Farcry Primal – PS4 Review

Posted: February 24, 2016 in Gaming
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Once upon a time, I bought a game called Far Cry, and I loved that game like nobodies business! It was beautiful and original. It combined Stealth with FPS goodness, and then topped it off with a decent story. I seriously loved this game!

Then Far Cry 2 came out, and since I loved the original I bought the sequel right quick. Unfortunately I was incredibly disappointed. Everything seemed so bland! The story sucked, the location sucked and I was just really let down. I did love how the fire could spread though when a fire broke out. That was cool, but not cool enough to make the game enjoyable.

It wasn’t too long before FarCry 3 came out, and I found myself equally disappointed with that one. The same disappointment followed with FarCry 4. It was at this point that I knew that Far Cry had evolved into a game series, that just didn’t appeal to me. The sales were high on the series though! People love the Far Cry games! So, odds are it was always going to be the same ol’ game with polished graphics.

I told myself after playing the 4th entry in the Far Cry series, that I wasn’t going to buy any more Far Cry games. That they just don’t appeal to me anymore. Then they announced Far Cry: Primal. Far Cry game where you get to be a caveman and hunt sabretooth tigers and mammoths and all kinds of other extinct creatures? How can I resist that??

Not only did I pick it up, but I even pre-ordered it. To be fair though, how could I not? Cave men! So knowing that I was going to prob dislike the game, I ordered it anyway. Hoping that the fact that it’s about cave men will make it more enjoyable, at least enjoyable enough to overlook everything else that I was going to dislike about it!

So, it arrived and I popped it into my console and began playing it! First, let me just say that the graphics in this game is nothing short of amazing! The fur on the animals doesn’t quite seem right, but everything else is eye poppingly awesome in appearance! However that’s to be expected when it comes to Farcry games. I haven’t played a Farcry title yet that wasn’t graphically impressive for its time. How’s the content? Glad you asked!

The game started off nice! A sweet a mammoth hunt! True, I ended up getting killed in said opening mammoth hunt, so I was fairly certain the game was going to be a challenge! I survived the mammoth hunt the second time around, and eventually make it into the heart of the game! From this point on, the goes downhill to me! It’s basically feels like farcry 4(A game I did not like)! Only difference is as the game progresses you can tame wild animals and have them do your bidding! Yea, that part is actually as cool as it sounds! The story is there, but it’s not really anything that captures your imagination. It doesn’t suck you in! You are going to be spending more time fighting and killing animals that participating in an engaging story.

There are some cool things you can do in the game though! Like shoot bee hives causing a swarm of bees to attack surrounding foes(Or animals). There’s also my personal favorite: track down a bear in the woods, and fire a flaming arrow at him. This catches him on fire, and a flaming bear running through the woods tends to cause mayhem….also wildfires.

The voice acting is acceptable! Though you should know right away that the game is spoken in Proto-Indo-European. What this means is that unless you are a freak and speak caveman language, you are going to be reading subtitles. This does add to the realism, but why does it need to be realistic when so much of it isn’t realistic. I am sure many people will love the added touch, for me it was an annoyance. I hate reading subtitles, because the text on the bottom pulls me out of whatever immersion I am in.

In the end, I didn’t completely hate it like other Farcry games, but it is still a disappointment. Yes, I regret buying it, but I will also likely still play it on occasion. I have no plans to trade it in, so it’s not so bad that I don’t want it in my game library, it’s just not something I will go on about. I really need to stop buying these farcry games though. The style just isn’t my cup of tea! If you love past Farcry games though, most likely you are going to love this, since it’s just more of the same with a few improvements. I would rate it a 5/10. A solid “Meh!”


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