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No man’s sky is now available for the PS4, and I have to admit it is everything I had hoped that it would be. However I do admit, when I first booted up the game, I was very frustrated! The game doesn’t really provide you much of a tutorial. You are just tossed onto an alien planet with a broken down star jalopy and told to fix your ship!

After you muck around on the planet, you do start to get an understanding of the game, and what seems like an impossible task becomes much easier. The main challenge is figuring out where you get the materials needed to repair your damaged parts!

Your challenges might be different, though, luckily I spawned on a very lovely planet. It was filled with plenty of flora and fauna and had a nice blue sky. It was basically like earth! You know, aside from the lack of humans! I named the world “New Eden” because I lack creativity! I have heard of some people spawning on toxic worlds, which I imagine might up the difficulty meter just a tad! Good luck if you find yourselves in that situation my fellow intrepid galactic explorer!

As I said, I find the game incredibly enjoyable and have spent several hours already exploring worlds and moons scattered across a few different star systems! I can see myself enjoying this game for several more hours too! However, I can also see me growing quite bored with the game after awhile as well! I know! Bored? Well, yes! The game looks like it could get boring! There’s just not a whole lot of variety really. I mean, sure! There’re billions upon billions of planets to explore, but after a bit, they do start to look repetitive. This applies to both the fauna and flora as well! You might come across something that looks like a rhino, then something that looks exactly like the rhino, except it’s smaller. Then something that looks like the rhino, except it has a different head, or it’s a different color.

All that aside, you will most likely get at least 10 hours of enjoyment out of the game, and honestly, that seems to be a good chunk of game time! I have played other games that are so much shorter, and less replay value than this! Overall? I would say No man’s sky is well worth your $60 bucks! Unfortunately, if you are a PC gamer(You know, ‘The Master Race’) you have to wait a couple more extra days to play. It releases on PC on the 12th, and will be available on both Steam as well as GOG!


As some of you know, I have been on a diet, and have been making some progress with my weight loss. However, Dieting alone just doesn’t cut it! Which is why I also have an exercise plan that works in conjunction with my diet. The exercises vary, from push ups, to sit ups, and also walking — and occasionally jogging!

While out for a 2 mile walk today, I found myself at our towns local oil museum, and so I decided to stop in and have a look, since the last time I was there, I was a wee tiny little tyke. In fact, it was so long ago, that I don’t even remember the event. The only reason I know I went there, was because my grandma took pictures!

Since I was at the Oil Museum, I decided I would make a video, and take you all on an educational tour of the Oil Museum. This only explores the outside, since I am not sure how well me jibber jabbing inside the museum would go over.

Before you watch, there are some things I want to point out. First, this video was taken using my cell phone, so the quality isn’t that great. I clearly need a phone with a better camera. The video is also very shaky, as my cell phone doesn’t have any type of stabilizer.

Now, you may have noticed that at some points the scene just cuts away and shifts into the next. This is because, like every classic movie, sometimes bits get left on the cutting room floor. Parts that were removed were just extra rambling, and long stretches of walking. Also a scene where a squirrel chilled on a fence. Then there was the “Chinese Herbs” exhibit which made no sense. So, I just cut it out. Nothing important.