Remember Free Delivery?!?

Posted: March 30, 2016 in 80's Flashback, General
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rip free delivery

I was an 80’s child. I grew up in the 80s, and while I didn’t live the 80’s party life, or even the 80’s high school life, I still experienced the music, movies, Cartoons, Television, fashion and culture. I also ate the food! The food wasn’t too different obviously! Sure, there was the occasional strange recipe, but for the most part it was your typical food that you eat today! Which is more than can be said about 70’s food!

One major difference though, and the thing I probably miss the most is that back then food delivery services offered free delivery! You ordered your food, and they brought it to you! Nowadays? That’s pretty much long gone! You will be hard pressed to find a free delivery place. These days, if you want your food delivered to your door it’s going to run you anywhere between 3 to 5 bucks extra.

If that wasn’t bad enough, nowadays not only do you have to pay delivery fees, but you have to have a minimum dollar amount before they will deliver it to you. The minimum differs from place to place, but I think the most common amount is $10. To be fair, most full meals will run you more than 10 bucks, so odds are you will meet the minimum anyway, but that’s beside the point! Either have a minimum amount, or have a delivery charge! If I am giving you an extra 5 bucks for gas I guess, just bring my a 5 dollar hamburger!

Back in the 80’s they didn’t charge you a delivery fee! That was practically unheard of! You wanted food? Just call the delivery place up and make your order, they would give you your total with no hidden charges and then bring it to your door in 30 mins or less! because that’s how the 80s rolled! I’m not sure when they went with “Mo’ money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money” business model…but it kinda sucks!

Alas, this is the world we live in now, and I am sure in time they will figure out other ways to tack on extra dollars to your bill, because…why not?


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