Only Sexists Dislike The Ghostbusters Reboot?

Posted: March 11, 2016 in Hollywood spotlight!
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Not too long ago the trailer for the Ghostbusters Reboot film came out. The trailer was met with mixed reactions. Some loved it, some didn’t really care, but a good portion of the original GB fan base hated it! Since then, there have been a few people who have come out and pretty much said that no matter what excuses you’re making for disliking the trailer/film/cast, all it boils down to is that you are sexist.

Am I sexist? Well, maybe to some degree! I’m not going to lie, but I am the type of sexist who will watch a movie because it has women. I like to look at eye candy, and women are very attractive! So, while I maybe sexist, it’s not sexism that makes me dislike this movie! Bottom line, I don’t like the movie (based on what I saw in the trailer) because it looks like pure garbage. It’s nothing but your typical Melissa comedy. Now, Don’t get me wrong, I love Melissa! She is one of my favorite actresses. She’s hysterical! However her comedy just does not mesh with the Ghostbusters franchise.

Look, I admit that I could be wrong about this movie. It’s hard to judge a movie from a trailer alone. What I will say though is that it LOOKS like they stripped everything that made the original film good. The original movie was a blend of comedy and horror that fit so perfectly together despite the fact that horror and comedy are on different ends of the entertainment spectrum. Hell, I remember when I was younger,  the gatekeeper demon dogs used to give me nightmares, but now, it looks like ALL the ghosts are neon, pastel cutesy characters. Even the ghosts from the animated series “The real ghostbusters” looked more ghostly and horrific than the ones in this movie reboot.

If I am going to be honest, I admit that I do hate it when a movie/book/comic changes things drastically from the original. It’s not sexism, I am just not a big fan of changing things that work. I would hate if they remade Die Hard with Jennifer Love Hewitt in a tank top fighting terrorists (And let’s be honest, JLH is fantastic eye candy!) just as much as I would hate it if they remade ALIEN with Liam Neeson as Ripley. Just don’t change what works people!

I get it! The film company is trying to be PC! That’s great, but if you are going to be PC at least do it right! You have the women putting hearts over the dots of the radiation hazard symbol, because I guess they feel that women can’t possibly see a dot, and not change it to a heart. Hey, at least they didn’t give the girls hot pink jumpsuits covered in sparkles, and turn the proton packs into rainbow spewing ghostguns.  Please, if anyone is sexist it’s the people who assume a movie will be better because it’s been remade with women!

End of the day, I just don’t think movies should be remade, at least not when they are films that define our current pop culture! Still, if you feel you absolutely must remake a movie, at least rename the thing!  That way, when people want to watch the superior “Ghostbusters” it doesn’t confuse them and get them stuck with a sitcom in movie format.

You know what? Even better! Just stop trying to recreate pop culture. Reboots are basically saying “Yea, it was ok…but we can do better..” and you can’t! No, seriously you can’t. Actually, it’s kind of like a slap in the face when some director and writer comes along and says “Hey, all you people who loved the previous movie and kept interest in the franchise alive long enough to give us a chance to reboot it…we’re rebooting it, cause the original just wasn’t good enough”….I seriously hate reboots.


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