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Blizzard is probably best known for its insanely popular MMORPG “World of Warcraft”, or it’s almost as popular game series Diablo! In fact, I know a few people who didn’t know that there were other “Warcraft” games before WoW! People are just really focused on WoW is what I am saying!

Another popular series of games Blizzard released was called StarCraft. It played much the same way as the Warcraft games, but took place in a Sci-Fi setting, and had 3 factions instead of just 2 like the earlier Warcraft games. Blizzard has decided to update the original StarCraft game with a remastered version(Which looks gorgeous!) and to get people psyched up about the upcoming release they made the original StarCraft game + it’s Brood War Expansion Pack free! You can go download it, install it and play to your hearts content!

I used to own the original StarCraft game, but lost the disc many years ago so never bothered getting the this is great for me, and great for anyone who wants to experience this early classic RTS game!

Now, if you are interested in grabbing it, I would do it quickly! I don’t know if this is a limited time deal, and after awhile they will remove the free download link, or not.



As many of you are fully aware, not too long ago Turbine adopted a free to play method for their MMORPG Dungeons and Dragons Online. Apparently that plan worked out really well for them, and they decided to give it a go with their other more popular MMORPG, Lord of the Rings Online.

Yes, you heard correctly! Lord of the Rings Online is going free to play! It’s not free yet, so don’t get your panties in a wad! However this fall it will go free! Now, not a whole lot is currently known, there is some information on their website which you can access through this handy dandy link! aww the miracles of the interweb!

Now, I am going to assume that it uses a similar method as their DDO game, of course that’s just a guess, and I could be totally wrong! Either way, the games going free, which should be exciting for any MMORPG gamer, because playing LOTRO free is better than second breakfast!