Uncharted 4 is due out very soon! This got me to thinking about Uncharted, and made me go through the franchise and get caught up, so that it’s all fresh in my memory, and thought I would share with you what I interpret the order to be in the franchise.

This is in no way an official timeline, in fact many of stories outside of the main game series can be read/played in any order. They don’t specify what period the tale takes place in. I just prefer them in a certain order based on the lack of certain characters and so fourth.

So, without further ado: The Unofficial pre-Uncharted 4 timeline(or the best way I prefer to experience the saga)!


Uncharted: Eye of Indra (Motion Comic) – I generally assume this is the first story in the Uncharted setting, since it has Eddy Raja and Nathan Drake as friends, where as by the first Uncharted game they are bitter rivals.


Uncharted: The Fourth labyrinth – This book never really specifies when it takes place, and doesn’t really have anything to do with the series. The book follows Nathan, Sully and a new character named Jada as they search for 4 ancient labyrinths!

Uncharted Comic – Another stand alone story, and no real time frame is stated but since it has Drake meeting Chloe for the first time, and still working with Flynn, one can safely assume it takes place before Uncharted 2. It feels like a story that fits in right before the golden abyss.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss – This PSP Vita game has a whole bunch of new characters not present in any other Uncharted medium!  The game could literally take place anywhere in the series, though I like to assume this takes place right before the first uncharted game. That way all the console games fit nicely together.

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune – The game that started it all! Nathan meets Elena for the first time as Nathan and Sully go on a quest for a city of gold! Available on PS3, or in the remastered collection on PS4.

Uncharted: Among Thieves – Features Chloe and Flynn working together again…just like old times! Available on PS3, or in the remastered collection on PS4.

Uncharted: Drakes Deception – The gangs all here and Cutter too! Chloe, Sully, Elena and Nathan all work together to seek out the Atlantis of the sands! Available on PS3, or in the remastered collection on PS4.


Uncharted 4: A thiefs End – Not a lot is known right now about this upcoming PS4 game. We do know Nathan and Sully are both in it though, and apparently it’s the last game in the series. It’s also a safe assumption that it will follow the events of Uncharted 3: Drakes deception. All of the core games play in chronological order with the exception of a few flashbacks….There’s no reason to assume this will be any different.
NOTE: I never played Uncharted: Drakes Trail, as it was on a European website, and existed before the first game came out. It was an ARG as far as I know, that detailed Elenas search for Uncharted prior to the first game. Still, I haven’t played it..so can’t be sure..so not adding it to the timeline.


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