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Well, I have finally gotten burned out on GTA5, and GTA Online, so decided to plunge into my Steam Library and play another GTA game. I decided to go with Grand Theft Auto 4, mainly because it and it’s DLC are the only games which take place in the same universe as GTA4. I know it’s older, but I have never played it on PC, so figured I would give it a shot!

Let me just say that Grand Theft Auto 4 is a excellent game, with an enjoyable storyline. Granted, The main character isn’t my favorite in the GTA universe, nor is this the best story. It however is a fun and enjoyable game with good graphics for its time, even if they are slightly dated nowadays.

This game takes you back to a larger and grittier Liberty City than you might remember from previous games. The city feels like a living and breathing city, with so much to do. You can visit amusement parks, go bowling or any number of other activities. Then of course there’s the shadier activities.

Despite the game being very good, it is also pain in the ass when it comes to the installation. The game requires GFWL, which also in turn requires you to sign up for an xbox live account. I’m sorry, if I wanted to play GTA4 on Xbox, I would have played the damn thing on Xbox! On top of that, there’s also the achievements! See the game does technically have Achievements, but again: Those are only posted to your xbox live account, they aren’t displayed on your steam account or anywhere else but your Xbox Live account. It’s just stupid. This is the only game I own that requires GFWL, and the very fact that it forces me to sign up for 2 other services(Rockstar Social and Xbox Live) is insane. I’m fine with the rockstar social club, but the other is just overkill.

Another thing that irked me, was the controls just felt clunky. They didn’t seem as fluid as the console version. I assumed the xbox control would be flawless since the game SEEMS to want to be an xbox game(Even on Steam), however these controls left me disappointed.

Still, it’s an OK game, and fans of Openworld crime sagas should definitely check this game out, despite the hassles.

  • Incredible storyline
  • Online open world gameplay
  • Plenty of side activites
  • Large Open world to explore
  • Side missions as entertaining as main story.
  • Incredible sountrack
  • Requires GFWL
  • Dated Graphics
  • Clunky Controls
  • Resource hog


RATING: 7/10
Logo used for Rockstar Games's Grand Theft IV.

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So, I was sitting here, trying to decide on an MMO to try that I haven’t yet tried. After careful consideration I decided to give the game called APB a shot. I looked around at my favorite online stores, and couldn’t find it anywhere! I knew something was up, because it’s not like I could be misspelling the name.

After digging around, I decide to try to find the games website, assuming that maybe the game for some reason is only available for purchase through their store. To my amazement, their website was also gone! Curiouser and curiouser I thought.

After even more hunting around the internet, I discovered that APB had closed it’s doors! That’s right, the game had shut down. Now, the fact that it shut down isn’t the odd part. I mean, MMOs do have a habit of shutting down, especially the way the economy is these days. What is surprising however is how quickly the game closed down! After only being open for 3 months, they decided to call it quits.

You read that right! Three Months! APB now as far as I know, has the distinction of being the shortest lived MMO in gaming history, so congratulations on that!

I guess I will just have to stick to GTA IV in free roam mode.

Rockstar San Diego recently brought to us another free-roam sandbox style game titled “Red Dead Redemption”. It’s a wild romp through the final days of the western frontier.

The game follows John Marston, a retired outlaw, Reluctant bounty hunter and wannabe rancher as he travels through New Austin and Mexico hunting down his former gang members. His travels take him to some diverse locations and in contact with some colorful characters.

While in the game you will NEED money, for ammo as well as items that could prove useful, such as a bandanna to hide your identity or a bandolier to increase your ammo carry size. Luckily for you there are numberous ways to earn money in this game. You can hunt bounties, do ranch work, skin animals and sell the skins at the general store or of course rob people.

The controls take a few minutes to get used to, especially on horseback, but once you are used to it, and comfortable with it you will love it!

