Mafia III + “Faster Baby” DLC – PS4 Review

Posted: April 19, 2017 in Gaming
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So, I sat down here, and was going to write out a quick review for the Mafia III DLC “Faster Baby!”, but then it occurred to me! I’ve never even written a review for Mafia III! I had planned on it and had even written it out in my mind, and at the time knew exactly what I was going to say! Somewhere along the line though, something must have happened that made me forget to actually blog it! I apologize! To be fair, that’s not the first game that has ended up getting skipped over. I am a horrible person!

So, let me try to rectify that situation now! What is Mafia 3? It’s an open-world crime saga! If you are familiar with Saints Row, Grand Theft Auto or the other Mafia games, then you know what I mean! It takes place in New Bordeaux(a fictionalized version of New Orleans!) in the late 60’s! You play Lincoln Clay, an African American soldier just home from Vietnam and dealing with a lot of racial tension! He’s also in a criminal organization of sorts! Unlike other open world Crime sagas, this game goes from the standard “Criminal doing crime” story, to a tale of revenge! Now me personally? I love a good revenge story, and this is a good revenge story! The whole game is well paced and has some decent controls.

Here’s the thing about Mafia 3 though, storywise it is an incredible game with decent graphics and most importantly, it has perhaps one of the best soundtracks I have heard in a video game in a long time, including the GTA games! Everything is so good that I really want to say that the game is the bee’s knees, but I can’t! The game is extremely buggy! Sure, there have been updates, and fixes but the game still is plagued with bugs! There are graphic glitches, weird blue flashing lights that appear and disappear and World scenery just popping in and out of the gameworld! It definitely needs a few more patches!

That being said, I still like the game,. and it is playable, it’s just incredibly frustrating and needs to be patched ASAP. If it ever gets patched up completely, we are talking about a 5-star game though in my opinion. I mean the contents not perfect, but they are trying to fix that! For instance, when the game shipped there was no way to customize Lincoln Clay(The main protagonist in the game), which was just stupid! Mafia 2 had the ability to buy new clothes, and other open world crime sagas like GTA or Saints Row provide a LOT more customization to their characters. In this day and age, personalization is expected in free roam games! Not including any such form of customization was just lazy! However, they have since rectified that in a patch! Sort of! There are now a variety of outfits available in a “Closet” found in your safehouses. It’s not the kind of customization I was hoping for, but it’s at least something!

Currently, there is one story based DLC available called “Faster Baby”. It opens up a new section of the city called Sinclair Parish, which is being terrorized by a corrupt and super racist sheriff. Lincoln Teams up with Roxy Laveau to bring this sheriff down!

The DLC focuses mainly on high-speed chases and vehicle stunts that would make the duke boys proud! These stunts include driving up ramps and flying through billboards and signs! Since it does focus on driving there are obviously some nifty cars included in the DLC including my favorite “The Lassiter Nightcrawler” which will unlock as you play through the story. If you are a trophy hunter, then you are in luck, because the DLC offers a whopping 10 new ones for you to try to earn.

In terms of length? The DLC is really lacking! There’s a total of 10 missions, one is optional and a good portion of the other 9 are less like missions and more like cutscenes, which for some reason they decided to make a mission, despite not really doing anything! The whole DLC can be finished in an hour or so, but if you spend some time getting trophies and exploring the surrounding, you can definitely stretch that out! Still, the DLC is 15 bucks, which is a lot for the little that you’re getting! In comparison, the single player DLC for GTA4 consisted of 20+ missions(That were actually missions and not cutscenes) plus side missions and random character encounters! It was almost like a whole game, and only cost 20 bucks! So, yeah! This DLC is way overpriced!

There are more planned DLC releases. We have one coming up sometime in may, and then a final third one later this summer. Here’s hoping the next 2 add a little more content for the dollar.


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