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When I was younger I wanted to be a mobster or a police officer….but then after I grew out of that, I decided I wanted to be an actor. I ended up taking drama classes and even TV broadcasting once I was in high school. I enjoyed both classes, they were fun and involved with what I so desperately wanted to do once I got out of school. I never pursued that however, mainly because the realisation was…I wasn’t an actor, I had no contacts in the field and I had no idea where to even start. So, I let that slip away.

That dream has sorta passed. However not totally, maybe I should say it’s “Evolved”? I still would kill to get into acting, but not in the conventional sense. I think it would be fantastic to be a voice actor, like for commercials or video games(Especially video games!). I would do anything for a chance like that.

You have to admire people who can do voice acting in a video game. I mean, they have to convey emotion strictly through words, they have to act without their visuals…I think that requires a lot more talent than someone in a movie or television. In fact, one of the GREATEST Voice Actors(Or Actors in general) is: Raphael Sbarge. He’s done voice acting in a buttload of Star Wars games(Though probablly most famous for doing the voice of Carth Onasi in the Knights of the Old Republic RPG). He’s also done voice work in Everquest II and more recently “Mass Effect”(Another kick ass Sci-Fi RP that might even rival Kotor, but that’s for another blog entry)..And that’s just to name a few. He’s also done a crapload of other voice works for commercials, Cartoons, promo stuff and documentary type stuff.

The guy basically is the best voice actor available and can project emotion through his voice like nobodies business. He also has a very unique voice that stands out, but not so much as to be “Wow, that voice is weird”. It was actually Raphael who originally made me want to get into voice acting when I played a game he did a voice in ages ago..I think it was Grim Flandango or something? Don’t quote me..was a while ago…but this guy has been doing voice work for so it any wonder he’s so good at it?