Some reviewers will say “This game is basically grand theft auto IV, but set in the wild west.”  Those people would also be wrong. Yes, there are similarities, This is true. That’s to be expected considering it uses the same game engine. However the differences are multiple! For one thing, it uses a health system similar to the newer call of duty games. It also has a moral system to determine if you are a bad guy or a good guy. There’s obviously no radio stations. It has the Dead Eye feature which basically is slow-mo while you take aim and  target multiple enemies. Lastly they employ an improved duck and cover combat feature, so you can shield yourself behind objects in the environment and poke out to fire off a few shots before returning to cover.

Those are just a few MINOR differences. If anything, I would say the game is a cross between Fallout 3, GTAIV and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The game takes all the best features and aspects of those 3 titles and blends them together really well to come out with this masterpiece.

Another thing you might be interested in knowing is that the game is a sequel to another game titled “Red Dead Revolver”. However, if you haven’t played it, don’t fret! Redemption is not a DIRECT sequel, more like a spiritual one. The stories don’t really connect, so you don’t have to worry about being lost in a plotline, or scratching your head in confusion, because an event being referred to is from a different game.

Apart from being an incredible single player experience, it also has an Online multi-player feature. Most games either shine in their single player campaign or the multi-player aspect. Very few game titles manage to provide an enjoyable experience in both fields. However, Red Dead Redemption has managed just that.

Bottom line: The game is visually stunning, with a fun story that will leave you begging for more! If you love sandbox games, shooters or Role-playing games you will no doubt love this game.

Here’s a tip for you though. If you think you have beaten this game, there’s a chance you might not have REALLY beaten it. There’s a point in the game, that really seems like the end but isn’t really. To avoid any spoilers, just remember this: Most games have credits when they end. Red Dead Redemption is no different! If you haven’t gotten the credits, then you haven’t finished the game.

So, if you are one of those people who didn’t actually finish the game like you might have thought, and now just discovered that there’s more of an ending than you actually experienced, and are now wondering how you access that bad-boy? The answer is quite simple really. Just do the stranger missions! Need help finding em all? Check this page out. Now, go finish the game for reals this time!

Well, I have been playing Mass Effect 2, I got off to a slow start, but recently had some free time and just ripped through this game. Once I got playing, it was like I couldn’t stop! It’s easily one of the best RPGs ever released in my opinion. If you love RPGs and you love sci-fi then you REALLY should check this game series out(Starting with the first one of course).

So, after MANY hours of playing, I finished the game. Granted, I didn’t get the best possible ending, I lost some crew, but that just gives me a reason to play through the game again. However the one where I lost some of my crew, will be the saved game I use when Mass Effect 3 comes out, because unfortunately, thats originally how things played out for me, and I want my shepperd to have to face the consequences of his actions.

In my oppinion the best part of the game is where you take control of joker. I mean, it wasn’t long, and there weren’t any gunfights, but it offered a different view of things, and it was suspenseful! I loved that, and I hope Mass Effect 3 implements more of that when it’s released.

Speaking of Mass Effect 3, I seriously can not wait for this game to come out now! I am drooling at the mouth. The third Mass Effect game will be the final title in the planned Mass Effect trilogy, so anything could happen, all bets are off!

So, now that I have finished Mass Effect 2, what am I going to be doing in terms of gaming? Well, originally I had planned on grabbing Splinter Cell: Conviction, but it got delayed yet AGAIN. Big surprise there right? I swear, I seriously doubt that game will ever see the light of day. The game was due out way back in ’07 and has been getting delayed ever since, so it’s not a huge surprise that they decided once again to push back the release date.

So, with no Splinter Cell game to play, and no Mass Effect to play, most likely once I get my WoW account unhacked I will go back to playing that some, in the meantime, I will most likely play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and probably the few DLCs for Fallout 3 that I haven’t gotten a chance to play yet. Then of course there’s Second Life!

Tommy Vercetti is an innocent man!Now, I know I have mentioned this time and time again, but I will mention it one more time! One of my favorite game series is the Grand Theft Auto series. The GTA game I think had the best premise? Easily answered! GTA: Vice city! It take place in the 80’s and borrows heavily from classic 80 mobster flicks like Scarface.

