Days Under Custody Revoked From Steam Users!

Posted: March 22, 2016 in Gaming
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Many steam users who owned the game “Days Under Custody” on steam, were sent a notice yesterday. The notice informed the users that their copy of Days Under Custody was being revoked! Valve, then pulled the game from their libraries. The notice read as follows:

Your recent Product code activation has been revoked due to a problem processing payment for this item. The games associated with this product code can no longer be played as a result. This could be due a problem with the payment methods you used to acquire this item from a third-party seller; or a problem with how the third-party seller acquired the Product code. Please contact the seller you acquired the Product code from for assistance.

If you would like to purchase the item, please visit the Steam Store. Otherwise you may choose to delete the local content associated with these games.

Users of Steam who were sent this notice flocked in droves to the forums for the game, demanding an explanation. As it turned out, all keys that were issued by the authorized bundle dealers Daily Indie Game, and Indie Gala were revoked! This includes not just activated keys, but keys that have yet to be activated! Many people tried putting in another key to get the game added back to their library, only to be notified that the key they were using was a duplicate.  Obviously, people demanded answers, and as of the time of this writing, the situation has yet to be corrected. The developer did however respond on the forums to the problem stating:

We apologize for this issue. It results from a miscommunication with our contact at Valve. All keys were not supposed to be revoked, just extra keys that were not previously distributed in bundles. As some of you may know, there is a big issue with 3rd party sites selling Steam keys. It is causing lots of issues and was one of the major topics of conversation at GDC this year. We were simply trying to ensure that extra keys were not going to make their way to these third party sites. We are working with Steam to correct the mistake and will ensure that folks who purchased the key via Indie Gala or DIG will have their game restored.

Hopefully the situation gets corrected, since it has left a lot of feathers severely ruffled.


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