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batman vs superman

It’s taken me awhile to write this review on the movie “Dawn of Justice”. A lot has been going on, and I just haven’t had much time to write here in this blog. However, since the DVD is supposed to be released sometime next month, I figured I would do a review of the movie for anyone who might be considering picking up that DVD.

I’m going to start by reminding everyone that I wasn’t a big fan of the movie “Man of Steel”. However, I still watched this movie because it had Batman! Now, I was one of those people who from the beginning said this movie was going to suck because Ben Affleck was playing batman! I was wrong! Don’t get me wrong, Affleck was a HORRIBLE Batman, and the movie sucked, but it wasn’t because of Ben Affleck! He just added to the suckitude! In fact, I would say that the movie sucked mainly because of Jesse Eisenberg who played Lex Luthor! He was a horrible choice! Between Ben Affleck and Eisenberg I have to wonder what the casting crew thinking!

Lex Luthor is played like a whiny lunatic! Less like a billionaire criminal mastermind and ultimate nemesis to Superman, and more like a whackjob who should be committed to Arkham Asylum. It’s like they wanted to make Lex Luthor similar to Batmans typical rogue gallery. Someone like the Riddler, or the Joker but with money! It’s horrible!

Like I said, Affleck was horrible too! However, I expected that! I just HATE this version of batman so much! To be honest though? No actor could have made this version of Batman enjoyable. He even has a lame costume! This was hugely disappointing, because Superman and Batman are the only 2 DC characters that I enjoy! So, I really should have liked this movie, and I didn’t! This is the first Batman movie that I didn’t like, so congratulations Zack Snyder! You ruined Batman for me!

In fact, oddly enough the only saving grace of this movie was Wonder Woman! Her character seemed pretty well done, and she looked bad assed! Which is insane, because I don’t even like the Wonder Woman comics!

By the end of the movie I was bored out of my skull. I spent the last 30 minutes thinking about what I wanted to do when I got home. I can’t recall the last time I was that happy about a movie ending! When the credits began to roll I bolted! I was up and gone! I didn’t even stick around to see if there were post credits because I have no intention of watching any movies set in the DC cinematic universe. Except maybe Wonder Woman….If Snyder isn’t attached to it.



Not too long ago the trailer for the Ghostbusters Reboot film came out. The trailer was met with mixed reactions. Some loved it, some didn’t really care, but a good portion of the original GB fan base hated it! Since then, there have been a few people who have come out and pretty much said that no matter what excuses you’re making for disliking the trailer/film/cast, all it boils down to is that you are sexist.

Am I sexist? Well, maybe to some degree! I’m not going to lie, but I am the type of sexist who will watch a movie because it has women. I like to look at eye candy, and women are very attractive! So, while I maybe sexist, it’s not sexism that makes me dislike this movie! Bottom line, I don’t like the movie (based on what I saw in the trailer) because it looks like pure garbage. It’s nothing but your typical Melissa comedy. Now, Don’t get me wrong, I love Melissa! She is one of my favorite actresses. She’s hysterical! However her comedy just does not mesh with the Ghostbusters franchise.

Look, I admit that I could be wrong about this movie. It’s hard to judge a movie from a trailer alone. What I will say though is that it LOOKS like they stripped everything that made the original film good. The original movie was a blend of comedy and horror that fit so perfectly together despite the fact that horror and comedy are on different ends of the entertainment spectrum. Hell, I remember when I was younger,  the gatekeeper demon dogs used to give me nightmares, but now, it looks like ALL the ghosts are neon, pastel cutesy characters. Even the ghosts from the animated series “The real ghostbusters” looked more ghostly and horrific than the ones in this movie reboot.

If I am going to be honest, I admit that I do hate it when a movie/book/comic changes things drastically from the original. It’s not sexism, I am just not a big fan of changing things that work. I would hate if they remade Die Hard with Jennifer Love Hewitt in a tank top fighting terrorists (And let’s be honest, JLH is fantastic eye candy!) just as much as I would hate it if they remade ALIEN with Liam Neeson as Ripley. Just don’t change what works people!

I get it! The film company is trying to be PC! That’s great, but if you are going to be PC at least do it right! You have the women putting hearts over the dots of the radiation hazard symbol, because I guess they feel that women can’t possibly see a dot, and not change it to a heart. Hey, at least they didn’t give the girls hot pink jumpsuits covered in sparkles, and turn the proton packs into rainbow spewing ghostguns.  Please, if anyone is sexist it’s the people who assume a movie will be better because it’s been remade with women!

End of the day, I just don’t think movies should be remade, at least not when they are films that define our current pop culture! Still, if you feel you absolutely must remake a movie, at least rename the thing!  That way, when people want to watch the superior “Ghostbusters” it doesn’t confuse them and get them stuck with a sitcom in movie format.

You know what? Even better! Just stop trying to recreate pop culture. Reboots are basically saying “Yea, it was ok…but we can do better..” and you can’t! No, seriously you can’t. Actually, it’s kind of like a slap in the face when some director and writer comes along and says “Hey, all you people who loved the previous movie and kept interest in the franchise alive long enough to give us a chance to reboot it…we’re rebooting it, cause the original just wasn’t good enough”….I seriously hate reboots.