I already own Vice city on the Xbox, purchased when it first came out obviously. However late last night, before going to sleep, I got on Amazon and ordered Vice city for the PC. The main reason was because on the Xbox, I never could finish the thing! In fact, I was stuck very early on for several YEARS. The mission called Demolition Man had me completely stuck. Seriously, it’s a pain in the ass, and many people believe it to be one of the hardest missions in the game. The fact that they have it so early on is insane. So, I finally broke down and decided to buy it on the PC. Why? Well, to be honest? So I can cheat my way through the damn mission! See, there’s this trainer called Pizzadox that will make that mission a buttload easier. I know, I am pathetic. I fail at games, but I was sick and tired of not getting past that friggin’ mission! So sue me!

Anyway, I decided to play the game again this morning, to give the “Demolition Man” mission another go. To my amazement, I completed the mission on my first try with something like 35 seconds to spare! My jaw practically fell off my face, and I did a little dance. I finished it without needing to use the pizzadox trainer and without using cheats. I must admit, I was pretty proud of myself. Yes it took me 7 years to do. Still, I did it! Turns out I didn’t even NEED to order it on the PC since now I don’t have to shamelessly cheat.

Still, I’ m glad I ordered the PC version, because there’s a Total conversion Mod for the PC version I want to try called Back to the Future: Hill Valley, which as you might have guessed is based on the back to the future movies, which is right up there in my list of top 10 favorite movies of all time!

[They should remake em]Recently I have started digging around through my old Xbox video game titles, playing games like Jade Empire, and Knights of the Old Republic along with a handful of other titles that I have enjoyed over the years.

While rummaging through all my old game titles I came across Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which is part 2 of the Grand Theft Auto 3 Trilogy. Obviously, I decided to play it, then decided to play Grand Theft auto 3 and San Andreas as well. These games still are quite fun, despite being several years old. My only problem with the games is that the controls are pretty much crap. I even remember thinking that at the time. They just didn’t work the way they should! Targeting was a pain in the ass, Driving a pain in the ass, The fact that you couldn’t pan your camera around was annoying as all fuck. I hated that you had to spin your actual character around to look about the place, or end up going into first person view mode.

That was all crap. The stories however? Well, they were more mission based and the structure was a bit off. It still was a great story! This got me to thinking which doesnt happen very often. I know usually I am against remakes. However in this case, I believe Rockstar should Remake the Grand Theft Auto 3 Trilogy using the euphoria engine as well as some kick ass graphics.

At the VERY least re-release it with the same graphics, enhanced controls to make it more user friendly, and sell it through the Playstation Network and Xbox Marketplace. This would probably be less problematic I would assume, and it would give people a chance to experience the game trilogy that seemed to cause so much controversy but now would probably be considered laughly tame. Plus, people like me, who own the game and love the game, would but it simply for the enhanced controls.

Although I would REALLY love to see a complete remake.

Christmas Eve

Posted: December 24, 2009 in All about ME!, Gaming
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It’s Christmas eve today. To some people that’s also kinda like christmas, since quite a few people have their dinners on christmas eve, and even MORE people open their gifts on christmas eve. So, to those people, enjoy your day!

So, what am I doing today? The day before Christmas? Well, I was gifted an apparently ultra-shitty internet connection, which is causing me to be unable to play Secondlife, so that’s kind of fucked up. I connect to the server, and about 3 seconds pass and i’m booted out. God, my internet pisses me off. I don’t know if it’s the weather causing it, or just my cabel provider being shitty. It does that occasionally. So, Aside from getting pissed at the internet what am I doing?

Well, I did try and play Grand Theft Auto 3 on my old xbox system, because I never finished that game back in 2001, when i first got it. I put the game in, did a few missions and then I realised something. I have no fucking clue how to aim or lock my weapon onto someone. I know there’s got to be a way, so I will figure that out. The manual doesn’t give any information. Maybe i should play Vice City instead. That was funner if I recall, simply because it took place in the 80’s.

Other than the above I haven’t really been doing much, although I am sure I will do something. Oh, I know something I need to do, I need to go to the bathroom, so bye! 😀