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Last night while browsing the online news sources I came across an item from ABC news, the headline reads “Google Chrome Named Top Internet Browser” and it basically goes on to say that Google Chrome has now beat out Microsoft Internet Explorer as the most used Web browser. This was shocking news to me! Not because Chrome is now numero uno, that was bound to happen!  I was shocked by both the fact that it took this long to happen, and that “Holy shit!” people still use Internet Explorer to surf the Internet?!?

It’s like finding out that people still use Netscape Navigator! Ok, well, not exactly! Navigator has been dead for years, but I honestly thought that people only used IE to download either Google Chrome or Firefox! I had no idea that people actually still seriously used IE! I’m sorry if I am offending anyone who browses my blog, who is a die hard IE user, but I am not intending for this to be a slam against IE! It’s just that I had no idea it was still used!

Let’s be honest here! When you hear people talk about internet browsers, they tend to talk about either Chrome or Firefox. I can’t think of the last time I have heard someone mention that they enjoy IE. So if IE was more popular than Chrome until now, how come it’s userbase never discusses the joys of explorer surfing?


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Everytime I turn around, it seems like there is something on the news, about some guy who just snapped, and ran into a public building shooting people. It can happen anywhere, it has even happened locally in the small American town that I currently call home.

It should come as a surprise, to absolutely nobody, that these shootings would stir the pot in the decades old gun control debate. People would begin arguing about the pros and cons of gun control, People would shout about how it’s their right to bear arms! The interweb would come alive, and people would run to their facebook, twitter or blog to let their opinion be known!

Everyone has their opinion on the matter, myself included. However, I don’t feel the need to use this blog as a soapbox. My opinion will have little to no impact on what happens in the coming months and years. What I will say though, is that I find it amusing that many of the same people on the interwebs who went on about the war on Christmas, and arguing about how the bible isn’t taught in schools, are also the exact same people who are shouting about their guns, and how the government doesn’t have the right to take their guns, because it’s their damn right according to the 2nd amendment.

That’s all well and good, however I am curious how these people can and with a straight face, complain about how the government is trying to strip them of their inalienable right to bear arms, while also having no qualms about imposing their religious beliefs on others and stripping people of their right to freedom of religion.

One word: Hypocrites

Let me be clear on this, I have absolutely no objection to someone saying “I love my guns, and they better not take ’em!” and then the next day say “If the bible was mandatory reading in school, none of this would happen.” I wouldn’t agree with it, but I wouldn’t have an issue with it. My problem lies in the majority, the ones who clearly state that the government is infringing on their 2nd amendment right to bear arms with the idea of gun control, while at the same time believe that religion should be taught in schools. Then you are a hypocrite, because teaching children what your holy book says is infringing on their FIRST amendment right to freedom of religion, or even lack there of.

You either stand up for all rights, or just sit down, and shut up.

Like many places, our small town was dealt a devastating blow this past Saturday! We weren’t hammered by a giant storm, or rattled by a quake! No our devastation came in the form of the closing of our local KFC. As I mentioned, we aren’t the only place affected by these closings. A good number of towns woke up Saturday to find their local KFC closed!

For our small little town though, it is even worse! You see, our KFC was also our local Taco Bell, meaning that we lost both KFC as well as Taco Bell! No more extra crispy Chicken, No more mouth-watering chalupas, No more KFC chicken skin induced diarrhea.

Ok, so I won’t miss the diarrhea much! The other stuff though? Tragic! Okay, so I didn’t go there very often, and have gone there even less since I began my diet. In fact, in the last 2 years I have been there maybe 3 times, and that’s pushing it. However, it was nice knowing it was there, and now that it’s not, I suddenly have a major craving some Taco Bell Nacho supreme lovin’!

Not all hope is lost though! Through the darkness, there is a speck of light! Word on the street is, that now that KFC has closed up shop POPEYE’S chicken restaurant is considering opening it’s doors. This would be great, since POPEYE’s is infinitely better than KFC! However, at this point it’s just a rumor, and I have heard zero to no confirmation about this.

Still, my heart goes out to all the other places who lost their KFCs this weekend. You are not alone, and together we must be strong!

