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rip free delivery

I was an 80’s child. I grew up in the 80s, and while I didn’t live the 80’s party life, or even the 80’s high school life, I still experienced the music, movies, Cartoons, Television, fashion and culture. I also ate the food! The food wasn’t too different obviously! Sure, there was the occasional strange recipe, but for the most part it was your typical food that you eat today! Which is more than can be said about 70’s food!

One major difference though, and the thing I probably miss the most is that back then food delivery services offered free delivery! You ordered your food, and they brought it to you! Nowadays? That’s pretty much long gone! You will be hard pressed to find a free delivery place. These days, if you want your food delivered to your door it’s going to run you anywhere between 3 to 5 bucks extra.

If that wasn’t bad enough, nowadays not only do you have to pay delivery fees, but you have to have a minimum dollar amount before they will deliver it to you. The minimum differs from place to place, but I think the most common amount is $10. To be fair, most full meals will run you more than 10 bucks, so odds are you will meet the minimum anyway, but that’s beside the point! Either have a minimum amount, or have a delivery charge! If I am giving you an extra 5 bucks for gas I guess, just bring my a 5 dollar hamburger!

Back in the 80’s they didn’t charge you a delivery fee! That was practically unheard of! You wanted food? Just call the delivery place up and make your order, they would give you your total with no hidden charges and then bring it to your door in 30 mins or less! because that’s how the 80s rolled! I’m not sure when they went with “Mo’ money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money” business model…but it kinda sucks!

Alas, this is the world we live in now, and I am sure in time they will figure out other ways to tack on extra dollars to your bill, because…why not?

Cover of "The Karate Kid (Special Edition...

Cover of The Karate Kid (Special Edition)

The 80’s provided the world with numberous things. Some of the things that they 1980’s gifted upon the world, was good music, and even better movies. In fact, one of the best movies from the 80’s in my opinion is The Karate Kid. Please be aware, that I am referring to the original, not the horrible remake with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.

For those of you not in the know, The Karate Kid was about this wimpy Italian kid who got beat up by a gang of children who happened to be  kung-fu masters, however his janitor, which apparently was a super-ninja decided to step in, beat the other kids up. In the end, the wimpy italian kid, had to end up learning karate by doing chores around his janitors house, and then beat the kung-fu bully up in some kind of karate championship.

Now, when I explain it like that, the movie sounds a little hokey, but at the time it was pretty kick-ass, and was apparently cool enough to spawn 3 more sequels, granted each got progressively worse, but that’s beside the point! Hell, most don’t even count “The Next Karate Kid” as part of the series.

However, the 80’s were good at more than just producing good movies, and cranking out some keen tunes. The 80’s was also very skilled at milking a good thing. If something was popular, you were guaranteed to see a cartoon, a set of toys and probably a comic book series. That’s just how the 80’s rolled! They kept milking a good thing until they killed it.

The Karate Kid was no different. I had most of the Karate Kid action figures, and to be honest, I thought they were pretty cool. The kicked and even Karate chopped! However, they really ruined the movie franchise when they release an Animated series. Unless you have actually seen an episode of this cartoon series, you will never truly know how horrible it was. Sure, I can paint a picture, but it just wouldn’t be the same!

Although, thinking back, at least Daniel Son isn’t an 80’s movie icon that went on to fight aliens like Indiana Jones! Well, come to think of it, he might have! I never watched all the cartoon episodes, but that seems like it would be a plausible plot for an episode. Kung-fu martians invade earth, and the karate kid has to stop them. Yea, it was probably done.

So, I was searching around on the Mego Museum website, which is a really good place to visit if you are into collectible Mego toys, or even if you just want to take a look at all the mego goodness. While surfing through the website, I came across this picture of these two love birds holding hands.

sitting in a tree.....

Awww, it’s so romantical!

Cover of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventur...

Cover of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure


 Back in the 80’s they released a movie about teenage time travelers. No, I am not talking about back to the future! I am referring to Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure, which starred Keanu Reeves in one of his earlier roles. Unlike the DeLorean from back to the future, Bill & Ted used a phone booth, kinda like the TARDIS but nowhere near as cool looking, and definitely not as roomy.

