Mad Max PS4 Review

Posted: November 25, 2015 in Gaming
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maxresdefaultMad Max: The Gamefollows Max(Who is presumably mad) as he journeys across the wasteland building up his car and gaining support from friends, and fighting enemies all in the quest to find the plains of silence.

Let me begin by saying that I love the Mad Max movies, and I really wanted to love this game! However, the game turned me off right away because it’s just like a post apocalyptic version of Shadow of Mordor(Another game I didn’t like, for the same reasons)! However, this is just my personal taste..there’s plenty to love, which I will talk about first, followed by why the game just didn’t make my grade.

The combat is awesome! It’s very fluid and has a similar feel to the combat from Arkham games as well as Shadow of Mordor. Even though you are punching and kicking, the combat moves still look different, so it seems almost like watching an actual fight since it’s not just the same punch and kick move over and over again.

It has a HUGE open world! You can go anywhere and explore from day one! Follow the missions/story or just cruise around the wasteland and striking fear into the hearts of raiders everywhere.

Customization to your car! Add on stickers, paints, hood ornaments…..whatever! You can also purchase upgrades to your car to make it handle better or just withstand more of what the wastelands throw at you!

Customize yourself! As the game plays on, and you rank up you unlock various face skins that give you different looks…sometimes hair, sometimes beards…sometime just a lot of grime. You can also upgrade to new clothes, like the classic Mad Max leather jacket. You actually don’t feel complete without it!

No need to go it alone! You can have your handy dandy Blackfinger(Mechanic) Chumbucket riding along with you to make on the scene repairs to your car. You also later on get a dog.

So, the game sounds perfect right? What could I complain about…Here goes! There’s just too much combat for my taste! Nearly every encounter ends in combat. There’s also not much in the way of plot. Sure, there’s some vague plot, but it isn’t expanded on as you progress really. There’s no twists and not much in the way of surprises.

The wasteland gets BORING! As I mentioned before, it’s HUGE! It’s also a wasteland, which means there’s not much to see! just open dirty mountainous regions littered with shipwrecks. The area you start out is going to look similar to end game areas. It’s difficult to tell where you are without the map, by using landmarks, cause there’s very few landmarks!

Basically, I played through it, but I certainly didn’t enjoy it. Although, if you are a fan of Shadow of Mordor, you might like this. I didnt like SoM for the same reasons.


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