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Happy Easter one and all!

Posted: April 16, 2017 in General
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I just wanted to wish anyone who might be reading this a HAPPY EASTER! I’m not really a big holiday person, so I’m not going to say much! That’s pretty much it in fact! I got things to do! Anyone doing any driving today to spend time with family should definitely drive carefully though! I want everyone to be safe! and watch out for bunnies!



The 2016 election is almost over, and I have to say: I am really glad to see it go! This has been the worst election that I can recall! It’s caused friends to become enemies and family members to turn their back on family members! It’s bloody! Every American has an opinion, and everyone is passionate about theirs. Which is insane, because both parties are horrible options!

I admit, I did vote for Hillary, but not because I support her! I think she will hurt and damage our country! However, I think Trump will damage the country more! Now, not everyone will agree with that! Some believe that Trump will do less damage, and while I disagree with you; I still respect your opinion. The hardcore supporters though? The ones who feel that Trump or Hillary will lead the country into a golden age of perfection? That the country will rise to a better position than it is in now under the watchful eye of one of these two potential presidents? You guys be crazy!

Look, no matter who wins or loses, the country is screwed anyway! Stop cutting your friends and family off just because they think one person will do less damage than the other! If you have 2 bulls and 2 china shops, and one person thinks the brown bull will do less damage than the black bull…is that a reason to make that person your enemy? No, that’s just stupid. Also, cutting off people who are close to you because they don’t share your political view is stupid.

Bottom line: Stupidity isn’t based on who you are voting for. Stupidity is how you treat people with different views than you….Don’t be stupid.


Well, I did it. Despite my insistence that I was not going to upgrade to windows 10, I ended up upgrading to Windows 10. I waited until the final hour of the final day to take advantage of the free upgrade, but I did it!

Why did I hold off I hear you asking? Because, I used Windows 7! Win7 is a perfect OS! It’s compatible with every program and game I use, it’s visually appealing and best of all, it’s simple to use! So, honestly why would I upgrade? There’s an old saying that goes “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it!” and Windows 7 most definitely was not broken! Now Windows 8, was a messed up heap of garbage, and I told everyone using Win8 to upgrade ASAP, because it could only improve! Win7 though? There’s way too much room for failure there! Plus, I heard Windows 10 wasn’t compatible with a few of my favorite classic games(Like Gabriel Knight 3 and a few others).

So, why did I upgrade? Two words for you! Quantum Break! It’s an XboxOne/Win10 exclusive game, and really the only game on XboxOne that interests. I am sure that Xbone has some decent games that appeal to others, just not so much to me! With the exception of Quantum Break. Sure, I wanted to try Quantum Break at some point, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to scrimp and save to buy an Xbox One, when only one game interested me. So, since it was available on Win10 and Win10 was still a free upgrade I bit the bullet!

I’m actually kind of glad that I did! Despite all my feet dragging, and heehawing around windows 10 is a pretty decent OS. Is it perfect? No, it will take some time to adjust to, but it’s good! Plus, despite all my worries, the few classic games that I have tried work well with Win10(Including Gabriel Knight 3).

I’m still trying to adjust to the features, and I think this Cortana voice search is just ridiculous, but overall it’s a pleasant experience. Do I like Win 7 better? Yes, but that might be just because I am used to it! After all, I am not a fan of change! Still, I don’t regret upgrading, and I have no intention of reverting back to my old windows. So, that’s practically glowing praise coming from someone who hates change!

rip free delivery

I was an 80’s child. I grew up in the 80s, and while I didn’t live the 80’s party life, or even the 80’s high school life, I still experienced the music, movies, Cartoons, Television, fashion and culture. I also ate the food! The food wasn’t too different obviously! Sure, there was the occasional strange recipe, but for the most part it was your typical food that you eat today! Which is more than can be said about 70’s food!

One major difference though, and the thing I probably miss the most is that back then food delivery services offered free delivery! You ordered your food, and they brought it to you! Nowadays? That’s pretty much long gone! You will be hard pressed to find a free delivery place. These days, if you want your food delivered to your door it’s going to run you anywhere between 3 to 5 bucks extra.

If that wasn’t bad enough, nowadays not only do you have to pay delivery fees, but you have to have a minimum dollar amount before they will deliver it to you. The minimum differs from place to place, but I think the most common amount is $10. To be fair, most full meals will run you more than 10 bucks, so odds are you will meet the minimum anyway, but that’s beside the point! Either have a minimum amount, or have a delivery charge! If I am giving you an extra 5 bucks for gas I guess, just bring my a 5 dollar hamburger!

Back in the 80’s they didn’t charge you a delivery fee! That was practically unheard of! You wanted food? Just call the delivery place up and make your order, they would give you your total with no hidden charges and then bring it to your door in 30 mins or less! because that’s how the 80s rolled! I’m not sure when they went with “Mo’ money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money” business model…but it kinda sucks!

Alas, this is the world we live in now, and I am sure in time they will figure out other ways to tack on extra dollars to your bill, because…why not?


Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday was Halloween, the night where children don spooky costumes, and run around the neighborhood pounding on doors and shouting “Trick-or-Treat” in order to get themselves some sweet gobs of sugary chocolate. Basically it’s the best childrens holiday since Christmas!

Well, this year I decided to write about all the horrifying costumes the kids wore as they galloped to my door with their bags open wide, demanding treats or be faced with trickery most foul. unfortunately I live on a busy street (akin to a highway really) with no streetlights! so, we don’t really get a lot of trick-or-treaters. Mainly just neighbors and the occasional kid who just doesn’t care about safety.

Point is, this is a shorter list than I expected it would be! However, here is the list anyway! I had a visit from the following monstrosities! A princess, A pirate girl, A boy wearing a Dallas Cowboys t-shirt and a Cowboy hat(I’m not sure if he was supposed to be a Dallas Cowboy or just a normal cowboy honestly), A Unicorn…Wait..Sorry..a RAINBOW Unicorn, A lumberjack, a generic Assassins Creed Assassin and for some reason a Snowman. I think it might have been that Snowman from the Disney movie “Frozen”, but since I am the last person alive on the planet who hasn’t seen it, I can’t say with any certainty.

Seriously though you guys, what the heck?!? When I was a kid we dressed up in spooky costumes! If not spooky, at least a monster! It was all about the Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins and Gargoyles! Now it seems to have been replaced with “Who can be the cutest???”

Oh god! I never wanted to be one of those people who ever said “When I was a kid…” and lookit what you did to me Halloween?! You forced my hand! Forced me to play the old man card! Yanno, when you start throwing that phrase around you are only a few years away from peeking out your blinds and yelling at neighborhood children to get off your lawn!

The Last of Us - Joel grappling

The Last of Us – Joel grappling (Photo credit: naughty_dog)

Good lord! I haven’t posted on here since March 26th? It doesn’t seem like it! The reason why is a crapload of new games ended up getting released, and by jove I had to play them! Some were insanely incredible, and others were giant disappointments. Still, they needed to be played.

After I had gotten caught up on the heat from the oncoming Summer blasted over the land, causing me to enter a lethargic state! All I wanted / want  to do is sleep! That’s what heat does to me! I am not sure if everyone gets tired when the temp begins to rise, but I certainly do!

So, when I haven’t been sweating, I have been snoozing. Either way, it’s not a good time to blog! I would say that I plan on blogging more, and I will! However, just not for a few days, because tomorrow is the release date of “The Last of Us“!

brain power

I wish there were such a thing as a cerebral dictation device. If such a thing was ever released to the general public, do you know who would be first in line with credit card in hand? This guy! Yeah, This guy, that’s who!

The reason I even desire such a device is because it would make porn surfing much easier! No longer would I have to type in search queries into Google image search with only one hand!

I suppose I could also use it for other things, particularly blogging. In fact, I believe it might be at least equally useful for Blogging, as it would for Porn surfing! After all, there are many times that I am doing some mundane activity somewhere away from the computer, when inspiration hits! I could be taking a shower, and get inspired to write about the plight of the rain forest, I could be taking out trash and be zapped with inspiration regarding pollutants that contaminate our air, I could be taking a crap, and be reminded about that time I a giant boulder fell in front of our car during a long road trip!

When inspiration does hit me, I write this huge blog entry in my mind! usually a great one! A Blog entry that re-defines what we consider to be Epic! An entry that would inspire awe among the masses, that would make people pause and think. At the very least, make people stop and scratch their head as they exclaim “What the Fuckery?”. These are the types of blog entries that I mentally write, that never make it to physical or digital form, as the case may be.

So, why don’t I write them you ask? That’s a great question I reply!

Fact of the matter is, I have every intention of writing it, but the thing is, by the time I get anywhere near a computer with an internet connection, one of several things happens.

1) I sit at the computer and suddenly get bombarded by emails, Skype messages and/or calls. Many of these people are friends and/or family. Basically people I love and am close to. People who take priority over a blog post, so I go and respond to these people. Since I am a gentleman, I give them my complete attention. When our chats/discussions are over, I usually have forgotten all about the blog post I wanted to make!

2) I sit down at the computer, get ready to open my browser and “Accidentally” click the shortcut to “Star Wars: The Old Republic“, and when that happens? Well, you can just forget about anything else happening that night!

3) I just plain forget! I mean, I mentally write a huge ass entry! It’s a little difficult to remember all the ins and outs. Sure, I still have the basic idea, but when I sit down and start blogging on the topic, I can’t think of what to say! See, I find it hard to blog on command. It just comes so much easier to me, when I’m not even trying and especially when I am not ready.

Now, I have considered carrying a digital recorder around with me, so that I can record my thoughts as they creep up, and then transcribe those audio logs into digital blog form, but that requires talking into a digital recorded. You know, where people can hear me! Have you read my blog? I talk about some dumb ass shit on here! Stuff that would make the locals think I was super paladin nerd! I got a rep to protect man!

So anyway! Yeah, we need a mental dictation device. Especially for the added bonus of porn surfing ease.