Stranded Deep – PC Game Review

Posted: February 13, 2016 in Gaming
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Stranded Deep is an incredibly fun game from “Beam Team Games“and is available on Steam as an early access title for 15 bucks, However you can get it much cheaper when it’s on sale. For those who aren’t sure what Early Access is, let me explain briefly. You basically buy a game that isn’t done. You purchase an incomplete game, and then get to participate in it’s evolution to it’s final state. You basically pay to be a beta tester. This means that the games in Early Access might be unplayable, Ugly, Glitch heavy, or just incomplete. You also take the risk that the game never get’s finished. There have been several Early Access games that have been abandoned, thus leaving their customers with an unfinished and often times unplayable game.  Stranded Deep though has been in Early Access for awhile, and it’s been worked on regularly, so the odds are that this is going to stick around to completion.

The thing that impressed me most was that it had a tutorial(Sort of). Sure, it didn’t explain everything to me and it did leave me trying to figure out how to relight a campfire after the fire went out.  It however did help me with the basics. Usually survival games just grab you and toss you into their world with no knowledge on even how to pick something up, so having them explain somethings to me was refreshing. I didn’t feel like an idiot once the meat of the game started, however I still had to figure out how to do some things on my own.

The game, like most titles of the survival genre offers items you can craft. You can craft an assortment of tools and weapons and various other items all from things you salvage and find scattered around the terrain. Unfortunately at this moment in time, there aren’t too many items to craft. However I assume more craftable items will be added as the game continues to grow and evolve into it’s finished state.

There also aren’t many dangers in the game. On land, you are fairly safe, your only real threat is starvation, or from a brutal fall if you are a complete klutz. While I would like to see more land animals, odds are that won’t happen unless they also increase island sizes, since the island you are stranded on is just too small to have many other creatures on it aside from you.

One nifty thing I like about this game is that it has mods. So, if you want biggerish islands you can just mod it. Just be aware that updates break mods, and since it’s Early Access updates are frequent.

Overall, I would(and have) highly recommend this to anyone I know who enjoys survival games.


  • Gorgeous graphics.
  • Quick Download time
  • Takes up less than a gig of HD space.
  • Unique Crafting Method
  • Randomly generated islands.
  • Good controls once you adjust to them
  • Unique tutorial(Something I haven’t seen in other survival games)
  • Mods (with mods that fix some of the cons)


  • No land animals(Other than crabs)
  • Few sea creatures
  • No character model
  • Small Island sizes
  • Annoyingly small inventory
  • No Multi-player feature
RATING: 8/10

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