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It amazes me about how angry people are about Romney losing the election, I mean, I get being angry. If Romney won, I would be angry myself. So I get that, but today I have seen people verbally attacking other people all across the socialverse because of their political belief. This is insane to me!

Seriously, Do these people honestly and really believe that Romney was going to lead America into this new Golden era of enlightenment? If so, then I have a news flash for you, He wouldn’t have! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Obama will either, I just think Obama was the lesser of the two evils.

Bottom line, neither was a good choice. Obama just, in my opinion sucked  less(a LOT less). You want to hate me for that? Fine! You want to delete me from all your social website contact lists for that? Fine! People are entitled to their political views. I personally am not deleting people from my twitter or Facebook because of who they think sucked less, because at the end of the day, it’s a matter of opinion. I will delete people for their intolerance though, which sadly I am seeing a lot of this morning.

Tomorrow is May 21st, and if you have been watching the news, or paying attention to those people on street corners with cardboard signs, you also are aware that tomorrow is also the day of the Rapture. Apparently, the rapture is the begining of the end. It’s apparently the day that the “Chosen” are taken up into heaven and the rest of us little peons will be stuck down here on earth.

What happens to the folks stuck on earth? Well, from my limited understanding, we are tortured. Earthquakes, floods, and zombie apocalypse. Other than the zombie thing, I thought we were already experiencing all that! Anyway, that’s supposed to continue for 5 months. Then on October 21st, God (Or maybe Jesus, I forget which)will just grow bored with torturing his little ant colony, and smite us.

Plenty of excitement to go around! It all starts tomorrow, May 21st! Oh crap, I just realised. I don’t know what Time Zone the Rapture is going by. Maybe it’s already started?

Ok, before i end this post, obviously I am not a believer in the Rapture. I know there is a small number of religious fanatics that either believe it, or claim to believe it so they can be on TV. Is that it though? I mean, not a lot of people believe in it right? It’s not like most religious people believe this?

If you are believer in the May 21st Rapture, I want to know! If you are a religious person and you didn’t believe in the rapture, I want to know! Just leave me a comment!

Is there a god? This has been a question asked throughout the ages. Ask different people, and you will receive different answers. Religious beliefs are quite diverse, and everybody seems to have their own opinion regarding it, some even feel their view is so important, that they absolutely must wake you up every saturday morning just to tell you about it.

So, while the question has been asked more times than I can count, no real answer has ever been provided. Sure, you may feel you have given the real answer, but so does everyone else with different religious beliefs. Fact of the matter is, there has never been any scientific proof that there is or is not a god. Simply faith, trust and common logic.

Until now apparently!

Seems Google, being the powerhouse that it is, might have caught a glimpse of our heavenly father on street view. At least, that’s the buzz on the internet. I provided the link to the “Glimpse” in question just in case you wanted to check it out for yourself. However, since google street view does occasionally update their pictures, and because some people are too lazy to click a link, I will also post a screenshot here for you to see.

Is it god? The mother ship of an invading alien armada? It could be I suppose, It could also be a blurred image of a bird, or something else as the google car is driving along snapping its photos. However, it could also be a blurred photo of Superman! Yea, that’s what I think. Superman. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Update! Since the image of “God” is visible even while in the tunnel, and the fact that the top portion of the street view is tinted in a reddish hue, I am going to speculate that the vision of god found on street view, is nothing more than a squashed bug! As much as I would like for it to be Superman, or the mothership of an invading alien force, I think it’s more reasonable to assume it to be a simple bug splattering.

I guess the world will have to go back to looking for the face of jesus in burnt toast slices and not so much in Google Street View. Still, it was amusing and fun while it lasted!

For those few who may not know, Anna Chapman, who happens to be a russian spy, who happened to be a sleeper agent in the United States, just so now happens to be posing in the Russian edition of Maxim.

If you want to read the whole story, check it out by clicking here and reading it on the Washington Post, which is also where the supplied picture/cover is from.

I have to admit, that Anna Chapman is one good looking spy! It kinda makes me wish I was important enough to get spied on by the russians.