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I’ve been reading the Dragonlance Chronicle….yea, I know…the books like from the 80’s. However I am just now getting around to reading them. Blame Television! It’s TVs fault, not airing any decent shows lately. Forcing me to read books!

At any rate, it’s actually a very good series of books, and I know there are some games based on the setting, and some RP campaigns and such, but what I would love to see is an MMORPG in this setting. I know there is D&D Online, but im not sure what world that game is set it, but i’m assuming it’s set in Forgotten Realms.

But, Yea, I would LOVE to see “Dragonlance Chronicles Online”. It could work the same way as Lord of the Rings Online works…Where you are adventuring in the world at the same time the companions are out there fighting the dragonarmy and all that…I think it would be a blast..I would buy it and subscribe to it….As long as it played like normal MMORPGs and not like the standard TSR cRPG titles. I just can’t get into those, which is a shame, because I freaking LOVE D&D stories.