Posted: September 20, 2015 in All about ME!


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I am a very bad Blogger! It’s been well over a year since I have written anything on this blog. In fact, it’s been about 2 years since I have written anything meaningful! What I am saying is, I am a very neglectful Blogmaster! However, to be fair there were reasons surrounding my disappearance. A lot of them actually, that just piled together one right after another. Everything from family deaths, to the most recent reason, my computer dying and me not being uncle moneybags enough to get a new one for awhile.

However, everything is now in the clear. My oceans of life seem fairly smooth at the moment, so I am thrilled to announce that my long time absence from the blogosphere ends…..wait for it……NOW!

I’m sure most people don’t care if I am here or not, but writing in my blog was something I enjoyed, so I care. I am thrilled about my return. So, get ready for more upcoming discussions about my life, reviews about games and books..and most importantly: What my dog thinks of Kibbles N Bits. Yea, that’s right! I got a dog now….She says woof.

  1. Amy Jacobs says:

    Your dog doesn’t woof. She WOOFS. LOL and it is about time!

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