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dark forces

Tomorrow is the release of the new Star Wars movie! “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”! Actually, so is today I guess if you live in one of the areas doing an early showing..But tomorrow is the official opening day! So, in honor of the films release, I decided to do a review of a classic Star Wars game! So, I dove into my Steam library and picked out Star Wars: Dark Forces!

This title is a classic FPS(or as they were called back in the day, a Doom Clone) set in the Star Wars Universe. I played this game first on the original Playstation, and it was my first encounter with the expanded universe. I quickly fell in love with the idea and started buying other EU games, the books(And Comic books) and it all started with this title.

While this game may no longer be canon, it’s still an extremely fun experience. If you are familiar with DOOM, then you know what this is. You run around, blast your enemies and press switches and gather colored keys to open doors. Typical 90’s FPS gameplay mechanics.

The game has held out really well over the years. The graphics obviously are dated, but not so much as to leave you scratching your head trying to figure out what that batch of pixels is supposed to be. Difficulty is fairly challenging. Not so much in combat, but some of the levels get downright confusing and might leave you lost.

The only major downside to this classic titles is the control system! It uses your standard arrow key controls, but looking up and down is a bit of a pain. In order to look up and down, you need to use page up and page down keys. Since you are having to move around with the arrow keys, take your hand off the movement keys in order to aim at an attacking enemy on the ledge above you can be a tad annoying.

Thankfully the game does have Auto-Aim. So, if you fire your weapon in the general direction of your enemy, it will start shooting at him, even if he is a level above you. Yes, it would be nice to aim at your foe easier, but you technically never even have to look up or down to finish the game thanks in no small part to auto-aim.

  • Star Wars!
  • Good graphics for the time
  • Runs well on modern systems
  • Auto-Aim!
  • Classic look and feel adds to the Nostalgia.
  • Most levels are fun
  • Good UI
  • Great story
  • No longer Canon 😦
  • Dumb AI
  • Levels can get boring and repetitious. Mainly the sewer level.
  • Clumsy controls.


RATING: 7/10




The other day the unthinkable occurred! My washing machine broke down! This is a horrible time of year for things to break down, yet it always seems like if somethings going to break, it happens around Christmas. Why? Because Christmas hates me, that’s why!

Anyway, as I was saying! My Washing machine broke down, and because I put things off to the very last minute, all my clothes were dirty. I couldn’t very well go to a laundromat wearing dirty stinky clothes! I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off! What was I going to do? I can’t go wash clothes without clean clothes…and I can’t get clean clothes without washing my clothes! It was quite a paradox!

After I calmed down a moment, a thought struck me from out of the blue(that totally just reminded me of that song “Believe it or not“)..Washing Machines are a relatively new invention! They were only invented in the 1850’s, what did people do BEFORE then?? They washed them by hand of course! I could do that! Of course, I wasn’t alive in the 1800’s, so I wasn’t sure what the proper way to do clothes washing by hand…you know, other than what I saw being done on the first season of Walking Dead, so I googled it!

After reading up on how it’s done PROPERLY I did it myself, and they came out smelling and looking nicer and cleaner than when I machine washed them. However, I am old and not in very good condition, so afterwards my arms, and back were killing me…they still are killing me actually. Still, at least I had clean clothes now! So, there’s that!

ethan carter title

Are you are looking for a first person horror/mystery game that feels like a cross between Alan Wake, and Murdered: Soul Suspect with a dash of H.P. Lovecraft thrown in for good measure? Then this might be what you are looking for!

First, let me talk about the graphics! The graphics are gorgeous! Right from the start when you find yourself standing on the train tracks at the end of a tunnel, surrounded by a dense woodland area. It’s probably one of the most beautiful games I have played. In fact you might spend more time wandering around the game world, looking at the scenery than you do solving mysteries. In my 8+ hours of playtime I spent 2 hours of it just looking out over oceans and frolicking around in the woods.

ethan carter screenshot

(Actual gameplay screenshot)

In terms of gameplay, the game starts off telling you that it’s not going to hold your hand, which it doesn’t. this is a double edged sword in my opinion. On one hand, you don’t have some clumsy UI detracting from the immersion of the game. On the other hand, the games definition of “Hand holding” apparently includes: Explaining controls, explaining your abilities, explaining why you are wherever it is you are, letting you manually save and letting you view an inventory(or notebook system….or map). So, in the end it’s kind of cool that you have a nice clean screen to enjoy the visuals of the game, but that also means that if you quit playing for a few days and forget what you have collected, or what you were trying to do, yer pretty much up a creek without a paddle.

Beautiful graphics.
Challenging yet logical puzzles(mostly)
H.P. Lovecraft vibe
Good voice acting
Excellent controls
Clear UI
Flawless gamepad support

No tutorial explaining controls
No manual save
No inventory/journal system
Insanely short(I beat the game in 6 hours with 100% achievment completion)

pecan pie m&mRecently M&Ms came out with a Limited Edition Fall flavor. A lot of companies do this, and M&Ms does it a lot! In fact, I think M&Ms could duke it out with Oreos for the number 1 spot of “Most limited edition flavors per year”. Anyway, the flavor M&Ms came out with this fall was “Pecan Pie“. It was sold only in Walmart stores, and not even in all of them! You could (And still can if you wanna drop a large chunk of coin on them) pick them up from Amazon as well.

So, are they delicious? Worth the cash? Well, yes! They are delicious! In fact, they are one of the better M&M flavors I have tried. However, despite what they are called they do NOT taste like Pecan Pie! Not even remotely! I’m not even sure why they named them that really! There’s literally not a hint of pecan pie in the little candy coated morsels of goodness!

So, if not Pecan Pie, what’s the flavor? The closest I can think of, would be a Maple Log flavoring. Which lovers of Pecan Pie might recognize as totally not Pecan Pie! In fact, it probably should have been marketed as some kind of Canadian patriotic flavor. Perhaps released on the Canadian Thanksgiving. That at least would make since! Plus, you wouldn’t be disappointed biting into these expecting something that tastes at least slightly like pecan pie and instead getting a mouthful of Maple.

Still, it’s a delicious flavor, and well worth the cost, as long as you aren’t buying from someone overpricing on Amazon.

Sleep is for the Weak

Posted: December 2, 2015 in All about ME!
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WWS-InsomniaI have this annoying problem! I’m not sure if it’s common or not, but I am unable to go to sleep if I have to wake up at a certain time the next day. It doesn’t matter if I have to be up at 7 in the morning or 12 o’clock in the afternoon! If I am expected to be awake at a certain time, I can’t sleep! It’s like my body is trying to mess with me! It knows I have things to do, so it makes sure I am tired, run down and on the verge of passing out.

Don’t get me wrong! I do get tired! In fact I get so sleepy my eyes burn, and I am swamped with headaches that brings me to the verge of tears. Yet I just lay there, tossing and turning. Forcing my eyes closed, hoping they will stay closed. They never do though! They never do!

I wouldn’t say I suffer from Insomnia, because it’s not a regular occurrence. In fact, if I have no plans the next day I can fall asleep on command! No problem at all. So, not Insomnia in my opinion. Just my body being a jerk to me!

Why would my body do that you ask? Because it’s an asshole! That’s why! My body hates me, and wants to make me as miserable as possible!