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Yesterday saw the release of the highly anticipated ps4 adventure exclusive “Uncharted 4“, Perhaps you’ve heard of it? I will be doing a review of this game soon, but first wanted to address an Easter egg hidden in the epilogue of the game! Don’t worry, this doesn’t contain any spoilers! I’m not focusing on any aspect of the game, just the Easter egg!

If you explore the surrounding area of the epilogue, you can discover all kinds of fun and neat things! One of those neat things is a poster for “The Last of Us: American Daughters”. I’ll show it here now in case you missed it.

last of us poster

Now, for those unfamiliar with The Last of Us, it’s a game from the same developer as the Uncharted franchise, so many people are excited about what they believe to be an announced sequel to The Last of Us. It wouldn’t be the first time that ND has hidden a teaser for an upcoming game in another game! In fact, Uncharted 3 had a hidden mention of the “Last of Us”.

However, I don’t believe this is a teaser for an upcoming sequel. While I am sure a sequel is in development, I don’t think “American Daughters” is it. The reason? The bottom right of the poster has a logo that looks VERY much like the logo to Dark Horse Comics. I’ll refresh your memory.


Dark Horse Comics released a similarly titled comic book mini series based on the Last of Us called “The Last of Us: American Dreams”. So, I am 99% sure that this is less a teaser for a sequel to the Last of Us, and more of a Teaser for a new Comic book mini-series. Now to be fair, the Mini-series could be launching as a promotion to a Last of Us sequel…I don’t know. I am just reasonably certain, “American Daughters” will be a comic series.


marvel comics logo

Marvel comics has an online service called Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. The idea is great, and in fact I used to subscribe to it. Basically, for one low price(Either monthly or yearly, choice is up to you) you get access to a boat-load of digital comics. Including in some cases, entire series of comics from start to finish. We aren’t talking a small selection here people, we are talking a giant comic book library!


As I said, the idea is great, and if it fits your needs, then it really is a great deal! I only have two complaints. The first being, that this service has been around for quite a while, yet they don’t offer any type of free trial. Sure, on occasion they will have a limited time promo code for a free month stuck somewhere, or a free month included in some marvel product(game/movie/book/), but there’s no “REAL” free trial, for people who want to subscribe.

While there aren’t any real free trials, there are many free readable comics, and all comics do have the option to “Sample”, so you aren’t really going into it blind. It won’t drive away customers who don’t buy what they can’t test, because there are those free issues, and sample. Still, it’s nice to offer subscribers a little incentive.

Another issue is, that the service can only be used on your computer/laptop. This to me is an inconvenience, since I really don’t like the idea of having to sit at my computer desk chair, slouched over a monitor just to read a comic. I simply won’t do it! Why can’t they have an Android app to read this? It makes sense! I would happily re-subscribe, if I could lean back in my recliner, or relax in bed with my tablet in hand, and read through some issues while relaxing! Almost like I had the comic book there with me!

Sure, Marvel does have an Android app, but it’s only for their digital comic purchases, it won’t work on their unlimited service, despite the fact that the 2 services work almost exactly the same! Which is great if you purchase comics digitally, I prefer buying the actual issue myself, since those have some chance of possibly gaining some kind of value if they are taken care of and treated well, where as a digital copy just won’t!

The service sadly won’t even run on a PS3 browser, so you can at least read from your couch. You are literally tied to your computer to enjoy the service, and normally that’s fine for most internet services. Most services are best used at your computer, however reading a comic book? I just don’t believe that’s the best way to read.

So, unfortunately I am going to pass on re-subscribing to this, however if for some reason it does fit your needs, and nothing I mentioned here bothers you, then you really should get this service then! Great price, huge comic library, and new comics added all the damn time!


One of the most common things known about me, is that I read, collect and enjoy Comic books.In fact, my favorite comic company is Marvel Comics, though I am definitely not a Marvel Fanboy, as I also enjoy a number of titles from DC comics. I just tend to prefer Marvel, since their stories have just a little more realism to them. At least as much realism as you can have when you are producing stories about people in colorful tights swinging through Manhattan on spider webs. I am mentioning all of this here, because while my love for comics is pretty much common knowledge, I am not 100% sure if I have mentioned it here in my blog.

Another thing I enjoy is Sci-Fi. I am also one of those sci-fi geeks, who enjoy both star wars and star trek equally, and really don’t prefer one over the other, since I firmly believe they are both fantastic franchises in their own right.

All that being said, it’s now time to get down to the meat of this post.

