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So, the other day I was talking to a friend who happens to be a Trump supporter. He started talking about Muslims, and how we need to get them out of the country and keep them out. Then he went on to criticize Liberals and their “Tolerance” of Muslims, saying that if they love them so much that they (The Liberals) are traitors to the country and should leave and go to the middle east!

This whole discussion pissed me off, but I bit my tongue and kept quiet. Why? Because when it comes to friends and family I don’t talk politics or religion. I refuse to allow Trump to tear my world apart! Still, it pissed me off! He’s not the first person I have heard make that comment or one similar to it either. Where do Republicans/Conservatives get off telling us to leave the country?

You know what? You know why I’m not leaving the country to go to the middle east? Because I love America! I love everything about this country! Especially the rights and freedoms that this country was built on! Including the right to freedom of religion! This right allows for Christians, Muslims, Atheists or even Pastafarians to believe what they want! I love the country and the freedoms it gives! I love the country just the way it is, and the way it always has been! It’s the Republican Conservatives who are trying to change it into something it was never meant to be! It’s THEM who hates what the country stands for…So, maybe take a bit of your own damn advice…If you don’t like the country or the rights that it provides, then get the fuck out! There’s plenty of other countries out there that strip their citizens of religious rights!

Hell, North Korea has almost a non-existent Muslim community! So, get your bags packed and don’t let lady liberty’s foot kick your ass on the way out.


Columbus day I firmly believe to be the stupidest holiday in existance.definately not worth having no mail delivered either. The guy sailed around the boat, failed to find a shorter route to the far east like he planned. He didn’t even discover America for gods sake. The what discovered by a Chinese Muslim adimiral named  Cheng Ho.

Although in all fairness most children are taught that Columbus discovered America, and that Custer was a brave hero(As opposed to the insane bad guy that he really was). So, let’s for a moment pretend that what schools teach are children is correct, even though we all as adults know that half the crap our schools teach us is not accurate.

Ok! So, Columbus “Discovered” America. How can you discover something when people are already living there? You can’t discover that any more than I can say “Yes, I discovered Pizza Hut when I went there the first time in my life”. I obviously cant claim that, because people are eating there and working there…it’s been discovered clearly. Now, using that logic on America. How can Cheng Ho, Amerigo or Columbus claim to have discovered it? There were people living there and eating there! THEY discovered it AGES ago when their tribes were settled there…you know, before the land masses broke up.

So, taking that all into consideration, why am I not getting mail? Why is Columbus so damn special that he can keep me from getting my netflix movies on a monday? Why? Is it because he got lost? He’s a guy! Guys get lost all the time, i doubt he was the first guy who got lost. Maybe because he got lost on a boat?

Don’t get me wrong, im sure Columbus did something to warrant a holiday in some peoples eyes, but i promise you, no matter WHAT he did, I do not believe it warrants a holiday. Hell, I even disagree with having thanksgiving as a holiday and Labor day, so whatever.

The question “Has America ever won a war on its own?” was posed to me and a group of my friends today, and I must say the answers that were given were quite amusing to say the least. My favorite answer I think was “Yea, we won the civil war.”

Of course we won the civil war! We were fighting ourselves! Even if we lost the civil war? America still would have “Won”.

That answer did amuse me. After that, there was a huge discussion about different wars, and blah blah blah. Then of course the “There are no winners in a war, only losers.” and “Victories aren’t always won on the battlefield” kind of answers. Those I think are simple cop-outs. Fact of the matter is this! America has not won any war on its own. No sugar-coating! We haven’t!

That being said, I would also like to point to the fact that in comparison to most countries, America isn’t really all that old! Since America has been a country, wars have changed quite a bit. Countries don’t fight wars on their own these days. Great Britain recognized the independence of the United States in 1783, Since then, how many countries have won wars STRICTLY on their own? No financial aid, No supplies(Medical-food…nothing!)? I’m thinking you will be hard pressed to find many. Fact of the matter is, a war is not fought on their own.

People go on about “Oh America fought the Vietnam on their own, and lost!” Hate to burst your bubble, but it wasn’t just America either. France, the United States, Australia, South Korea, and New Zealand were all involved in the war(Obviously North and south Vietnam as well). Also it’s not like north Vietnam won single-handed either. They were being supported by China and Russia. They also had just chased France out(Who America was supplying), so to use “Vietnam war” as an example of what happens when america tries to fight a war alone is ridiculous.

Anyway! I’m ranting now. My apologies.