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Once upon a time, I bought a game called Far Cry, and I loved that game like nobodies business! It was beautiful and original. It combined Stealth with FPS goodness, and then topped it off with a decent story. I seriously loved this game!

Then Far Cry 2 came out, and since I loved the original I bought the sequel right quick. Unfortunately I was incredibly disappointed. Everything seemed so bland! The story sucked, the location sucked and I was just really let down. I did love how the fire could spread though when a fire broke out. That was cool, but not cool enough to make the game enjoyable.

It wasn’t too long before FarCry 3 came out, and I found myself equally disappointed with that one. The same disappointment followed with FarCry 4. It was at this point that I knew that Far Cry had evolved into a game series, that just didn’t appeal to me. The sales were high on the series though! People love the Far Cry games! So, odds are it was always going to be the same ol’ game with polished graphics.

I told myself after playing the 4th entry in the Far Cry series, that I wasn’t going to buy any more Far Cry games. That they just don’t appeal to me anymore. Then they announced Far Cry: Primal. Far Cry game where you get to be a caveman and hunt sabretooth tigers and mammoths and all kinds of other extinct creatures? How can I resist that??

Not only did I pick it up, but I even pre-ordered it. To be fair though, how could I not? Cave men! So knowing that I was going to prob dislike the game, I ordered it anyway. Hoping that the fact that it’s about cave men will make it more enjoyable, at least enjoyable enough to overlook everything else that I was going to dislike about it!

So, it arrived and I popped it into my console and began playing it! First, let me just say that the graphics in this game is nothing short of amazing! The fur on the animals doesn’t quite seem right, but everything else is eye poppingly awesome in appearance! However that’s to be expected when it comes to Farcry games. I haven’t played a Farcry title yet that wasn’t graphically impressive for its time. How’s the content? Glad you asked!

The game started off nice! A sweet a mammoth hunt! True, I ended up getting killed in said opening mammoth hunt, so I was fairly certain the game was going to be a challenge! I survived the mammoth hunt the second time around, and eventually make it into the heart of the game! From this point on, the goes downhill to me! It’s basically feels like farcry 4(A game I did not like)! Only difference is as the game progresses you can tame wild animals and have them do your bidding! Yea, that part is actually as cool as it sounds! The story is there, but it’s not really anything that captures your imagination. It doesn’t suck you in! You are going to be spending more time fighting and killing animals that participating in an engaging story.

There are some cool things you can do in the game though! Like shoot bee hives causing a swarm of bees to attack surrounding foes(Or animals). There’s also my personal favorite: track down a bear in the woods, and fire a flaming arrow at him. This catches him on fire, and a flaming bear running through the woods tends to cause mayhem….also wildfires.

The voice acting is acceptable! Though you should know right away that the game is spoken in Proto-Indo-European. What this means is that unless you are a freak and speak caveman language, you are going to be reading subtitles. This does add to the realism, but why does it need to be realistic when so much of it isn’t realistic. I am sure many people will love the added touch, for me it was an annoyance. I hate reading subtitles, because the text on the bottom pulls me out of whatever immersion I am in.

In the end, I didn’t completely hate it like other Farcry games, but it is still a disappointment. Yes, I regret buying it, but I will also likely still play it on occasion. I have no plans to trade it in, so it’s not so bad that I don’t want it in my game library, it’s just not something I will go on about. I really need to stop buying these farcry games though. The style just isn’t my cup of tea! If you love past Farcry games though, most likely you are going to love this, since it’s just more of the same with a few improvements. I would rate it a 5/10. A solid “Meh!”


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Silver Creek Falls Chapter 1 is an RPGmaker title that serves as the first chapter/teaser for an ongoing game. It is available on Steam and is a free chapter. One thing to keep in mind, is this is an RPGMaker game, so expect your standard birds eye view, cutesy 16 bit style anime graphics and over sized headed characters. If you enjoy those aspects then yer set! Otherwise beware!

The game so far has been getting rave user reviews, however I am mildly disappointed..and I will tell you why!

First, the game has no guidance. While playing the game I first investigated 1 of the 3 crime scenes. After looking around a bit, it didn’t tell me what else to do. The car wasn’t allowing me to enter it. So, I remembered a sentence used by the deputy that neighbors had called the police the night of the murder. So, I assumed I would check in with the neighbors!

