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History of video game consoles (sixth generation)

Image via Wikipedia was a webservice that allowed you to create an Xbox 360 Gamercard, to proudly display on your website or blog. I used it, as did many other gaming bloggers. Unfortunately, the website shut it’s doors, and left many without a gamercard badge to show of on their website.

However, after looking around the web, I found a service that fits me perfetly, and it might fit you as well. The website is called ZaamIT, and too, allows you to create a gamercard for your blog! In fact, I am using it now.

True, the styles are limited, but they are unique, and I believe that there is a style that will fit most everyone! So, if you are one of the people who found yourself out in the cold, you should at least check this service out. You might find yourself surprised.

An Xbox 360 showing the Ring of Death.

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In that past, I have stated on numberous occasions how the PS3 and the Xbox 360 were both great systems. I still believe this to a degree as well. In terms of games, and exclusive titles, both systems are great in their own right, both systems are powerful and capable of producing some kick ass graphics. Both systems are power house consoles.

All of the above is true, however in terms of which system is better overall, my opinion has changed significantly. I now believe the PS3 overall to be better than the xbox 360. The reason for my change of opinion? Well, to be honest the 360 is unstable. I have owned 2 xbox 360s and both have suffered the notorious Red ring of Dead or as commonly referred to RROD.

Sure, systems break down, that’s to be expected, but the xbox 360 tends to break down it seems like, shortly after the warranty expires. It’s ridiculous! Does the PS3 have technical issues like this? Sure, but it doesn’t happen anywhere near as often as it does with the 360.  The idea that a system could break down as often as the 360 does is insane!

Will I dump my x360 in a garbage chute somewhere and stick solely to the PS3? Doubtful. I do have the 360 on an extended warranty through Square Trade, and will send it in there for repairs, but when it comes to getting new games, I will be sticking to the PS3 releases and am as of tonight cancelling my Xbox live account, and instead upgrading to Playstation Plus.

Basically? The 360 has gone from being the system of choice for me, to just being there. Sort of an after thought, or on the occasion that a nifty exclusive title comes out.

Wii with Wiimote (transparent background with ...

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I have never hid the fact that I am not a huge fan of the Nintendo Wii. In fact, I believe I have even clearly stated that I hated it. That it wasn’t for me. That was all true! However, things have taken a slight turn now. Don’t get me wrong, I am still not a big fan of the Wii, in fact they only have 2 decent exclusive titles. Those titles are as Follows.

Animal Crossing: City Folk – A good game, however there isn’t much difference between this version and the version found on the Nintendo DS called Animal Crossing: Wild World. There’s a few changes but not much. In fact, it’s so similar, that they allow you to transfer your Wild world character over into your City Folk game. Basically, City Folk is like an expansion pack for wild world, and not even a good one.

A boy and his Blob  – This is a remake of the original NES game, so if you were a fan of the original, like I was, then you will no doubt have to play this remake. The graphics are beautiful, the game play is fun. It’s an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

That’s it! Those are the two exclusive Wii titles that are even slightly of interest. Sure, they have other good games! I never said they didn’t, but the fact is those other good games can be played on better consoles with better game controls. Have I mentioned in this post how much I hate motion controllers? Because I really do!

Anyway, despite my dislike for the Wii, I decided today to rummage through the Wii shop, and see what all they had in there, and to my surprise there was some pretty good stuff! The first thing that tickled my fancy was Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which apparently is a sequel to the Super Famicom / SNES game Final Fantasy IV, which for the record is in my opinion the BEST Final Fantasy game ever created!

After my mind boggled at that game, I decided to dig around some more, this time in the Virtual Console section of the Wii shop. I found myself shitshocked at what I found! Many of the best games ever created from past consoles, all right there on one system! I mean, they were old game titles, Most were well over 15 years old! However they were still incredible games, and they were right there! These were games that I used to play instead of doing homework! Games that I would play hooky for! Games like Super Metroid, Paper Mario, Mario RPG, California Games, the entire Phantasy Star Series and that’s just to name a few!

The one that really caught my eye though? Y’s Book I & II. You see, the original Y’s Game. Y’s book I was the first RPG I ever played! It got me interested in not just Role Playing, but gaming it’s self.  I played the original on a game system called the Sega Master System, and I remember staying up all night until I passed out from sheer exhaustion. Sure, before that game I played other games, but I had never played a game that long without losing interest. Considering I suffered from ADD, that was amazing. Needless to say the game became my all time favorite game.

Fun fact: Not only did Y’s get me interested in Gaming, but it also got both my cousins interested in gaming and even my aunt and mom. Yea, it was that much of a kick ass game!

Years later a system popped up called the TurboGrafx-16, which people were going gaga over. mainly because it had some game called Bonk’s Adventure and everyone thought it was the bomb diggity. The game didn’t appeal to me, in fact none of the games appealed to me, and so I had no interest in the gaming console. That was until they released Y’s Book I & II, the original combined with a sequel. Being such a huge fan of the original, I had no choice! I had to buy the TG16! So I did, I of course also got the CD player, and Y’s I&II, and I have to admit I was thrilled! I felt it was the best purchase ever made, and once again I found myself unable to set the control down, I found myself passing out from sheer exhaustion.

Now, they are available on the Wii, for only 800 Wii Points, which is the equivalent of less than 10 bucks! Needless to say I bought quite a few Wii points, and bought quite a few games and relived my past in ways I never thought I would again, and the games are every bit as good today as they were then.

So, now I don’t mind the Wii. It’s not a great system in my opinion, but it’s also not too shabby either. It has it’s pluses.