Well, the trailer for the new Ghostbusters Reboot trailer has arrived today! If I am being honest here, I am not overly thrilled with it. I had planned on seeing it before watching the trailer, but not after watching the trailer. Feel free to take a look yourself.

The movie just doesn’t seem to have the same charm as the original Ghostbusters. It looks like it relies mostly on crude jokes, instead of good writing. Though to be fair, I could be way off! It’s hard to judge a movie by it’s trailer. There’s a chance that the film could be awesome! However, I am not holding my breath for that. I would be happy if it’s just watchable.

One thing I do have an issue with though is, why are the three scientists white and the one black woman has to be a street wise tough gal. It’s kind of like in the original Ghostbuster movies, Winston was the only non-scientist and was the only black man in the group. What is it with Ghostbusters? Do they feel African Americans can’t be scientists? It’s kind of stupid for a movie that’s trying so desperately to be politically correct by flipping the gender card, that they would stick to the same “Only white people can be scientists” formula.

Whatever…I’ll probably still watch it, but I’m not longer looking forward to it any longer.

Anyone else have an opinion on it? Good or bad? Would love to hear your thoughts.


Everybody who knows me, knows that I am a geek. Especially when it comes to 5 major Sci-Fi franchises. Those Being Star Trek, Firefly, Doctor Who, Babylon 5 and Star wars(I don’t consider Marvel/DC movies Sci-Fi, even though many of them fall into that category. Super Hero flicks I consider more Adventure than Sci-Fi). So, I have been very anxious for the release of the new Star Wars move “The Force Awakens”. Unfortunately, that won’t be until December, However they DID release a trailer. Obviously I was breathless with anticipation!

If you have been living under a rock or a bridge with a secret troll lover, then you have heard about it, and already watched it. However, I will put it below so that the Troll lovers out there can catch up with what the rest of the world is experiencing.

Watched? Good! Now, most people I know thought it was awesome. One in particular cried because seeing Han Solo brought her so much joy. Yeah, I’m not the biggest geek in my circle of friends. Surprised? You can be surprised about me either not being the biggest geek in my social circle, or about me having friends in general. Both are acceptable surprising factoids.

Anyway! My point was that I didn’t love the trailer. In fact, I was somewhat disappointed? The whole Melted Vader helmet thing? Seemed stupid, and like it was some kind of forced lip service to fans of the franchise. It just didn’t feel natural. Then there is Darth Wannabe! I hate his voice! He doesn’t sound bad ass at all! Not like Vader did!

In fact, the trailer didn’t reach out and grab me at all, which is insane because it’s Star Wars. It seemed even MORE boring than the prequel trilogy. The only good thing I saw in this trailer was a lack of lens flares! I was honestly expecting the movie to be unwatchable due to lens flares!

It’s like Abrams is going out of his way to direct and ruin all the Sci-Fi movies that are based on franchises that I hold dear. Please keep him away from Doctor Who! I don’t want that ruined for me any more than it already has been.

Lastly, there’s the poster!


Missing Luke Skywalker! Now, for me I am fine with this. His trilogy was the original trilogy. I don’t believe it’s his story, but on that same note I don’t think it’s Hans or Leias story either. However, THEY made it to the poster! So, while I don’t have as big an issue with this omittance as much as others in the geek circle do, it’s still a tad frustrating that they give two other supporting characters a poster place, but not another. His name is printed on the poster, between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, so It’s obvious that he is going to be in it. Either put him on the poster, or Remove Han and Leia!

Anyway! I will probably still see it, but I won’t be one of those people dressed as Ewoks(Not that it’s ALWAYS a bad thing) and camping in line for tickets…though you don’t really need to do that now anymore I guess huh? You can just order them online these days! If I see it, most likely I won’t even bother going to the movies. Might wait for DVD….Might even just wait for it to come out on Netflix. I’m just not that into it anymore. I would rather have the expanded Universe back. At least THAT was enjoyable. Instead they made that non-canon and gave us this. Not a good trade for Star Wars geeks.

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SHOWSHEET_Goldbergs_stand-640I was bored this evening, and flipped through Hulu to see if anything worth watching was on, when I saw a listing for Season 3 of the ABC series “The Goldbergs“. I rather enjoyed the show, however I thought it got cancelled after the first season! Apparently it hasn’t and now season 3 has started. This means I need to watch ALL of season 2 in order to catch up. Thankfully the entire second season is available for viewing on Hulu, so catching up will be a cinch!

I’m not sure why I thought the show was cancelled. I checked it’s Wiki page, and apparently it never got cancelled! It’s not like it’s a show that got the axe, but then got saved thanks to the love of it’s fanbase. It was just renewed. What I did see on the wiki is that the show changed days/time and got moved behind the show “The Middle“, which is an ABC show I don’t watch, and in fact until last night thought it was “Malcom in the Middle
just renamed after the character Malcom left. Imagine my surprise when I discovered myself to be wrong. Fun fact: I never watched Malcom in the Middle either!


