Party like it’s 1859

Posted: December 9, 2015 in All about ME!
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The other day the unthinkable occurred! My washing machine broke down! This is a horrible time of year for things to break down, yet it always seems like if somethings going to break, it happens around Christmas. Why? Because Christmas hates me, that’s why!

Anyway, as I was saying! My Washing machine broke down, and because I put things off to the very last minute, all my clothes were dirty. I couldn’t very well go to a laundromat wearing dirty stinky clothes! I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off! What was I going to do? I can’t go wash clothes without clean clothes…and I can’t get clean clothes without washing my clothes! It was quite a paradox!

After I calmed down a moment, a thought struck me from out of the blue(that totally just reminded me of that song “Believe it or not“)..Washing Machines are a relatively new invention! They were only invented in the 1850’s, what did people do BEFORE then?? They washed them by hand of course! I could do that! Of course, I wasn’t alive in the 1800’s, so I wasn’t sure what the proper way to do clothes washing by hand…you know, other than what I saw being done on the first season of Walking Dead, so I googled it!

After reading up on how it’s done PROPERLY I did it myself, and they came out smelling and looking nicer and cleaner than when I machine washed them. However, I am old and not in very good condition, so afterwards my arms, and back were killing me…they still are killing me actually. Still, at least I had clean clothes now! So, there’s that!


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