The movie centered around 2 highschool losers, who needed to pass a history test so they could perform at a music event. To ensure this happened, a Time traveler came back in his phone booth, and took the kids out on a journey through time. All so they could pass their history test. The premise sounds extremely stupid, I agree. However, the movie developed quite a large cult following, and even spawned a sequel, as well as a comic book series, An animated series, as well as a short-lived television series despite the films sheer stupidity.

That was then, and thankfully the world moved on. Bill & Ted is perhaps the worst film franchise in the history of bad film franchises. It basically, is a film better left to rot in the past. Forgotten for all eternity. Will that happen though? Hell no! Apparently, they are in development of Bill & Ted 3. Seriously, a third film after this long? It’s not even a reboot, it’s part three! They actually want to continue the so-called story, and not just recreate it to make it less lame.

[Happy Willy - The Magical Condom]The 80’s brought the world many things! Clint Eastwoods Dirty Harry Character, a cat eating alien named ALF, Egyptian Walking and MTV. However the most epic thing from the 80’s is probably the worlds first condom commercial! That’s right! The date was November 13th, the year was 1987, 5 months after Regan addressed the AIDs issue.

Now, this commercial only aired on the BBC, because us American types are prudes. America didn’t pull it’s head out of the ground and start with the schlong sock ads until 1991, during an episode of Hermans Head on FOX.

The 80’s though is when the condom got it’s first taste of television stardom!

[MacGyver Season 1 DVD case]There used to be a show on television way back when called MacGyver. The show was basically about this guy named, MacGyver(Played by Richard Dean Anderson) who managed to get himself out of pretty much any situation using his brains! MacGyver never used a gun, at least in the way you would expect. Apparently guns do a lot more than just shoot out bullets.

This show was on in the 80’s, though had a long run on the USA Network in the form of re-runs! The show had a rather large following, and even if you have never seen the series, it’s a pretty safe bet you have heard of MacGyver in some form.

So, why was MacGyver so special? To begin with, he managed to get out of any situation by making gizmos using whatever items were lying around. These Gizmos later got dubbed MacGyverisms, which is a term still used on occasion today.

Now, I haven’t seen this show in YEARS, not since it was airing on USANetwork, and I was just a wee little tyke then. I didn’t fully grasp how cool the show was until I got older and looked back at shows from my past and thought Jesus christ, that show kicked ass!’ Now, I want to see them all again, that’s just how cool the series really was!

As I said though, I was much younger when I originally watched this series. So, I don’t remember a lot. Many aspects of the series are fuzzy. Take For instance, The Phoenix Foundation! I know MacGyver used to work there, but I have no idea what it was! Was it a government based shadow organisation? Was it an independent contractor? A mercenary group? I’m not sure! Maybe someone who stumbles across this entry will know.

What I DO remember from the show however is this: There is no problem on this planet that can not be solved with duct tape, fertilizer, swiss army knife, Pack of Chewing gum and a paper clip. No kidding! If you ever watched this show, you would know this!

Lastly, and only loosely based on the series. I never could figure out why MacGyver wasn’t taken and turned into a Computer game. I mean, MacGyver would fit in PERFECTLY to a Sierra style point and click adventure title. I mean, that’s what MacGyver does! Go around, gather common items, use them together to form uncommon items and then use the uncommon item, in an uncommon way to solve a seemingly unsolvable puzzle. See? PERFECT Point and Click inventory based adventure game.

Its ok! No need to dial 911, hes just doing the freeze!Every era had their popular dance moves, and the 80’s were NO different. Breakdancing was what was big in the 80’s though in most cases dancers also included Popping, locking and other mixtures of hip-hop moves. 

Breakdancing tended to be done in talent shows, and am fairly certain that every talent show done in the 80s had at LEAST one person moonwalking or worming their way across the stage.

Breakdancing typically was done on street corners, on a slat of cardboard which served as their portable dancefloor, and their oversized boombox spitting out a hiphop beat the echoed throughout the whole city.

In fact! Breakdancing was so popular in the 80s, some movie companies tried cashing in on the popularity and released movies based around breakdancing…One of the more classic titles is “Breakin’ 2: electric Boogaloo“. I am not saying it’s good, but it’s quite possibly the best of the batch of breakdancing movies(Which isn’t saying much)