Pecan Pie Flavored M&Ms Review

Posted: December 4, 2015 in Shopping treasures
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pecan pie m&mRecently M&Ms came out with a Limited Edition Fall flavor. A lot of companies do this, and M&Ms does it a lot! In fact, I think M&Ms could duke it out with Oreos for the number 1 spot of “Most limited edition flavors per year”. Anyway, the flavor M&Ms came out with this fall was “Pecan Pie“. It was sold only in Walmart stores, and not even in all of them! You could (And still can if you wanna drop a large chunk of coin on them) pick them up from Amazon as well.

So, are they delicious? Worth the cash? Well, yes! They are delicious! In fact, they are one of the better M&M flavors I have tried. However, despite what they are called they do NOT taste like Pecan Pie! Not even remotely! I’m not even sure why they named them that really! There’s literally not a hint of pecan pie in the little candy coated morsels of goodness!

So, if not Pecan Pie, what’s the flavor? The closest I can think of, would be a Maple Log flavoring. Which lovers of Pecan Pie might recognize as totally not Pecan Pie! In fact, it probably should have been marketed as some kind of Canadian patriotic flavor. Perhaps released on the Canadian Thanksgiving. That at least would make since! Plus, you wouldn’t be disappointed biting into these expecting something that tastes at least slightly like pecan pie and instead getting a mouthful of Maple.

Still, it’s a delicious flavor, and well worth the cost, as long as you aren’t buying from someone overpricing on Amazon.


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