I was digging around in my comic collection and came across a Star trek comic, which was produced by Marvel Comics. The series was titled “Star Trek: Early Voyages” and the only one I had, was the Special Final issue. I originally had picked it up, because to be honest, it was the first time I had seen the title, otherwise I would have gotten the whole series, but the other reason I picked it up, was because it was the final issue. I am a sucker for first issues and final issues.

Anyway, I flipped through the book, and looked at the back of the mag, where they say their farewells, and how great it’s been producing the comic, and how they hope you had as much reading them, as they did producing them. You know the routine.

Anyway, after their “Good-bye”, there was a little blurb. I will quote it here.

Attention to all subscribers of EARLY VOYAGES – after this issue, your subscription will be transferred to IRON MAN! Face it, True Believer – You’ve definitely hit the jackpot! If you already have a subscription to IRON MAN, it will be extended accordingly!

To that I say: Huh?!

How does that even make sense?! Where do I start? To begin with, how fucked up is that? If I were subscribing I would be seriously pissed off! To begin with, I think it’s a tad unfair that they willingly took your cash, then cancelled the stories you were interested in, but then to add insult to injury, they decide instead of returning your money prorated, they would just keep it, and pick out a comic themselves to send to you!

Hey, if they want to keep your cash, fine! At least give the subscribers a choice of what comic they want though! It’s their money! They should have a choice on what it goes for!

Speaking of choices? The whole “your subscription will be transferred to IRON MAN! Face it, True Believer – You’ve definitely hit the jackpot!” line? Just stupid! To begin with, they cancelled the comic that the subscriber was interested in! That’s what the subscriber wanted to read. If they wanted Iron Man, they would have subscribed to Iron Man to begin with! So, I ask you, how the hell is that hitting the jackpot? What it should say is “Face it subscriber – You definitely got screwed and didn’t even get taken to dinner first!”

That’s pretty much all the ranting I have regarding that.

If something is popular enough, one thing you can be certain of, is that a publisher will eventually turn it into a comic book, either an ongoing series, a comic adaptation, graphic novel or a Comic book mini-series event. This has been true for as far back as I recall. Everything from Star Trek to Robocop, From Indiana Jones to the Predator. Hell, even hit MMORPGs like Everquest and World of Warcraft ends up getting comics based on them.

Keeping in mind, that popularity usually equals comic book, it should come as no surprise that Stargate ended up with its own comic as well. I am talking about the movie, not the kick ass television series Stagate SG-1, though to be fair SG-1 did get its own comic as well.

That being said, the Stargate comic is an adaptation of the movie, and is done really well, at least in terms of writing, but considering it was an adaptation of a great movie, that’s not surprising. The art department though? While certainly not horrible, it does leave much to be desired. Especially in one particular panel, that shows Doctor Daniel Jackson, played by the ultra-creepy looking James Spader. I could describe it, but I think a picture would explain it much more clearly than words ever will.

While the above artwork, does manage to capture the sheer creepiness of Spader, I think they might have went overboard on the fingers. I mean, I don’t know Spader personally, so I can’t say with complete certainty that his fingers don’t look a thing like that, but I am pretty sure they don’t! Those fingers resemble long creepy alien fingers, not a human beings hand! It’s like, his fingers fell off, and his palm grew spider legs!

A new Television series is getting ready to come on the air. The TV show is called “The Walking Dead“, and as I am sure you were able to figure out, it is a show dealing with the zombie apocolypse! Not the zombie aspect of it mind you, but from the survivors perspective.

Now, if you are anything like me, then the title of this new series may sound familiar to you. Which it should, because it’s based on a Black & White comic book published by Image Comics, of the same name.

Personally, I loved the comic! It was one of my favorite comic book series. In fact, it ranked right up there with 100 bullets, Y: The last man, Preacher and Punisher. Yea, it’s just that good!

Enough about the comic though, the point is the new series! Now, the series is on AMC, which did come as a surprise to me, becase I honestly did not even know AMC made TV shows! Apprently however they do, and this new series is one of them.

So when is this show set to air? I will give you a clue. Sometime in the month of October. Right! You guessed it! Halloween, october 31st! Having it start on Halloween, considering the premise, is a great idea! Although, if you live in a house that get’s a lot of trick-or-teaters, then you might find yourself missing a lot as you get up and down to answer the door.

Will the show last and become a huge hit? Well, I really do hope so! However, I doubt it will last and/or become a TV hit. Why? Well, it’s on AMC! People don’t normally go scanning AMC for new Fall TV shows to watch! Perhaps though they should start? I know from now on AMC is getting checked by me for new shows!

