WonderWash – Product Review

Posted: February 18, 2016 in Shopping treasures
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Awhile back my washing machine went kaput, and I didn’t want to run out and buy a new washing machine, because I am incredibly cheap. Being cheap I decided to look for an alternative method for washing clothes. Sure, there was hand washing. That was an option, and one I did do! Ultimately the hand washed clothes came out cleaner and nicer smelling than when I stuck them in the washing machine. Still, it was a lot of trouble, and was difficult for me, so I decided to look for more options.

To my amazement, there are TONS of washing machine alternatives. So, I picked up one up to see how well it would suit me. The one I bought was called The WonderWash! Not to be confused with Wonder Washer(As seen on TV), those are two totally different things. I mean, they accomplish the same thing, but work differently.

So, what is it? Well it’s a small lightweight non-electric washing machine alternative powered via hand crank and it costs roughly about 50 bucks. Does it work? Well yes, kind of. I mean, it sort of manages to wash clothes, although it’s really not all that effective. You see there’s no agitator in the barrel to beat on the clothes, so you can essentially accomplish the same level of clean by swirling your clothes in a bucket for 5 mins. Which, would be cheaper than this system. The clothes just don’t come out that clean(as I said, it’s the same as swirling clothes in a bucket) and in fact you get cleaner clothes by washing the clothes by hand.

The unit it’s self is fairly sturdy and made out of high quality plastic. It’s definitely not cheaply made, however the clips used to hold the system on it’s “Stand” come out rather easily which can be annoying if you are using the washer in a sink or tub, and the clip goes down the drain.

The hole for your clothes also is fairly small. Not too much of an issue for light clothes like underwear, socks, t-shirts and the likes, but stiff clothing like jeans are a bit tough to get in and out and even when you get the clothes out there’s a good chance water will be everywhere! So make sure you use this outside, or in a sink or tub or some place where having water pool out everywhere isn’t an issue.

Another thing that irked me, was the thing didn’t include any kind of assembly manual. Sure, it’s not too difficult to figure out how it’s put together, but it still would be handy to have that little bit of help along the way. Granted, most likely I wouldn’t have read the manual anyway but there are people out there who actually read manuals! It’s for them that some kind of instruction should have been included.

All in all, I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone, since there are better washing machine alternatives out there (Including hand washing) but it does SLIGHTLY work! Though the effort put into hand cranking the device just isn’t equal to the level of cleanliness received. It does get to be a bit difficult to crank, since all that water in the barrel weighs it down quite well! Plus you are expected to crank it for 5 mins.

Thankfully I got my washing machine fixed, so this doesn’t need to be used anymore! I’ll still hold onto it and keep it in the closet. It might come in useful during a  sharkalypse or something. You know, if I need to wash clothes, but don’t want to stand by the waters edge hand washing them because of Zombie Sharks. Someone better get Syfy channel on the horn, cause that would make an excellent SyFy movie!

  1. Eze says:

    When I first used (an almost new second hand) WonderWash, immediately the (plastic!) axis at the side of the hand crank broke. It could not be repared. Especially for preppers having such a machine in stock for years for an emergency situation, such a lousy quality is absolutely killing! These kind of products should not be made out of plastic, but as my grandmother had out of durable iron or better stainless steel. The WonderWash has a lousy quality and should be named WonderWaste (of money)!

    • Admin says:

      Well, mine didn’t break, but to be fair I only used it twice before sticking it in the closet. Like I said, it was more trouble than it was worth. A bucket filled with water and a plunger would prob work better.

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