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I have had the same mobile phone for several years now! Close to 5 years now! It was a Kyocera Hydro, and it was a really good phone at the time! I originally got it because it was supposedly waterproof and I didn’t want to worry about rain in the winter or sweat in the summer. So, this sounded like a good option! It was waterproof too! It worked quite well! Hell, I even answered the phone a few times while I was in the shower! Never had any problems! It always ran perfectly, and I never even had problems with the battery!

As time went on though, more and more apps wouldn’t run on it! However, that was fine! I’m a simple man! As long as it makes phone calls, and runs a few of the more important apps, then I am happy as a bee! However, over time, the apps that DID run on it, quit running on it do to updates! Facebook half the time was unresponsive and Chrome would constantly crash. It got to the point where the only “Important” app that ran on it was the email app! Not the Google Email app, but the one that was built into the phone!

So, I decided it was finally time to get a new phone! I went phone browsing, and all the phones from my provider that were in stock were Samsung Galaxies and iPhones…and I’m not paying 600 bucks for a damn phone! Even if I had 600 bucks to throw away like that(Which I don’t), I wouldn’t waste it on a damn phone! Then one phone hidden amongst the galaxies caught my eye! It was a Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge, and it was only 60 bucks! I bought it, and am actually quite happy with it!

This phone has a larger screen than I am used to, which is nice! It also runs all the whizzbang apps! (I can snap chat now you guys!!!) and is just an overall amazing product! It has a built in Gyroscope too, so if I wanted to I could get in on the VR craze! Which I may? Who knows! I should point out though, that only the 2017 model of the J3 Emerge has a gyroscope though! The 2016 model doesn’t have one!

It has a front and back facing camera which makes it a breeze taking pictures of people and things..and also awesome for taking selfies! (I can take selfies now you guys! *Duck lips!*)

Overall I am quite happy with this phone! Sure, it’s not waterproof, but it’s fast and runs everything that I need…Here’s hoping that this one lasts 5 years as well!


mohpaI’ve told you before how Gaming is a pretty cheap hobby! Between all the excellent sales and bundles, it costs almost nothing, and if you really wanted to, you could grab only freebies and would literally cost you nothing! Let’s be honest, free is always good! Which is why I thought I would let you all know about this fantastic freebie offer! It’s only for a limited time, so be sure and grab it while it’s available.

The game is the classic WWII FPS “Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault” from EA games. and it can be yours for absolutely nothing! No tricks and no gimmicks…As long as you claim it before they remove it as a freebie, it’s yours! Now the game DOES require Origin, which is basically like EAs version of steam.

Instructions on Claiming: First go here! Once there,  click the orange ‘Download Now Free’ button located on the right hand side of the screen. At this point you will need to log into your Origin account (or create an Origin account if you don’t already have one). Then just follow the on-screen instructions and the game is yours to keep(Even after the limited time freebie giveaway ends).

This giveaway could be available for days, weeks or even a few months. You never can tell with EA, so grab it as quickly as possible. It was available free at the time of this writing however.

In my opinion Medal of Honor and Battlefield are the two best wartime FPS franchises on the market, with Call of Duty a distant third, so it REALLY is worth grabbing! Anyway, happy gaming!



Awhile back my washing machine went kaput, and I didn’t want to run out and buy a new washing machine, because I am incredibly cheap. Being cheap I decided to look for an alternative method for washing clothes. Sure, there was hand washing. That was an option, and one I did do! Ultimately the hand washed clothes came out cleaner and nicer smelling than when I stuck them in the washing machine. Still, it was a lot of trouble, and was difficult for me, so I decided to look for more options.

To my amazement, there are TONS of washing machine alternatives. So, I picked up one up to see how well it would suit me. The one I bought was called The WonderWash! Not to be confused with Wonder Washer(As seen on TV), those are two totally different things. I mean, they accomplish the same thing, but work differently.

So, what is it? Well it’s a small lightweight non-electric washing machine alternative powered via hand crank and it costs roughly about 50 bucks. Does it work? Well yes, kind of. I mean, it sort of manages to wash clothes, although it’s really not all that effective. You see there’s no agitator in the barrel to beat on the clothes, so you can essentially accomplish the same level of clean by swirling your clothes in a bucket for 5 mins. Which, would be cheaper than this system. The clothes just don’t come out that clean(as I said, it’s the same as swirling clothes in a bucket) and in fact you get cleaner clothes by washing the clothes by hand.

The unit it’s self is fairly sturdy and made out of high quality plastic. It’s definitely not cheaply made, however the clips used to hold the system on it’s “Stand” come out rather easily which can be annoying if you are using the washer in a sink or tub, and the clip goes down the drain.