Over the years I have had many favorite shows. Everything from Recent shows like Big Bang Theory, to not-so recent shows like Soap. In between those shows, is a Television series that I absolutely adored. It was called Jericho, and unfortunately it wasn’t long-lived. In fact, it was cancelled after the first season, but due to a fan write-in campaign that involved a whole lot of nuts, the show was brought back for a second season.

Still, the ratings just weren’t good enough to keep the show running, and like before the network decided to pull it, and again the fans cried out. This time however, the network wasn’t giving in, and the show remained cancelled after only 2 seasons.

That is until now.

Apparently Jericho is back for a THIRD season! However not in the form that we are used to. The third season of Jericho apparently is being done in comic book form. The series is scheduled for a 6 issue release, and apparently is already up to issue number 3! So, it’s halfway through the third season.

I am excited about this, since not only am I a loyal Jericho fan, But I am also a die-hard Comic book collector! However living in a small town like I do, means it’s difficult to get ahold of comics. We don’t have a comic book store, or a Comic vendor in general. So, I need to make my way over to our nearest “Big city”, and get to a comic book store and see if I can pick me up the issues that are currently out.

Wish me luck!

I  am sure most comic fans, and even disney fans has heard that disney has bought out Marvel Comics. What’s this going to mean for the world of Marvel? Who knows! This could however open the doors for some crazy Comic book story arcs. I mean, it’s not unthinkable. DC did it with WB licenses. For instance Superman has had a run-in with Bugs Bunny as scary as that sounds. So, now lets take a look at what I feel would be the worst comic book arcs in the history of marveldom.

1) Howard the Duck vs Donal Duck –  A special oneshot, where Howard discovers clues that leads to another one of his kind on earth. He then discovers Donald Duck! Mayhem ensues.

2) Exiles: For whom the Belle tolls. – A 3 part story Arc, One of the Exiles goes home, they then get a new team mate. This one however powerless. It’s Belle from beauty and the beast. She has become unhinged from her own time and must now travel with the Exiles to make things right. They end up Blinking into a reality where most mutants have been killed off. A rebellion is being led by former X-man Henry McCoy, also known as “Beast”! The Exiles have to make sure that in this world Magneto takes over the United State, but doing this COULD spell doom for Henry McCoy. During this tale, Belle Falls in love with Henry(Cause as you all know she apparently has a thing for hairy guys named Beast). They manage to finish their mission while ensuring Henry lives. They Blink out, but for some reason Belle stays with Beast to live happily ever after…awwwww…Their old team-mate then rejoins them.

3) Avengers: The Tinkering – This HUGE  part saga details the introduction of a new Avenger. Tinkerbell, Codenamed “Glowbug”.  Eventually she will spin-off into a mini series with the wasp in a 5 part tale called “Girls flight out”.

4) Ultimate X-men: The Ringing – Xavier discovers a new mutant with cerebro. Why, it’s Quasimoto! Quasi is then accepted into the X-mansion and becomes a major part of the team…Ringing the school bell between classes.

5) Fantastic Four: It came from…Hawaii?? – The fantastic four arrive in Hawaii to measure the volcanic density of the area. While there they discover an alien named Stitch. Reed decides to capture it and take it back to study it. After determining it’s no harm they decide to keep the little guy as a mascot. Thing is not impressed.

6) Major Marvel Milestone Event crossover saga – Read Richards of the Fantastic Four are doing some studies on some temporal disturbances. He fiddles with some highly sensitive knobs and gadgets. While going over some read-outs, that whacky Mascot known as Stitch knocks over a mug of coffee onto the computer panel causing sparks to fly and an interdimensional portal to open. Soon an army begins pouring out of the portals wearing all black battle armor, and helmets with what looks like mouse ears on top.

As the story unfolds it is discovered these soldiers are known as “The Mouseketeers” They are the main fighting force of whats called “The Magic Kingdom”. They begin attacking manhattan. All the superheroes engage in this battle to save the day. As the event continues, their leader will emerge into this world. A giant Mutant. Part man, Part mouse known only as “Micky”! Spider-man obviously has alot of quips about how fearsom the name is.

In the end the Marvel universe will push the mousketeers back through the portal along with their leader and Reed Richards, will manage to seal the portal closed. several old and unused marvel characters will be killed off to add to the shock and drama. Everyone will rejoice in the fact that the world is safe…Or is it? The story will end showing a mousketeer hiding in an abandoned warehouse working on a strange glowing device.

Can it get any worse than that?? I’m sure that it can, in fact…I would love to hear some of your ideas for disney/marvel comic stories.