None of the neighbor doors were interactive so i tried the ones across the street. One let me enter, and inside was a tape, that essentially ended day one, and assumed I had visited crime scenes 2 and 3…which I obviously hadn’t! At first I thought “Well, maybe there wasn’t a crime scene 2/3 even though the NPCs were talking about evidence that I hadn’t encountered or seen.” However, when checking the Steam store front page for the game, in the screenshots area are screen captures of 2 crime scenes that I didn’t see. so, it’s a safe assumption that I accidentally skipped them.

The story seems disjointed, however that COULD be because it let’s you skip through a big chunk of the game(Seriously developer, you REALLY need to patch that and change the police station to a separate instance that doesn’t phase in until after certain objectives have been met, or at least add some guidance like “Ok, well….crime scene 2 is north of here, let’s check that out next”.

There is no combat in the game, at least in the chunks that I played, however the type of game isn’t really a combat game. It’s less RPG and more story driven adventure/interactive fiction.

Will I buy any future chapters? Not if this is any indication of what the future chapters will be like. The story seemed interesting, but the skipping two crime scenes thing? That’s a major flaw in my opinion, and is something that SHOULD have been prevented, and could have been with a little extra elbow grease.

Yes, I know it’s free…and for a free game it’s ok(Though annoying), however future chapters will cost $$$ and like I said, if this is the amount of effort the developers are going to put into them as well? I’ll pass.

  • Interesting Story
  • At least one scene with voice acting.
  • Cute 16-bit graphics
  • It’s free! DUH!
  • Decent controls for a KeyBoard game.
  • Bugged! Can skip half the game.
  • Bad BAD voice acting. Not sure if sheriff is southern or from new orleans..or somewhere else.
  • No controller support.
  • No way to go full screen(That I saw?)


RATING: 3.5/10



Awhile back my washing machine went kaput, and I didn’t want to run out and buy a new washing machine, because I am incredibly cheap. Being cheap I decided to look for an alternative method for washing clothes. Sure, there was hand washing. That was an option, and one I did do! Ultimately the hand washed clothes came out cleaner and nicer smelling than when I stuck them in the washing machine. Still, it was a lot of trouble, and was difficult for me, so I decided to look for more options.

To my amazement, there are TONS of washing machine alternatives. So, I picked up one up to see how well it would suit me. The one I bought was called The WonderWash! Not to be confused with Wonder Washer(As seen on TV), those are two totally different things. I mean, they accomplish the same thing, but work differently.

So, what is it? Well it’s a small lightweight non-electric washing machine alternative powered via hand crank and it costs roughly about 50 bucks. Does it work? Well yes, kind of. I mean, it sort of manages to wash clothes, although it’s really not all that effective. You see there’s no agitator in the barrel to beat on the clothes, so you can essentially accomplish the same level of clean by swirling your clothes in a bucket for 5 mins. Which, would be cheaper than this system. The clothes just don’t come out that clean(as I said, it’s the same as swirling clothes in a bucket) and in fact you get cleaner clothes by washing the clothes by hand.

The unit it’s self is fairly sturdy and made out of high quality plastic. It’s definitely not cheaply made, however the clips used to hold the system on it’s “Stand” come out rather easily which can be annoying if you are using the washer in a sink or tub, and the clip goes down the drain.

The hole for your clothes also is fairly small. Not too much of an issue for light clothes like underwear, socks, t-shirts and the likes, but stiff clothing like jeans are a bit tough to get in and out and even when you get the clothes out there’s a good chance water will be everywhere! So make sure you use this outside, or in a sink or tub or some place where having water pool out everywhere isn’t an issue.

Another thing that irked me, was the thing didn’t include any kind of assembly manual. Sure, it’s not too difficult to figure out how it’s put together, but it still would be handy to have that little bit of help along the way. Granted, most likely I wouldn’t have read the manual anyway but there are people out there who actually read manuals! It’s for them that some kind of instruction should have been included.

All in all, I wouldn’t really recommend this to anyone, since there are better washing machine alternatives out there (Including hand washing) but it does SLIGHTLY work! Though the effort put into hand cranking the device just isn’t equal to the level of cleanliness received. It does get to be a bit difficult to crank, since all that water in the barrel weighs it down quite well! Plus you are expected to crank it for 5 mins.

Thankfully I got my washing machine fixed, so this doesn’t need to be used anymore! I’ll still hold onto it and keep it in the closet. It might come in useful during a  sharkalypse or something. You know, if I need to wash clothes, but don’t want to stand by the waters edge hand washing them because of Zombie Sharks. Someone better get Syfy channel on the horn, cause that would make an excellent SyFy movie!

beasts of prey


In a world full of Zombie themed survival games, Beasts of Prey stands out. As far as I know, this was one of the first dinosaur based survival games made, though certainly not the last. It did however take a chance on something “Different”, and in my opinion it paid off. The game is available on Steam for only 12 bucks, so it won’t put you in the poor house. It is however an Early Access title, so expect some glitches and bugs.

