks and Mobster flicks, though I doubt I would have watched a sci-fi mobster flick. Not because my little mind couldn’t handle it, but because that’s too damn cornballish even for me!

I loved Mobster flicks, and learned a great deal! I learned that Vinny and Vito were pretty common italian names, but nowhere near as common as Donald.

Yes, I said Donald! You read that right. I admit, that was slightly flawed, since I have learned that the most common Italian male name is probably Antonio, and that Donald isn’t very common at all! However, it seemed like every time I watched a Mobster movie, there was either a Vinny or a Vito. Occasionally both! Also, They were always led by some guy named Don. Yes, I have since learned that Don is not short for Donald. I have learned that there is no fictional character named Donald Corleone.

Yes, I did feel stupid. Although, thankfully I had the ignorance of youth to shield me.