The hole for your clothes also is fairly small. Not too much of an issue for light clothes like underwear, socks, t-shirts and the likes, but stiff clothing like jeans are a bit tough to get in and out and even when you get the clothes out there’s a good chance water will be everywhere! So make sure you use this outside, or in a sink or tub or some place where having water pool out everywhere isn’t an issue.

Another thing that irked me, was the thing didn’t include any kind of assembly manual. Sure, it’s not too difficult to figure out how it’s put together, but it still would be handy to have that little bit of help along the way. Granted, most likely I wouldn’t have read the manual anyway but there are people out there who actually read manuals! It’s for them that some kind of instruction should have been included.

All in all, I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone, since there are better washing machine alternatives out there (Including hand washing) but it does SLIGHTLY work! Though the effort put into hand cranking the device just isn’t equal to the level of cleanliness received. It does get to be a bit difficult to crank, since all that water in the barrel weighs it down quite well! Plus you are expected to crank it for 5 mins.

Thankfully I got my washing machine fixed, so this doesn’t need to be used anymore! I’ll still hold onto it and keep it in the closet. It might come in useful during a  sharkalypse or something. You know, if I need to wash clothes, but don’t want to stand by the waters edge hand washing them because of Zombie Sharks. Someone better get Syfy channel on the horn, cause that would make an excellent SyFy movie!

pecan pie m&mRecently M&Ms came out with a Limited Edition Fall flavor. A lot of companies do this, and M&Ms does it a lot! In fact, I think M&Ms could duke it out with Oreos for the number 1 spot of “Most limited edition flavors per year”. Anyway, the flavor M&Ms came out with this fall was “Pecan Pie“. It was sold only in Walmart stores, and not even in all of them! You could (And still can if you wanna drop a large chunk of coin on them) pick them up from Amazon as well.

So, are they delicious? Worth the cash? Well, yes! They are delicious! In fact, they are one of the better M&M flavors I have tried. However, despite what they are called they do NOT taste like Pecan Pie! Not even remotely! I’m not even sure why they named them that really! There’s literally not a hint of pecan pie in the little candy coated morsels of goodness!

So, if not Pecan Pie, what’s the flavor? The closest I can think of, would be a Maple Log flavoring. Which lovers of Pecan Pie might recognize as totally not Pecan Pie! In fact, it probably should have been marketed as some kind of Canadian patriotic flavor. Perhaps released on the Canadian Thanksgiving. That at least would make since! Plus, you wouldn’t be disappointed biting into these expecting something that tastes at least slightly like pecan pie and instead getting a mouthful of Maple.

Still, it’s a delicious flavor, and well worth the cost, as long as you aren’t buying from someone overpricing on Amazon.

Christmas is nearly here! In just a few days in fact. It’s the time of year, when reindeer fly through the sky, and an old fat guy breaks into your house, eats your cookies, and leaves behind a gift to say “Rubadubdub, thanks for the grub!”. Not only that,but it’s also the one time a year, when it’s ok to cut down a tree, drag it into our house and throw baubles and ribbons on it, so that it can look pretty as it slowly dies. Then toss it to the curbside for the garbage man!

Apparently it also has something to do with Jesus being born or something. However the main reason christmas is so damn popular is because it’s a day that you get presents! Yea, you also have to give presents, but if you are lucky, then you get more presents than what you give, and you can make out like a bandit!

As for me personally, I am not a huge fan of christmas. Bad things tend to happen around the holidays, and to be honest, I am usually on edge and quite grumpy this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, if someone gives me a present, I will gladly accept it, and I will even give gifts. However, I don’t deck my halls with boughs of holly, or go out in the middle of the night with a group of friends singing carols.

That being said, I do go out and get candy! Why? Christmas is the third best holiday for holiday exclusive candies! Easter being 1st, and Halloween being second. I will admit that a lot of Christmas candy is shaped like Santa Clause, but not all of them are! The rest is all cane shaped!

When I was a kid, Candy Canes came in one flavor. Peppermint! Sure, as I grew into a young adult, they came out with Cherry Candy Canes, but when I was around 5, Different Flavored Candy Canes would have sounded so sci-fi! Now, not only is there still Peppermint and Cherry, but a boat load of other flavors! Almost every flavor you could think of can be found in cane shaped sugary goodness.

So, since Christmas is so close, I decided it was high-time to head down to the local grocery store and pick me up some candy canes. When I got there, I noticed they had 2 new candy cane flavors I had not ever seen before! Sure, maybe they were there last year, and I didn’t notice it because I was so thrilled to find out cadbury mini-eggs also came in a christmas flavor(Which sadly I could not find this year).

So, being the festive SOB that I am, I picked ’em up!

First it's sour, then it's sweet! Christmas magic at work.

This ones just sweet, deal with it!

So, yea. Long story short: It’s almost christmas, and they got some new candy canes. They taste good.