So, any geek worth his weight in gold pressed latinum is fully aware about the new crowdfunded Star Trek: Renegades movie which serves as the pilot to a planned webseries. However for those unfamiliar with its existence you can wan watch the whole movie on youtube if you got an hour and a half to spare. Is it worth losing that much of your time though? Continue reading for a spoiler free review.

Let me begin by saying this trek movie, feels like a “Trek Film” in name only. Sure, it has actors and characters from past star trek shows, but it feels like they were tossed in simply so they could label it as Star Trek and get some crowdfunding from the trekkers who will literally shove all their money down someones throat if it meant a chance to get some new star trek shows/movies.

That’s not to say that the film isn’t good. In fact, it’s quite entertaining! A bit confusing at times since there really is no character introductions. It just throws you in, as if this is a crew from star trek that you should all know. Which gets confusing when some of the characters early on uses their racial abilities, but it’s not explained that it’s his ability. Combine that with the fact that races have new abilities, and tech doesn’t function the way Trek cannon has already  established it to work.

The main characters are a group of criminals who are sent out to save the galaxy. Basically, it’s Suicide Squad in space! The main crew is for the most part likeable, and decent established actors. like Gary Graham(Played Detective Sikes on the Alien Nation TV series), Sean Young(Known for her roles in Dune and Blade Runner), Adrienne Marie Wilkinson(Known for voice acting in video games, many of which were star wars titles) and Edward Furlong(Known for playing John Connor in Terminator 2 and his MANY brushes with the law that followed). So, the acting wasn’t too shabby. Though it’s obvious some of these established actors haven’t acted in a long while and thus are a bit rusty.

Other characters who make appearances in here range from Tim Russ(Tuvok), Walter Koenig(Chekov) and Corin Nemec (Who will ALWAYS be Parker Lewis to me). The previous two characters are established characters from Star Trek lore, but Nemecs character is brand new. He plays a star ship captain that is apparently insane since his answer to any situation is “Shoot ’em! Blow ’em up!” which, again does not fit with the whole star trek setting.

One thing that DID impress me, was the special effects and the makeup. The make up was very well done! Some of the aliens however sounded hilarious, and in fact reminded me of evil muppets. However, they looked good! Not sure who was in charge of the makeup, but they did an excellent job. Color me impressed!

The Special effects were also incredibly well done. Especially the space scenes and star ship design and battles. Many times in these fan films, the space battles are a joke. Either poorly done CGI models with low rez textures moving across a poorly rendered star field, or on at least one occasion a space battle recorded using Star Trek Online space combat. That’s not the case here! The space battles and ship designs were very well done. They looked well done and very polished.

In the end, I enjoyed the movie, and if they release anymore to the series, I will watch those. Just because it didn’t feel like a real star trek entry doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable.

spoiler alert

First, this review will contain spoilers, so if you are the type who absolutely hates spoilers then you might want to just move along. I have however included an adorable video of a guinea pig eating a carrot to serve as both a buffer between this statement and the spoiler review, and also as a consolation for missing out on my spoiler filled review.

I am going to go on record and state, that I am a fan of Superman. In fact, Batman and Supes are really the only two DC comics characters that I enjoy. So, I make it a habit to watch any movie about either of those characters. So, when the new “Man of Steel” movie came out, I decided to watch it despite how bad “Superman Returns” was! So, I watched it, and I was more than a little disappointed. Maybe that’s more my fault than the movies? Maybe because I enjoy Superman comics and movies(Mostly) I expected too much?

Here’s the thing though, the movie just didn’t “Feel right”! It’s hard to explain, but it felt less like the first installment of a reboot franchise, and more like the third chapter of the reboot franchise. That sounds confusing right? So, I will try and explain! To begin with, the plot of the movie centers around an ultimate destruction scenario! The fate of the entire world hangs in the balance and only Superman can save the day! Superman is pushed to his breaking point, and is forced to make moral choices that will test his moral compass (Despite the fact that this reboot franchise has yet to even show us what those morals are).

So, Supes makes these choices, but it doesn’t seem to have much impact to the audience, because it’s not really going against Supermans character because that character type has never been established. It just seems like there should have been a few other movies in place that showed that Superman is a good guy, the ultimate boy scout! Then in a third chapter, him having to make the types of choices he does in the film, would impact the audience more.

Not only that, but Superman saving humanity from total extinction from the ultimate threat to the planets existence seems like a majorly big deal! I mean to be honest, the franchise really has nowhere to go but down! Sure, they can continue the same drivel! Each movie has an ultimate threat that will spell destruction for earth and all life that dwells on it I guess! Wouldn’t that start getting boring though?

If anything, the extinction level event plot of “Man of Steel” would have served better as the plot for a Justice League movie(Which it’s my understanding that one is planned, and that Man of Steel is serving as the first part of a DC cinematic Universe). Because let’s be honest! What in the hell could be so important that all the DC universe characters need to unite in order to beat the odds? They already got Superman, and Superman has already overcome those impossible odds my himself! There’s absolutely no reason for the heroes of the world to unite!

On the upside, Supermans costume looked kind of cool this time around. So, I guess it has that going for it!