I picked up Beasts of Prey a little over a year ago, but hadn’t played it at all within the last 6 months. So, I installed the game, to see if the developers had done anything with the game, and I was blown away! Everything from the game play to the graphics had been improved! It looked gorgeous, and I was impressed! In fact, I remember thinking: “This game is really going places!”

After the initial awe struck period though, I realized that my hot bar was empty. After fumbling around, trying to remember how to open my inventory, I finally hit tab. I saw my knife and bandages there, although they should by default be in your hot tray IMHO. So, I decided to try and drag them to my hotbar, only to find that I can’t click on them. After about a half hour trying to figure out how to equip my weapon/tool I grew frustrated and went to quit. Only ESC wasn’t bringing up the menu. I tried several other keys, and couldn’t figure even that out. Out of frustration I Ctrl+alt+Del out of the game.

This seems like a lot of trouble to me. Sure, it’s got good potential, and looks brilliant. However trying so hard to just figure out the basics is annoying. I know a lot of these “Survival” games say they don’t want to hand hold you, and they want you to figure it out as if it was a real survival setting.  I’m sorry, but explaining how to hold a knife isn’t “Hand holding” Everyone should know how to hold an item. It’s common sense, not a learned survival trait. I’m not saying that they should explain everything, but the very basics is kind of a no brainer! Then not even being able to exit the game? You shouldn’t even need a tutorial to figure out how to quit!  In the end, i’m just not sure it’s worth the trouble. If you don’t want to add a tutorial, fine! I can deal with that but maybe add some “Game tips” or something so you aren’t forced to just stand there trying to figure out the most basic actions.

Now, to be fair…I’m not sure if the not being able to click or drag my equipment was a bug, or if the esc key doing nada was a bug….but IF they were glitches..these are huge issues, that need fixing.

  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Dinosaurs
  • Original idea
  • Low cost
  • Tons of craftable items
  • Single Player option
  • No Tutorial
  • Either Glitchy or confusing controls.
  • Not a large player base
  • Very few official servers(w/high pings)


RATING: 6.5/10


If you have ever played Wolfenstien: The New Order, then you pretty much know what to expect in this game. It’s pretty much just more of the same. However, if you haven’t played it, and are unfamiliar with the story and events of W:TNO, don’t fret because that knowledge isn’t mandatory since this game is a prequel.

The game is a FPS, that takes place during WWII along an alternate timeline, where the Nazis have perfected robotics, cybernetics and weapon-tech. Meaning you will find yourself battling robotic super soldiers, cyborgs and well equipped soldiers eager to tear your head off.

While the game is a FPS, it does have many stealth elements. Sure, you can run in guns blazing and possibly survive. However the safer, and in my opinion way more fulfilling method, is stealthing your way through certain locations. Why blast a heavily armored super soldier when you can sneak through some air ducts and get behind him to shut off his power? Why run through a kennel and battle cyborg dogs when you can sneak up to them while they sleep and silence them quickly?

Basically, the game should appeal to both fans of stealth games, as well as FPS enthusiasts. There’s really a lot to love with this game! Although you should be warned that the game is not without it’s faults, which I will list below! First though,  allow me to tell you what it does well.

  • Flawless controller support
  • Incredibly long for a 20 dollar game
  • Breathtaking graphics
  • Excellent voice acting
  • Fantastic Storyline
  • Vent Crawling!
  • Good variety of enemies
  • Challenging gameplay with adjustable difficulty levels
  • No Multi-player
  • Inadequate Tutorial
  • Not much replay value.
  • Occasionally the AI can be a bit dimwitted
  • No manual save


RATING: 7/10

Today while enjoying my weekend and catching up on episodes of Lucifer, I was startled when there came a pounding at my front door. Not a knock mind you, but an actual pounding. A pounding so loud, that I half expected the door to come flying off the hinge. I’m not sure who was startled more, me or my dog. Either way, she behaved as a dog does and went apeshit! I rushed to the door, about ready to bitch out some Jehovah witnesses or something, and find a police officer standing there staring at me.

