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Anyone remember the Survival horror / FPS hybrid “F.E.A.R.” that came out way back in 2005? It was incredibly popular, and was released on not just the PC, but also Xbox 360 and PS3. From what I understand, the console games were inferior, but I can’t say with any certainty because I never played the game on the console. In fact, I had never played the game on the PC either!

I know, I am a horrible gamer! The reason though, was that during those years, I wasn’t doing much gaming at all. My wife had passed away a few years before that, and I was in a major slump and gaming was the last thing on my mind. So, a good many  of the later PS2/Xbox games, and early Xbox 360/PS3 games were completely ignored…I’m still catching up!

Anyway, this is one of the games that I had to catch up on, and I finally got around to playing it on the PC and I have to admit that this is a good cinematic FPS! Easily one of the better games I have played! My only real regret is that it took me this long to pick it up and begin playing it! I wish I started playing it when I first started catching up on old games that I skipped over! Better late than never I guess though right?

The game is also incredibly LONG! Which is a huge plus in my book, and should be in yours too. You definitely get your moneys worth with this purchase, especially since you can pick it up on steam for a mere 10 bucks. Less if you wait for a sale. I got mine, for just 2 bucks. So, unless you are someone who doesn’t have much time to invest into a game, and just want a quick bang-bang, pew-pew experience, then you owe it to yourself to get this now, otherwise stick with the single player CoD campaigns for your pew-pew thrills. This one will take several hours unless you just rush through without exploring. It took me 15 hours to complete the game(That’s including the two expansion packs that are included with the gold edition)

The game is also challenging, so if you want a game that’s a breeze and practically plays it’s self, then might not be for you, and again: Stick to the single player CoD campaigns! However if you want a challenge then this game should be in your library.

Now, the game lists it’s self as a horror game, and I just do not agree with that assessment. Sure there are a few “gasp moments”, but only because the game relies heavily on jump scare tactics, and I don’t consider loud noises or quick rushing objects appearing out of nowhere to be horror. To be fair, I believe jump scare tactics might be the only way to cause a fright in a FPS, as real horror comes from escaping and fearing for your life, not gunning down everything in your way in a blazing hail of gunfire.

So, while I don’t consider it a “Horror” game, I do consider it an excellent FPS that should be in everyone’s library!

Good graphics for it’s age.
Fantastic Story line!
Challenging game play
Bullet time!
Impressive AI
Many hours of game play
Includes two expansion packs!

Clumsy default controls(Can be reconfigured to your liking)
Game maybe TOO challenging for some novice gamers even on easier settings.
Some maps get boring and slightly repetitive.

Overall Score: 7/10


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