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Some friends that I met through the online game/community called “Second Life” is planning a small get together/meeting this weekend. I really want to go, but unfortunately not going to be able to. No doubt this is going to infuriate my friends, but it can’t be avoided…..exactly.

See, I recently broke my ankle, and have my ankle in a cast, which makes it difficult to drive 5 and a half hours to Vegas. I have one good foot, and while moving about a small town is simple enough, getting through a big city like Vegas, and the long drive there? Not so safe I don’t think. On top of that, I would only be there a day….two days at MAX! Which means I would be BACK on the road, driving 5 and a half hours yet AGAIN.

I would love to meet these friends, To hang out them, to shake their hands and just be like all “What’s up?” and just have a good ol’ time, however I don’t see a way to be able to do that SAFELY….And, assuming I get to Vegas and Back still alive in one piece…There’s still the fact that I wouldn’t be able to do much while im there. I mean, as it is here I have to hobble all over the place. Even to answer the phone, by the time I hobble over to the phone, the people have hung up…..and I seriously doubt anyone will carry me.