I looked past the officer to the street, and there were not 1, not 2, but 3 squad cars. When I saw that, I had all kinds of thoughts race through my head. The first thought was that something terrible had happened in the family. However the officer quickly put that fear to rest, by informing me that a neighbor hadn’t seen me for a few days and was worried, so he/she called the police to check on me. He asked if I was ok, and if I was sure that I was ok. I informed him that I was in fact perfectly fine, and so he said goodbye and left.

The thing is, I am an antisocial person. I know my neighbors, but it’s not like I talk to them. We aren’t friends, it’s not like we hold annual block parties. If you asked me any of my neighbors names, I couldn’t tell you! I have nick names for them, so that if I have to mention them to friends for some reason, they know who I am talking about. So, there’s no reason for anyone to be particularly concerned about me.

Now, if it was a family member, or friend who called? I would understand that! Friends and family tend to either talk to me, see me, or see me post on Facebook on a daily basis. If I go 3 or so days and none of them have heard from me? Yea, odds are I am dead! But neighbors?

The thing is, I am outside all the time! I take my dog out several times a day, I go out and check my mail. I leave in the morning, and come home in the early evening. I am literally outside, more than I am inside. Apparently though I am not outside at the exact same moment as my neighbor I guess, and that’s a reason to call the cops? Seriously?

Look, if you are genuinely concerned, that’s great! I’m even a bit thankful I guess. However, if you are really concerned, come over and knock on my door, then ask if I am ok. No need to have the cops come kick my door down. I don’t have anything against the police, but I have a pit bull. If cops are coming in my yard, when I am not expecting it, for no reason what ever really, there’s a chance my dog might run out of the yard. Worse yet, with her being a pit bull she could startle the officer, and end up getting shot. For what? Cause a neighbor didn’t see me outside for a day or two and didn’t want to be bothered coming over themselves?

So, I guess from now on I need to go door to door every few days, and say “Hi! Still alive!” just to avoid having the local swat team kick my door down. It’s just stupid, and yes I am pissed off. Also, why the hell did they need to bring three squad cars down here to check on my safety? Did the neighbor tell them that I was being held hostage by Hans Gruber or something? I think three cars a a bit of an overkill if you ask me!


Stranded Deep is an incredibly fun game from “Beam Team Games“and is available on Steam as an early access title for 15 bucks, However you can get it much cheaper when it’s on sale. For those who aren’t sure what Early Access is, let me explain briefly. You basically buy a game that isn’t done. You purchase an incomplete game, and then get to participate in it’s evolution to it’s final state. You basically pay to be a beta tester. This means that the games in Early Access might be unplayable, Ugly, Glitch heavy, or just incomplete. You also take the risk that the game never get’s finished. There have been several Early Access games that have been abandoned, thus leaving their customers with an unfinished and often times unplayable game.  Stranded Deep though has been in Early Access for awhile, and it’s been worked on regularly, so the odds are that this is going to stick around to completion.

The thing that impressed me most was that it had a tutorial(Sort of). Sure, it didn’t explain everything to me and it did leave me trying to figure out how to relight a campfire after the fire went out.  It however did help me with the basics. Usually survival games just grab you and toss you into their world with no knowledge on even how to pick something up, so having them explain somethings to me was refreshing. I didn’t feel like an idiot once the meat of the game started, however I still had to figure out how to do some things on my own.

The game, like most titles of the survival genre offers items you can craft. You can craft an assortment of tools and weapons and various other items all from things you salvage and find scattered around the terrain. Unfortunately at this moment in time, there aren’t too many items to craft. However I assume more craftable items will be added as the game continues to grow and evolve into it’s finished state.

There also aren’t many dangers in the game. On land, you are fairly safe, your only real threat is starvation, or from a brutal fall if you are a complete klutz. While I would like to see more land animals, odds are that won’t happen unless they also increase island sizes, since the island you are stranded on is just too small to have many other creatures on it aside from you.

One nifty thing I like about this game is that it has mods. So, if you want biggerish islands you can just mod it. Just be aware that updates break mods, and since it’s Early Access updates are frequent.

Overall, I would(and have) highly recommend this to anyone I know who enjoys survival games.


  • Gorgeous graphics.
  • Quick Download time
  • Takes up less than a gig of HD space.
  • Unique Crafting Method
  • Randomly generated islands.
  • Good controls once you adjust to them
  • Unique tutorial(Something I haven’t seen in other survival games)
  • Mods (with mods that fix some of the cons)


  • No land animals(Other than crabs)
  • Few sea creatures
  • No character model
  • Small Island sizes
  • Annoyingly small inventory
  • No Multi-player feature
RATING: 8/10